Journal Entry 11.01.2015 – “Letting Go”

DSCN0400Journal Entry 11.01.2015 – “Letting Go”

Apparently right now on FaceBook there is a furor over the “new” requirement for people to use their legal name in their Accounts. I think this is a reasonable request seeing that I like to know who I am addressing when commenting. There are, however, certain individuals who are afraid to reveal who they are as members of their family or co-workers might get wind of their activities on FaceBook.

My question to such an individual is, “What are you hiding from?” And I find the answer is usually, “Myself and what other people will think about me if they know…”  For most light workers, this is a base chakra fear stemming from multitude lifetimes being harassed, tortured and even killed by those who believe in orthodoxy or toe the line of the “authorities”, whoever and whatever they are.

If you have embarked on a spiritual awakening, you are going to alienate some of your family and friends. It is a given.

For me, “family” now means those with whom I resonate. Of course, my blood family turned their backs on me a long time ago. I’m used to being rejected for what I am.

For many years, when I was living with my parents and taking care of them in the declining years, I didn’t hide my beliefs and explorations. My mother just didn’t want to hear about anything. It made her uncomfortable. With her death, I knew that most of the attachments which held me to my birth family were now permanently sundered. I accepted the knowledge and have moved on.

This kind of detachment runs in my paternal family. I’ve taken it to a higher level by letting go of what I was when I was still included within the family.

Letting go of the labels and associations that each of us have held prior to fully committing to our awakening is part of the journey. Some people can make the transition with an intact marriage, relationships, family, and friends. I haven’t and I don’t mind. It’s not that I am heartless; far from it. I simply understand that I’m different, I am here on a mission and if that sounds crazy to other people, then they are welcome to “unfriend” or leave my life.

The stage of being “alone” is ending for at least some of the forerunners. Communities of light will be springing up with more frequency as the next year commences. There will be adjustments, transitions and perhaps many of these communities won’t quite take at first, but the energies and the frequency levels are supportive of new ventures.

Stepping out of the old control Matrix takes courage and strength. It also takes great love and compassion for those whom you are leaving behind. Each individual upon the planet has their own purpose in being here and ours is not to judge them or try to change them to suit our purposes.

Once a cousin who comes from an Evangelical Christian background attempted to impress upon me the necessity to go to church and to “believe” in Jesus and God; I had to laugh. In return, I asked him, “Would you be saying these things to me if I was a Buddhist?” He didn’t quite know what to say. I didn’t fit the mold; I never have. And I have never allowed another individual to mold me as they would have me be for their sake. My elder sister attempted to do that several times, by suggesting things that I should do, that may have been more appealing but for some reason I could not accept at the time.

You have to allow each person to make their own “mistakes” and spin their wheels around in the sand, if necessary. For the forerunners and those who are committed to physical ascension in this lifetime, the time to “heal” or “save” others is over.

DSCN0426If your birth family, marital partner or children cannot accept where you are going with your life, be frank with yourself and decide whether or not you are willing to stay within this arrangement. You have to be very clear about what is more important to you, serving Source or serving what no longer resonates with you. Until you consciously make this choice, you are basically living a lie. It does no one any good to attempt to hide things. All is being revealed; there are no more secrets.

If you are hiding your interests in spiritual matters, changing your diet, reading books and attending workshops, your family is going to know that something is up. The jig is up, folks. Honesty, even if it feels a bit harsh is always the best policy.

I have told many of the people with whom I work about my blog. Some have read it. The responsibility is on them to either accept it or reject it. And I’ve noticed that while some have been surprised by the content, they treat me no differently than before. With being honest and open, you may be surprised to learn that your friends and family members have also been hiding things from you about how they are feeling or what they might be experiencing.. even “Ascension” symptoms… that are beyond their present understanding.

I came from a family that hid things. That kind of attitude seemed to work until my maternal uncle divorced his wife. Suddenly, my mother had to confront all her prejudices and judgments about divorced people. She didn’t love her brother any less and she kept in touch with his ex-wife for years.

When I was young, I had a cousin who had lost much of her eyesight due to a childhood illness. She learned braille and ended up being sent away to a special school and then onto college. I was not told what had happened to her until years later and for, at least in the minds of my parents, a very good reason – this once favorite cousin of mine had married a black man who was also blind. This couple had a son so somewhere I have a mulatto cousin and that’s perfectly acceptable to me. Secrets that were once considered scandalous are no longer very startling in today’s values. In the early 1960’s, among my father’s conservative friends, this kind of thing was not understood or accepted. In some families and circles, it still isn’t.

More rejection from the family occurred when my father was sentenced as a child molester, accused by my younger sister. I was not living with the family at the time, being off to college, but the sheer weight of shame, blame and guilt continued breaking down family bonds.  When I came back from college, many of my old school chums did not know me any more.

Perhaps my final rejection by most of the family occurred when I moved to Montana and joined the Church Universal and Triumphant. I’m sure that many of my family members thought I had quite lost my senses. I hadn’t… and within five years I returned to Washington, only to discover that some of my extended family members were uncomfortable in my presence. So, when my mother passed away, I told my team that I no longer wanted to be a part of the family. For me, my relationship with most of my birth family ended some ten to fifteen years ago.

When I was inspired to begin my blog, encouraged by a now former friend, I was afraid. When I channeled, I first used the name “Tazjima”, a “spiritual” name given to me by an Australian spiritual teacher. It was startling to see how soon and how easily my name could be searched online. I had to pass through several layers of fear, basically the fear of being revealed before the entire world, before I grew comfortable with putting my name out there entirely. Actually, it always has been, as I used my legal name when writing up the copyright note at the end of the channeled pieces. I have made it clear if my work does not resonate with the reader, they have the choice to find something that does.

On Facebook each account holder is given the option of who can see their posts. Only “friends” or “friends of friends” can see mine and I carefully monitor what people are posting. If something does not resonate, I “hide” the post. I will also occasionally “hide” comments from friends of friends who also do not resonate. I have also gone so far to “block” some individuals with whom I REALLY do not resonate. I do the same on my own blog. I am responsible for maintaining the frequency level of the blog posts and if something does not “fit”, it goes.

Today I had a person on Facebook become upset with one of my comments to her concerns about revealing her true name on the social media. I merely said that I have always used my legal name and that I have nothing to hide. Apparently she still did.   She was unhappy about the new requirement as she did not want her family to discover her interests in spiritual and metaphysical matters.  She objected to my comment when she could have just chosen to “hide” it.  In response and under guidance, I decided that for me this “friend” was not acting from a place of integrity or personal honesty, so I “unfriended” her. It is unfortunate, but there it is. I expect anyone associated with me to be working on self-acceptance.  We are all at different levels, but one needs to accept that their discomfort comes from within, not via the actions of others.

Self-acceptance comes when you are fully honest with yourself and look directly at your fears, whatever they are, unflinchingly.

As we undergo the passing of each wave of Cosmic and Galactic energy, more and more of our subconscious is being revealed. Everyone’s “dirty” linen is being uncovered. It is far better to confess your “sins” than to attempt to hide them, from yourself or anyone who is a part of your life. If they choose to leave, then that is their business and their responsibility.


Personally, I don’t believe in the concept of “sin”. My life has been far from perfect and I haven’t always made what would be called by many as “good” decisions, but I have always followed an inner guide. I do not judge others; I simply choose to let them go to live their lives in the manner in which they see fit. And I share my inner thoughts in this very public way as it assists others who are experiencing similar circumstances.

I hope that this individual who I felt compelled to “unfriend” today will come to a place where she can be comfortable with who she really is and to be comfortable in revealing her inner beauty, strength and wisdom to the world. I hope this for everyone who still suffers from anxiety and fear. For this, I share these humble words, to  give strength and hope to those who perhaps do not understand what is “happening” to them.  I am a Lighthouse and shine my light brightly.

Ascension is happening to the planet and all of us who live upon Her. Those who cannot handle the energies, which means coming clear of all that is hidden and “dark” within, will not succeed in remaining on the planet. Those who leave will come back when it is right for them to do so. Some will return with new bodies and new missions; still others will come right back as walk-ins, arriving into fully grown vessels. Each journey is unique so it is best not to judge what another person is going through.

I am not one to read the Bible much, but the other day the phrase, “washed clean in the blood of the Lamb”, popped into my head. “The Lamb”, is the Christ Consciousness frequency, a high vibrational frequency that drives out entities, darkness and what is hidden. Only those who cleanse themselves, release, transmute and transform the darkness within (the unconscious mind) will go forth into the higher frequencies during this cycle and lifetime. Remember, if you believe or understand what quantum physics tells us, ALL of your lives are lived simultaneously. Elsewhere you are perhaps making very different choices and that is how we all serve Source. When it comes right down to it, we are all One, experiencing individual perspectives while living within a physical matrix… that really doesn’t exist. What a paradox!

In the end, on any social media, there exists the choice whether or not you wish to participate at all. Given that Facebook now requires its users to use their legal names, you have the choice to leave it, to let go. There are other kinds of social media out there. Do your research and be responsible for the choices you make. Blaming others for your own discomfort is so old energy.

This is a new month with plenty of new beginnings, more intense energies and downloads, and gateways. For those who feel challenged now… well, let’s say, “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”


Eliza Ayres

“Wild Sunflowers”

9 thoughts on “Journal Entry 11.01.2015 – “Letting Go”

  1. Very well said. I used to hide what I felt, not anymore and I hope I don’t offend anyone with my thoughts also. I love reading your blog, it gives me more of a perspective on different aspects of life. Keep blogging and keep caring, you are a great friend.

  2. There is such a freedom in revealing yourself as you truly are that most are uncomfortable with.
    I always tell the story of peak-a-boo…
    It is the point at which we learned separation and to not trust ourselves.
    The time to be real is now and with all of the electronic data gathering there is no hiding anymore anyway.
    Thank you for being Real

    • Oh, I know the feeling so well, Charlie. I really went through the “worry” when I started publishing on the Web. Fortunately, it’s dissipated and as things come up, I lay them out to dry in the sunshine. It is also a way to not allow anyone to hold secrets over you, if you share them. Of course, not all folks are comfortable with writing, but there are a myriad of other ways in which to express yourself. And yes, with electronic monitoring, “they” know who you are, anyway. Thank you, Charlie, for your comment and support. Eliza

  3. Thank you for this. I have two FB pages now, one with my real name and one with the name I got from Spirit. I keep them separate and have not chosen to combine them yet. However, in real life I do combine them because I use as my first name the first part of my Spirit name. So I halfway there I guess. lol I don’t see it as a big deal in my situation. If FB asks me to use my “real” name (they haven’t) then I will. Until then, I am happy with both “me’s”. 🙂

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