Journal Entry 10.31.2015 – A Time of Transitions

Maple Burst

Maple Burst

Journal Entry 10.31.2015 – A Time of Transitions

It’s Halloween, Samhain, El Dia del Muertos… as well as All Saints Day on Sunday, or halfway between summer and winter. We just survived – or not – the third Super Full Moon and what a gorgeous one it was. I really enjoyed seeing the silver globe in the early morning western sky and then gazing upon the close conjunction of three bright planets in the East, Venus, Mars and Jupiter.

The first breath of winter has arrived upon the land. We’re in the midst of an autumn storm that may bring some snow to the Cascades (over 100 inches are predicted for Mt. Rainier!) and the nearby Blues. The farmers have already put in their winter wheat and I can see the green shoots spiking up above the roughly ploughed soil. Today’s strong winds created a huge dust storm. It was impossible to see the mountains or hills nearby or even across the valley. There is a lot of tilled soil between here and the coast; much of it ends up in the Palouse, which is just to the northeast of where I live. That rolling landscape was created by shifting winds, piling up loose soil into soft rounded drifts called loess. It makes good farmland, but you do pay a price with airborne dust when the winds edge up above 20 miles per. And the gusts were much stronger than that this afternoon. One good thing… the combination of wind and rain will knock the last of the leaves off some of my trees. It’s time to rake them into the street for the recycle truck.

There were a few surprises this week for me, which is always refreshing. Namely, my work environment has improved tremendously. Mind you, I’ve been sending unconditional love and Violet Flame into that situation and I’m seeing the results. Tensions have eased and some needed changes are being implemented. It will make my remaining months at the prison more endurable.


This last Super Full Moon didn’t affect me much emotionally. I felt pretty calm during the whole gateway. One change that I did implement, finally, was I broke out my new super blender, a Ninja, and started into full-fledged juicing. I love the fresh taste of the juiced, or rather bulky blended mixes of vegetables and fruits, with coconut, filtered water or organic apple juice to thin them slightly.

I’ve noticed recently that my body wants to keep on some poundage and I am slowly learning to accept it. For women and perhaps for men, also, our culture is so absorbed with looking youthful, slender and strong, that the softer edges of a mature body are seldom appreciated. To carry the light, sometimes a body needs to expand its boundaries. It takes some getting used to the idea, but there it is.

The energies have been strong this past week, but I seem to be adjusting well. I can’t say that for everyone in my community. There was a shooting at a local bar, with one person killed, and a popular teacher was killed, stuck by a car while out jogging. Some people are simply choosing to leave the planet right now and that’s their choice.

I have felt somewhat tired and tend to wake up frequently at night, then soon plunge into another short, but deep slumber filled with busy, colorful, but soon forgotten dreams. I usually wake up with one or more cats snuggled up beside me or sometimes draped across my chest.

I took a walk this past week, hoping to catch a few of the last colorful leaves. Our town sits in a valley filled with orchards, vineyards and wheat fields. There are no colorful tree-covered hills like you see in New England. The Blues carry mostly evergreen trees, with little color except adjacent to streams and rivers where the Cottonwoods and Willows grow, along with the Rocky Mountain Maples and occasional Water Birches. Mountain Ash, huckleberry and other shrubs color up the higher slopes, but we can’t see those from town.

As autumn is a lull period between summer and winter, a time for reflection, I seem to be suspended between past and future, in the Now. I know I will be ending my career and taking up roots and moving to another location in the upcoming New Year. Plans are percolating, but I rather not say anything more at this time. However, I intend to continue writing this blog for the time being.

About a week ago, I re-read a few of the posts that I put up a year ago. Some of my older readers will remember the adventure that I underwent with the ascension ceremony and such. To me now it seems so distant and far away, so not like me. I am considering deleting some more of the associated posts around that time period as I am now an entirely different person.

Last Asters

Last Asters

I am becoming more aware that part of my journey involves walking through certain circumstances, plunging into experiences, so I might pass through them and then be able to assist others who might be caught up in similar experiences, but unable, at least initially, to extricate themselves.

Writing this blog has allowed me to walk through and challenge many fears that I had about “revealing” my inner life to others. In the end, I feel that I have overcome those fears. Soon, however, I will have the opportunity of overcoming my fear of speaking face to face with individuals who are just in the awakening stages of ascension and seeking answers. I certainly don’t have all the answers. No one person does since we are all so unique and create our own worlds from our very own perspective. I do know that one can change their world fairly easily by surrendering, using the tools that have been given by many sources and simply by seeking the answers that can be found by inner listening.

I have a friend who actively listens to her “Team”. My team communicates to me all the time, but not always with words. Sometimes the communication is merely nudges or intuitive urges… like the one about starting to juice and change my diet. There was a little resistance to that one… okay, I’ll be honest… I had a juicer that sat for two years on the shelf without being used. A part of me, at least, is still very human.

Listening within, paying attention to those subtle nudges and putting two and two together, coming up with a sudden “aha!” moment of en-lightment…those are the little stair-steps in taking this physical ascension.

There are well-meaning folks who say that there are particular steps to follow if you wish to ascend. That may be true for the lovers of the linear, but I hip hop all over the place, zig zag and still arrive at the higher frequency levels with ease and grace. We are each individual and sovereign and in this process, there are no rules, just suggestions and guidelines. Take what resonates and leave the rest for someone else more anally inclined to deal with… as you waltz gracefully up the frequency ladder.



I was born into a world that was in the midst of the after effects of World War II and plunging into the Cold War. My frequency level was way higher than even members of my blood family and I never really fit in with them or friends at school. Being a natural introvert probably helped as I found more solace in a good book than meeting friends after school as I matured. I still find more enjoyment in a quiet evening at home than going “out”, although I can manage trips to the market without too much problem. We’re all different and that’s what makes this process so unique. We’re not doing this with the aid of a guru or great Master. We are the Masters, who are in the process of reclaiming and acknowledging our inner power, wisdom, and ability to love all Life.

I hope that most of my readers are surfing the waves of energy as they peak and fall, as each succeeding one takes us higher and higher. Be mindful of old wounds and long-suppressed emotions becoming apparent, in your actions and thoughts. This unwinding of the karmic conditioning and long suppressed unconscious thought-forms takes time. Each wave of Cosmic and Galactic energy that hits the planet will loosen and begin to purge this material from your cells, even as the energies alter and transform your DNA, bringing online new information downloads as you attain yet another, higher frequency level.

The information is always there, waiting for you to arrive. You just have to get “there” to have access to it. The information is actually stored within your cells, in the non-physical or quantum portions of your own DNA, and is unlocked by the successive light waves, if your consciousness allows it to be so. If you resist, you cannot access the “light” or information and fall back in frequency. It is a matter of personal choice.

I “saw” and understood that while I acted out at work, I was creating a difficult environment for everyone concerned. By deciding to act upon it and utilize the Rays for transformation and transmutation, I was able to bring change to my world. The difference is quite apparent to me and to others.  Another thing, it isn’t necessary to understand logically the mechanics of how the Rays work; they just do, probably at a quantum level that we can’t understand with our human intellect anyway.

Each of us is the king or queen of our own “world”. It is up to us to be responsible and to respond when necessary to make changes in our own perspective. Ascension is truly an “inside” job and within each of us, we contain ALL that is necessary to successfully complete the journey.

I wish you all well in this transitional season, as summer moves towards winter in the northern latitudes and winter softens into summer in the South.



Photos:  All by Eliza, taken on walk in Walla Walla on an autumn afternoon…

Fading Rose

Fading Rose

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