Eliza: “Reflections”

“November Reflections”

Eliza: “Reflections on 11.11.2015”

I send blessings to all on this day of great significance to some. In Europe and North America, it is the anniversary of the Armistice signed at the cessation of hostilities at the end of World War I. In the subcontinent of India, it is Deepavali, the Festival of Lights, an age-old celebration celebrating the triumph of good over evil. Last year, during the same festival (which varies from late October to mid-November according to the Hindu Lunar calendar) my “higher self”, Tazjima, ascended from 5D to 6D.

Yet… it is simply a day, a very nice day where I can sleep in, reminisce a bit about the past and the future and remember how different I feel after the passing of a year.

Last night, before passing into deep sleep, I called upon the Archangelic collective, of which we are all a part within our multidimensionality. I “ran” energies of Forgiveness, the Violet Flame, directing them into areas of my life that can use some release and transforming energies. I then ran some Unconditional Love, a feminine energy, throughout my field. When undergoing change or becoming aware of the need of change, whether big or little, it is necessary to find forgiveness within for all that has come before.

There is a mending of a deep dichotomy within my own being, that of the conflict between my masculine and feminine energies, that has come about during the past year, although not through any forethought on my part. A good part of this extraordinary ascension process that some of us are undergoing quite presently demands that we let go of the direction in which change takes us. This can be interpreted as a threat of loss of control by our heavily conditioned masculine nature, whether we are embodied as male or female.

Last year, I wanted to “know” what was going to happen and when. This year, I am striving to release that need to know and to understand everything before it can naturally unfold in the natural rhythms of the Universe. As the seasons move from one to another whether or not you track them on the calendar, so does transformation and change come into one’s life, is this not so?

You can guide the transformation through intent, but the secret ingredient to ascension is in the letting go of the outcome.

“Late Rose”

We have been trained to think in a rather narrow scope or range of possibilities, mostly directed in a negative or conditional fashion. For instance, “I will be happy when…”
Since when did your happiness depend on what someone else did or did not do? If you buy a new car, will you be happy? Perhaps, for a few moments or even months, until the scratch on the paint job or until your head is turned by yet another pretty object “out there” that you just have to buy in order to be “happy”.

What is happiness? In the Western world we have been conditioned to seek happiness through material gratification, but most people have begun to wake up from this myopic view of life, realizing that buying things is very unsatisfying and can lead to great unhappiness, especially when the bank account is overspent and the house or apartment is stuffed with things that no longer hold any appeal. So what does one begin to do? Let go… of things, of attitudes based on false premises, most especially the one about seeking peace or happiness “out there”.

It is within we must go to seek true lasting peace. It is within that we discover that there has always been a part of ourselves untouched by the corrupting qualities of the materialistic, capitalistic system. It is within that we discover our own Festival of Light as we connect to the sacred portion of our own being. It is within that we discover our own interconnection with the life within our own bodies and the corresponding elements that exist upon this planet and within the Universe. It is within that we first connect to Source, our true beginning and end, the Alpha and Omega of our Beingness.

Faceless, nameless and formless, the Source energies can, nevertheless, be felt by each person who is willing to let go of expectation and to begin to play with the energies of the Rays.

My own metaphysical training involved introduction to the Ascended Masters, the Archangels of the Seven Rays and so on, but I have found within the last year, a deep need to let go of this very human training and to experience the energies simply by their feel as I play with them within my own energy field.

As humans, we have had a tendency to overuse the left hemisphere of our brains, the masculine portion, which has a tendency to want to dissect the world, to label and place things “out there” into understandable and logical categories. In the Western world, we have become too engaged with the material world and have forgotten, perhaps intentionally, the hidden, secretive and mysterious world of the right hemisphere of the brain… the part that communicates directly through pictures and images, through sound and movement, through color and visions, through illogical and paradoxical means to bring forth symbiotic and instantaneous understandings and knowledge. In short, through the use of meditation and self-expression, you begin to “know” things without knowing or understanding where the knowledge came from.

“Sycamore Grove”

It came from within via the deep eternal connection that each individual has to Source energy, whether or not they are willing to acknowledge this connection or to explore its permutations and the effects it has upon your daily life. It is a Force that you can chose to ignore or to utilize as it is given to all freely and without stipulation as to how the energies are used.

We live in a Free Will Universe. This means that we each have the ability to make choices. Some of us ignore the sense of responsibility this freedom gives us, preferring to blame others for their circumstances or what “life” has handed them. Others turn that kind of thinking around and begin to focus with clear intent their desire for a better world, not just for themselves, but for all life. And to take this a bit further, then there is the requirement, through the application of alchemical law, that we let go of the outcome, for in doing so, the energies are allowed to expand into their own manifestation and in their own manner and present us with something that may have been a bit beyond the reach of our own imagination.

Light is intelligence. In the battle of Light over Darkness, the Light always eventually succeeds, yet there is usually a period of resting, when darkness takes over the land and the growth is stilled for a time. There is an apparent withdrawal of the potent energies of life, but they have merely gone underground, like the Queen of Spring, Persephone, abducted by Hades, the God of the Underworld. Life is a pattern of cycles within cycles and between the planting of a seed or intent, there is a period of rest as the life force is redirected within. When Spring arrives, with its tender energies, soft showers of rain and warming soil, the seed can burst through the surface of the soil and begin to grow, reaching for the life-giving energies of the Sun above.

In this past year, I have been faced with choices. Last year at this time, I was focused upon leaving this world so great was my desire to escape it. I had momentarily forgotten that I had volunteered to be here now, to anchor the energies of heaven (higher frequency / vibration) into the earth simply by being here embodied. Anyone drawn to these readings was / is also a volunteer, whether conscious of making that choice or not. And as a volunteer, one is obliged to complete the mission or length of service come what may.

We might as well make the best of a situation and find the good that exists within our lives such as they are. For me, it means making significant changes in the near future. What those changes will entail, I will not yet reveal as it is a matter of alchemical development to let the future unfold. I have ideas and direction but held lightly, with intent… and let go periodically as one would let a bird take flight after feeding it in hand.

It’s 9:11 on 11:11… as I glance as the time on the laptop’s screen. The numbers are symbols of potent energies streaming from beyond our Solar System, but how we utilize those energies and whether or not we are presently capable of doing so is self-dependent. It greatly depends on your present attitude and level of self-acceptance and your ability to forgive yourself of any perceived short-coming.

“Last Color”

For me there is a letting go of my expectations as to what form my “mission” should take, whether outer-directed through writing and other expression or more inner, spent in quiet moments alone in deep reflection. The form will eventually manifest and will most likely be both outer and inner directed depending on the focus required in the moment.

We have perfect freedom to choose to participate or not, to withdraw our energies towards helping others or to fully swing into motion by supporting causes and movements. I feel it all depends on the inner engine that drives you, that unnamed force that emanates through you direct from Source. It is why there is the requirement to be quiet, to listen and feel, as the energy can sometimes be quite elusive. Be present, be still when needed and then move into action and allow the momentum to carry you safely through whatever fear or hesitation you may be feeling due to previous conditioning. You can do this as the Source energy within is endless and bound only by your predilection to worry or your ability to draw back the arrow and let it fly.

So…on this day of days… which is ultimately another stepping stone indicating that another step can be reached by those who are quietly focused on creation in the Now moment… let us be thankful for the growing strength of our ability to connect to each other and to the greater (as in more vast) parts of ourselves, the Source energy that enlivens all Life within the physical realms.

Namaste: I honor the Light within you as I honor the Light within myself. Let us all celebrate the Festival of Lights as we connect with the sacred energies of Life.

I AM Eliza, your SiStar.

© All Rights Reserved, 2012-15, Elizabeth Ayres Escher, http://www.bluedragonjournal.com

11 thoughts on “Eliza: “Reflections”

  1. As always a beautiful Reflection which allows us to journey into our own experience of Creation. May this Light which WE ALL have presence in become more Unified and empower those of us who have truly chosen once again to be fully present in this dimension.
    Blessings of Peace, Light and Love!

  2. Dear Eliza,
    Thank you for your lovely message (as always) and for the light that shines through and your photographs.

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