Journal Entry 11.18.2015


Journal Entry 11.17.2015 – “The Winds of Change”

Note to Reader: I started this entry on Tuesday evening when my Internet and phone were out, but still had power!

Outside the winds of an autumn storm are tearing at the bare branches, howling, and grabbing at the edge of buildings with a roar. It’s been a long time since we have had such a storm.

My internet service has been blinking on and off; my telephone has gone dead several times. And when I lift the receiver, the line is scratchy and inconsistent. Perhaps the electronics are being affected by the solar storms; I’m not sure what the reason is.

Left to my own devices without internet, I’ve taken to reading, being too tired to draw or paint tonight. There is music on the old stereo set; I still have a few CDs of classical music to play.

It’s been five days since I’ve had good internet service and during that time the Parisian attacks occurred, as well as other world-wide events, but for I can hear is the powerful wind clanging at the wind chimes outside.

I feel cocooned from the press of world events here, tired from work and nearly ready to stumble to bed.

My dreams have been very active, my sleep deep. I did not wake up last night other than to secure a warm sleepy cat in my arms.

My heart is at peace. I am aware that many people are having difficulties with the ascending frequencies, but I am not. This vibratory level feels comfortable, even familiar to me.

“It should…” the words echo in my head. My guides are making one of their constant comments.

“Yes, we are here.” I feel their smile in my mind and feel the warmth spread in my heart chakra, a sign of their presence acknowledging our mutual awareness.

I’ve been guided to spend a lot of time alone right now. It is just as well that I focus on my inner workings as I am undergoing a period of transition, from one stage to another.

I will be moving from Walla Walla in the spring, leaving the prison and changing my life. In preparation, I am allowing time to let go of what has gone before.

The trees are heaving with the winds; it is a powerful storm. I can see the ocean waves lashing against the shore in my mind’s eye. There will be high tides and flooding along with the storm, threatening low-lying villages along the coast. And I wouldn’t want to be driving through the narrow mountain passes of the Cascades just now. It is enough to catch these winds as they sweep from the last reaches of prairie and strike the lower slopes of the Northwest Blue Mountains.

I feel almost like I am suspended between heaven and earth. There is no feeling of despair or depression, only a feeling like the calm surface of a pond. The water beneath is deep and still.

I know that there is quite a bit going on beneath the surface yet it is difficult to put into words right now. Perhaps with more time, I will be able to express myself more coherently. Right now, I am content to listen to the wind blow. I will fall asleep to it tonight as this storm will last through much of the night.

A glance at the old barometer shows me the low pressure. The center of the storm is passing, but it is a big one, spread across the entire state and reaching now the western most reaches of the Rockies at the Idaho border.

No signal. Time to wash up the evening dishes and prepare for bed, for dreams, for healing at deep levels, for the transmuting energies to continue their changes to my DNA, for the angels to work with me as I walk with them through dreams unremembered in the morning.

I hope others can feel the gentle warmth of angels brushing against as they lay down to sleep. I go peacefully to my Father’s house.

Journal Entry 11.18.2015

That was quite a storm! Wind gusts easily topped 50 MPH. It was especially tough on the coastal regions, but we caught some strong gusts here for a sustained amount of time. Power was knocked out, after I went to bed, but came on before I woke up in the morning. I actually heard the whine of a chainsaw at 02:30 hours; probably a tree that had come down in a yard or on a car? There was nothing out of place in my yard, thankfully, except the usual small branches and the remainder of the season’s leaf harvest.

Temperatures are set to plunge this weekend at night into the 20’s F, so we’re having an early “winter” like we had an early “summer” last spring. The weather does seem to be intensifying a bit.

I’ve been extremely busy at work this week, but managed to get a ton of things done. I can get very focused when the demand is high.

I’m glad that the long Thanksgiving weekend is coming up next week. Time to rest and recuperate a bit.

Last night I was talking to my guides. They have plans for me, especially when my living arrangements change.

I hope everyone is holding together. I realize the energies are pretty intense for some, but I seem to be floating along just fine, no big ups or downs in emotions. Just active inner communications when I’m quiet and lively, colorful dreams.

Be at peace,


Photo Credits: From my trip to Costa Rica last May to warm me up! (I’ll post later as internet connection is still realllly slow for loading up images!)

6 thoughts on “Journal Entry 11.18.2015

  1. Namaste. I had difficulties to find my balance but after reading your two newest writings helped me to become heart centered again. Many blessings to you. ❤

  2. Ditto, Eliza, about the storm and feeling safe. Cleansing and clearing. I so enjoy your posts as they tell me much of my own story. Ah, not insane, not insane, such relief….. humour returned…. Love, B.

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