Journal Entry 11.07. – “Advent”

Elegant Tree

Elegant Tree

Journal Entry 11.07.2015 – “Advent”


This week has been an interesting one, subtle, soft, and sublime and much the same. And a little frustrating for the writer in me, as most of what I am experiencing is difficult to express in words.

A dry October has made way to a damp November. We’ve had more rain in the past week than we have had for several months. The air is damp but fresh. The plants are responding even as their energies slow in preparation for dormancy and winter chill. We had our first heavy frost and a light carpet of snow whitened the hills outside of town. The snow is still clinging to the higher elevations and can be seen as a white rim on the highest summits. The drought is not over but lessened. The moisture is welcomed by most, even those people who are not usually “fond” of rain or cold weather.

The past few days I have experienced unexplained “happiness”. I’ve just been feeling happy…not even content, for no reason that I can discern through my mind. My friend tells me that it is the ascension energies. Happiness is a part of wellness, when heart and mind are one.

I’ve noticed a softening of my attitude, a willingness to let go of strife, judgment and discrimination. It’s not about correcting what other people do or are now; it’s more about letting them be who they think they are, observing and seeing the lessons in the mirrors.

On Wednesday, I drove downtown for an appointment and noticed the strong, golden low-angle light of the autumn day. The trees were alight with an inner glow, awash in gold. Everything looked magical to my amazed eyes. At that magical moment I found myself wishing that I could spend an hour or two attempting to capture the magic… and then realized that I should just drink it in. It was an experience to treasure and then release.

I got things done this past week that have been niggling at the back of my mind. As a single person, responsible for myself, I need to space chores out in order to complete them. Now, I’m ready for the winter season, awaiting the cold days and allowing the world to unfold before me in its unexpected beauty and splendor… and even simplicity.

A Being called Yeshua stopped by the other evening. I haven’t had too many “callers” of late, but He appeared (I don’t “see”, I “feel”) in my energy field (the house) and began to talk with me. These days I have a tendency to fall asleep during these communications and cannot remember what was shared, as if it was for me and me alone. Perhaps we spoke of family, perhaps not. No matter. I do know that my dreaming time has been very active and color-filled.

My sleep has been frequently interrupted, but I wake up, snuggle with a cat or two and then pass out into deep sleep and dreams. If I linger too long awake (in my own opinion) I start some Reiki and energy, calling in the Twelve Rays, my healing guides and the “Team”. I’m soon gone, with no need for pills.

My body has been very stiff on some days, with joint and muscular aches, but with some movement, I am finding that I have more energy than I’ve had for months.

We are passing into “No” time. We are floating in a Void between the worlds, between the Ages as we have now entered Aquarius. Nothing is the same. Even the most ordinary of experiences has taken on a new dimension of sublimity. As my heart opens, every little thing becomes beautiful and precious.

Yesterday morning, I saw a tiny crescent moon with Venus close by lingering in the lightening Eastern skies. It was a sight of rare beauty, but not one that was being noticed by those around me.


I’ve noticed that when you reached a certain frequency range, your world changes. You are walking through the same world as those people who have always been a part of your world, but now you are different. Yet there isn’t the need to judge, separate or defend anymore. You simply accept everyone and everything as they are and celebrate the diversity in your own awareness and heart. I have seen this; I have felt this and know that the process is not ending here but will become ever more encompassing within my experience.

The 11:11:8 Gateway is approaching and many people are expecting great things.

I gave up on dates a long time ago. I do not place any particular importance on one date over another. I am finding repeating numbers entering into my awareness at every part of my day. I work with numbers, as all the offenders have an identification number on their charts. As I was filing yesterday, 333, 222, 111, 555, 999, 888 and others were dancing through my consciousness, all impressing their energies on my subconscious. I’m not attempting to interpret the energies or assign significance to them, just accept them into my awareness with gratitude.

I am finding that small things bring a smile to my lips: the warm snuggling of cat eager for affection, the taste of freshness in a newly made smoothie, the angle of the sun streaming through pale leaves in the late afternoon sun. These are simple things, everyday things, yet they hold the energy of forever within.

No longer am I clinging to a need to understand all that is happening to me and to the world. I observe, I read, I ponder and I let go. I am in the processing of becoming, I am already. I AM what I AM and becoming more of higher self everyday. I accept that I no longer feel separate from Source but feel the energies of Source moving through me as my eyes and senses are directed to notice the most subtle of nuance and beauty in the world.

In Silence rests Eternity; seek the quiet voice within that does not speak but impresses itself upon your consciousness. It is YOU, teaching, instructing, guiding and directing you every moment of the day and night. It is the integration of Self within the limited human self, as the energies of Heaven and the Cosmos change all that you have ever known within this one lifetime.

Suddenly you know and cannot explain what you know. Let those moments of understanding and comprehension settle into your everyday being and rest in the knowledge of just how extraordinary you are, being here, doing what you are doing, every day.

Ascension comes on little cat paws and it comes like a tearing wonder, breaking down interior barriers and constructions built of human conditioning and devoid of meaning. Like the tongues of a flash flood it breaks down all that is no longer supportable. We are stripped down to what is only necessary, what we can carry within our hearts and open minds. All else is flotsam and jetsam, washed away in the tides of Cosmic and Galactic energies. Let the cleansing waters sweep away all resistance, all guilt and blame, all shame, all judgment and be washed by the healing fires.

Time to chop wood and carry water; it is time to embark on daily living and time to enjoy that living as never before. Savor and enjoy the coming of winter, the advent of spring, wherever you now find your abode.




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