Journal Entry 10.20.2015



Journal Entry 10.20.2015 – A Walk in the Park

Autumn has settled comfortably into the Walla Walla Valley.  The trees are beginning to turn, slowly, although some early ones have already lost quite a bit of their leaves.  The evenings are beginning to cool slightly, but the warmish and dry weather is still with us.

Here’s a few images from my stroll through the Park…

Maple Glory

Maple Glory

Elegant Tree

Elegant Tree

Dogwood Autumn

Dogwood Autumn

8 thoughts on “Journal Entry 10.20.2015

  1. ForeverUnlimited has said what I was going to say. It took me a while to realise that the photos on your posts were taken by you and not downloaded ones by ‘proffessionals’. It’s beautiful here by the canal in Autumn too. Eliza, I thought you might be interested in a site called ‘Jeshua Channellings’ at ‘’, if you haven’t seen it already 😊.

    • Cathy: Yes, most of the photos on my blog have been taken by me, except those from high mountain places. Those photos are borrowed from, a hiking / climbing blog, based out of Seattle, Washington. All the photos taken in the Walla Walla region and surrounding Eastern Washington and Oregon areas are mine. My camera is a Nikon. I’ve been fooling around with cameras since the 1970’s.

      • Yes, I was thinking you must have a good camera, you still have to have a good eye and know what you’re doing though.

      • I do have an art degree, Cathy, and some natural ability inherited from my mother…

      • I just sent you a reply but it seems to have disappeared. I was just saying I thought you must have a good camera, but you still need to have a good eye and know what you’re doing.

      • Each comment that gets posted is meditated or reviewed by me. They don’t “appear” until I approve them. Thanks for your kind comments, Cathy.

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