Journal Entry 11.14.2015 – “Stillness”

La Playa

La Playa

Journal Entry 11.14.15 – “Stillness”

Yesterday morning my Internet access went down and wasn’t up, again, until this morning. Thus, I wasn’t aware of the attacks in Paris until today. Already the alternative media is dissecting this latest in a series of obvious false flags, attempting to determine the causes and perpetrators. These perpetrators are not those whom the controlled mass media organs are so apt to blame, the latest reluctant inhabitants of France, namely the refugees who have recently arrived from Syria and other countries, attempting to escape just this kind of thing. Given the peculiarity of the date and time of the coordinated attacks, it was surely masterminded and carried out by government-sponsored operatives, whether from Israel (Mossad) or the United States (CIA or other black op forces) or a yet unnamed entity.

Our erstwhile controllers have, despite any efforts to inflame racial unrest in Europe, failed to create another reason for the world to descend into the madness of a third World War. While there are people getting hurt and the public is being unduly subjugated under the burden of severe new security laws, there is no longer public support for another huge war.

I found myself viewing the news carefully, knowing in my heart not to go into fear over this latest atrocity. Perhaps France is undergoing some karma related to the Revolution or the arrest and murder of several hundred Knights Templar in the 14th century. The date was certainly curious given that it fell on Friday the 13th, just after another massive light gateway of 11:11. The seizure of the Templars fell in the month of October, not November, in 1307 C.E. and was carried out on the orders of Philip IV, the then King of France who was in debt to the Templar Order due to his war with England. Whether or not their descendants of the Templars were or were not responsible for this latest attack on the people of France and other European Union citizens can hardly be answered without considerable research.

Still, I do not feel much in the way of sorrow or hatred, sorrow for the fallen or hatred towards those who perpetrated this latest attack on the public’s peace. The energies of duality are having a difficult time drawing me back into the lower vibrations. That world has ended for me.

I have known for a long time that I was once a Knight Templar. The manner in which the knights are depicted in movies and novels has always made me feel uncomfortable. These knights brought back to Europe many of the mystery teachings that had survived in the Middle East far away from the purging of the Inquisition and the Roman Church in Europe. They brought many of the seeds that would become the roots of the Renaissance, the Reformation and still later, the Age of Enlightenment even as Europe broke out of the Dark Ages.

It is always funny to me, sitting in this female body, to relate to being a male in various ages, but these are the lifetimes that stand forth boldly in my memory body. I resonate strongly with them although can’t really explain why.


Today I carry no sword or lance. My tools are the Violet Flame and Unconditional Love. I send these energies forth unconditionally to those deemed sinner and saint alike. As it has been said, God will sort them out. And all living beings were once divine in nature no matter what their current circumstances are today. It is not my place to judge the journeys of others.

Those who resist the light and persist in their cycles of fear, rage and hatred will ultimately burn out as the frequency of the planet no longer supports their way of “life”. Yet the time of their departure may take a while, too long for some who do not understand that the real Age of Aquarius doesn’t actually start until 2150 C.E. Cycles within cycles, my dear ones; we are in the beginning cycle of a new age, one that overlaps the old. Thus, two worlds now exist side-by-side seeming occupying the same space, the same planet. However, it is your own frequency level that determines which world you will actually exist within. You can live in joy and abundance even while others are still actively working out their karma or creating havoc. It is a matter of choice.

I refuse to be drawn into sympathy or anger, as both emotions are tinged with fear. Fear is the opposite of love and it is love that I now chose to hold in my heart.

Balance is the key to ascension, the balance between the mind and heart. The heart feels the world and the mind interprets. My heart is at peace. My mind is curious, but not anxious or worried.

Discernment is necessary as a tool to use every day while chaos still apparently reigns in some areas of the world. Tragedy can strike anywhere, any time. Be prepared and alert, but not afraid. Your love, patience and acceptance will carry you through the greatest challenges that present themselves to you in your world.

Not to belittle the events in Paris, personally my biggest challenge today was raking the remainder of the autumn leaves in the front yard. Our November storms have successfully stripped most of the trees of their leafy burden. We are due for another big storm and plunging temperatures, which means snow in the mountains and some rain for the lowlands. The moisture is welcomed as the area suffered through an unusually hot, lengthy “summer” season that extended from mid-spring into the end of October. Nothing in our world, at present, seems to be “normal”. Parameters are changing even as we adjust to the swiftly changing world around us, which is a reflection on our collective inner worlds.

“In the Garden”

Having arrived upon this planet as a child and starseed in the early 1950’s, I have often felt out of place for most of my life and I’ve become used to not fitting in. I will say that the energies finally feel more like “home” than they did when I was a child. That is not to say that much change is still needed and will occur even as the frequency of the planet and its human burden continues to rise. Those who resist and persist in hatred will depart as the energies no longer support them. Those who remain will seed the beginnings of a new culture and way of being which is just beginning to manifest, but has a long, long way to go.

Dream dreamers and make your dreams come true. Anchor the light within and radiate it forth to the world. The pioneers who carry the seeds of the New World walk among us today. We work with the Light and radiate energies of Source forth. Love is the answer no matter the question, no matter what is going on. Feel love, accept that you are worthy of love, that you are love and that you are loved more than you will ever know while still in this human body and burdened by the veils that exist within.

Each of us carries within the keys to the questions that we long to have answered. It is up to each individual to discover the answers for themselves. Seek within for the kingdom of spirit, the Source energy that gives to you your life. Ye are Gods. Gods do not seek others to solve their problems or to save themselves.  In the stillness of your Heart, you will discover the Peace that surpasses all understanding and will know that you are here to live life and to experience it in all its diversity.

When I lay down tonight to sleep, I will pray for the people of the world, for the creatures great and small and for the planet. Love will be in my heart as I send forth the energies to do their work of transmutation and transformation. It takes ground crew to do the work of Source and we are already here. We are the Rainbow Tribes, the Rainbow Warriors, and the seekers after Truth. Our chosen tools are Source energies, also known as Love.

Source, Sovereign and Free, we are One in the beauty of our diversity and creativity.



11 thoughts on “Journal Entry 11.14.2015 – “Stillness”

  1. Excellent post, Eliza. I 100% agree with the need for balance and clarity as the drama of the old energies plays out on the world’s stage. I too feel a deep connection to the Templars and believe that their contributions have been maligned and misunderstood for centuries. I suppose only time will tell.

    And in the meantime, Love and understanding must be our guides–not fear or anger.

    With Love,


  2. When I am long gone from this planet, I hope that it is your story, your pictures, your artwork that make up the his/her story for the generations to come.

    • Thank, Barbara, for such a sweet comment. For the artist, however, it’s about the process. As Picasso replied when asked what was his favorite painting, he said, “The next one.” Whatever we do is recorded in Akash, for those who can read it.

  3. Thank You Eliza. Your words are beautiful and heart-warming. It has been a roller coaster, and Your words have been a simple but firm nudge towards grounding many times for me. Sending you Love and Blessings. You are an inspiration. Thank you for being who you are. And Thank you for sharing.

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