Journal Entry 10.18.2015 – Internal Expansion

A Rose is a Rose is a Rose

A Rose is a Rose is a Rose

Journal Entry 10.18.2015 – Internal Expansion

I’ve been rather silent for the past couple of weeks, not for any reason that I can successfully define… just a vague feeling of being not quite here all of the time.

I realize that we (“we” as in Forerunners, light workers, etc.) are presently undergoing a profound period of inner-gration, integration of the latest series of intense energy downloads. Much of the information or Light received doesn’t necessary translate well into our current knowledge base or understanding, hence being unable to express how I or we are feeling in our present languages.

This past week at work was relaxing, although busy. There was an evident lack of the usual strife and suspicion. I know that I’ve been working every night to present unconditional love, Reiki energies and Violet Flame into this environment to enable the energies there to shift. It seems to have made a difference, at least for some people…

Ours is not the job to change others. Ours is an individual process to change ourselves from within. We can do this by working quietly with the energies, directing them unconditionally through our own bodies and allowing the intelligent energy to find for itself what can be changed, if necessary. There is no need for judgment on our part.

When working as a massage therapist, I often used Reiki energies (with the consent of my clients) to engage with the release of difficult emotional energies. Reiki, which is in effect, just a form of Universal Energy which anyone can utilize, is intelligent and goes to what needs to heal, which isn’t always at a level which we can see.

Our bodies are more complex than we imagine and far more intelligent than we give credit. By our conscious agreement, we can actively heal our body, through the use of energies, as well as the more “physical” means of diet, exercise and rest.

My body has been actively communicating with me the need to change my dietary intake, as well as up the exercise and rest. I’ve been quietly led to various books and web sites which are allowing me to gradually get prepared to accept major changes in my lifestyle.

Cascade Color

Cascade Color

And I’m learning to be grateful for my body’s intuitive and innate wisdom, its desire to protect me, as the carrier or vessel of my consciousness. I am beginning to learn to love all that I am and really see that change must come from within and be self-directed in order to be successful.

I also see myself as being more willing to state my truth as I perceive it, which is a truth that changes with the input of information or light from the environment. Where once truth was held to be immutable and unchangeable, I see it more as a process of revelation or unveiling as we have long been separated from the Truth of our beingness and must now integrate this knowledge bit by edible bit so as not to overwhelm ourselves.

Light is information. The Cosmic rays that have been bombarding our solar system are merciless in their revelation of truth, of information that has long been denied us, hidden from us, in a desire by some to control and manipulate and direct. That intention to control is crumbling before the barrage, but not all human beings are willing or indeed able to incorporate the information or Light that is being downloaded to all Life here on the planet and within our Solar System. That is the role of the Light workers, to act as transformers, like electrical transformers… to step down the energies in a bid to make them more palatable to the masses.

Light can be very destructive. Information can quickly lead to overwhelm. Ask any serious light worker who has just received massive downloads whether or not they can function readily after the onslaught. The only solution is to rest and allow the intelligence of the body to assimilate the energies gradually until the consciousness can catch up and begin to understand and comprehend what has been given. That knowledge will not always translate into words, but can be downloaded through creative expression… and plenty of “aha!” moments of sudden comprehensive symbiotic holistic understandings.

The conditioned masses cannot comprehend much of what has been given so freely, yet the light is persistent and will eventually penetrate through the most resistant of unconscious minds. Do not press your loved ones or try to convert them, as they will resist and rightfully so. Allow the awakening process, if the soul desires it at all, to occur at a natural rate, designed for the individual concerned. If it is their choice not to awaken, honor this choice as it comes from a soul-level. No one has the universal authority to deny another choice without incurring a great deal of karma and future lessons.

“Cloud Dance”

Those who have denied us our free-will choices will pay, with life experiences that will eventually teach them, too, to honor individual freedom. It is not our place to judge or condemn as the energies will balance out in their own time.

What we need to do is to seek understanding from within, from what resonates with us internally and is mirrored through “other” all around in the course of our daily lives. There is no “other out there”, only Self in its myriad forms, created through consciousness that emanates from within our own being, our true multidimensional Self that has created this reality for our benefit in collaboration with Source.

I see that I am coming into acceptance of the power that emanates from within. I do not always understand it immediately, but I am moving into acceptance of its existence. Step by step, we move into a pattern of self-love and appreciation that has nothing to do with narcissistic behavior as characterized by psychologists. I’ve personally have witnessed true narcissistic behavior coming from individuals who are incarcerated, as well as anti-social behavior and psychotic tendencies. These behavioral traits exist within those who have attempted to control humanity, with a kind of psychotic, anti-life energy… which translates out simply to be an extreme sense of separation from Source. It is a kind of anti-love energy… which can quickly flip into Love, given the right dose of understanding and energetic push. Yet, this must come from within the individual not from without, as we live and exist within a Free-Will Universe. Each individual is a part of the Wholeness of Creation, but until they accept that within their own being and open their own Heart, one can only look on and allow.

It takes great strength to hold back a desire to change the world around you when you are witness to the horrible injustice that is promulgated by heavily controlled powerful governments and individuals. It also takes great strength and wisdom to accept your own responsibility in the creation of such a world, and the responsibility that lies within your own being to first be willing to change your own perception of reality, to tweak your own attitudes and behavior towards your fellow humans and the rest of life… which supports you here on this beautiful planet.

It takes a great deal of strength to accept the idea that you came here as a volunteer to be the change that you want to see in the world… not as one who forces it down the throat of others, but presents new information, new light, in a way that allows individuals to make up their own minds, to come into an attitude of acceptance of the need to change from within.

I do not appreciate those who wish to mold me into a creature to fulfill their dreams. I wish to work with others, in a cooperative effort to bring change, but realize that to do so also requires that change, real change must emanate from a place of integrity and gritty truth within.

I see the events of the world stage unfolding and see the energies at work behind the scenes. I can discern the deceptions being perpetrated on the uneducated masses and so I present what I see in a manner that others can begin to see what I have known within for years. The patterns are there for all to see, but many chose not to see as the truth would upset their carefully crafted conditioning and beliefs. The only way to successfully break down those belief systems is to simply live from your own heart, outside the conditioning, outside the societal boxes. It takes “guts” to do this, great inner strength and determination, as well as great gentleness and acceptance. See the Dahli Lama, Princess Diana, Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi and other wayshower pioneers as your heroes, as examples as to what each awakened individual can do by living the change that is desired by the open Heart of Humanity.

The incoming energies and the movement of our Solar System support the coming Golden Age of Humanity. Yet the changes will come gradually as each individual opens to the energies in their own timing. Still, those who have gone before the masses can now live in the New World. Do it with courage, do it with individual creativity and style, do it with gentleness and do it with integrity. You are here as a volunteer to express the true potential of the creative genius of Humanity as it gradually moves into experiencing unified consciousness and expanded levels of understanding that flow with the corresponding rhythms of the Universe in which we now live and have our Being.




7 thoughts on “Journal Entry 10.18.2015 – Internal Expansion

  1. Thank you so much for so eloquently sharing your journey. I had been struggling to express in my journal what has been happening to me these last two weeks, but your words describe it exactly. Thank you Eliza x

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