Journal Entry 10.03.2015 – Opening the Door

Autumn in the Mountains

Autumn in the Mountains

Journal 10.03.2015 – Opening the Door

It is really quite extraordinary experiencing these times, moving consciously between dimensions, existing in at least three, maybe four at a time.

Today is a vast contrast from yesterday. I am calm, sitting in my armchair, a kitty ensconced on my lap, feeling the soft flowing energies. So much change has occurred in the matter of a mere year’s time, let alone one day… as if time and space still exist. What I feel now, when calm and centered, is what I used to feel in “high” moments, while channeling or doing Reiki meditations.

The future is promising for all those who attend at integrating the dark and light, masculine and feminine, spiritual and human energies within. “There is nothing ‘out’ out there”, is another quote encountered in Quantum Lifestyle. We, the divine essence of each of us, are what create this space of duality for the sake of experiencing and learning.  We are a particle of Source experiencing all things.

Early this morning, I read a story about Lucifer, the Archangel known as the Morning Star, who fell from Heaven. We all did; we all fell from our high estate as angels or ascended beings and took on heavy dense form. We did not fall as a means of punishment; it was punishment enough to feel separated from Source. We came, following the impetus from Source itself, in the desire to learn about the lower densities. We did not realize just how difficult it would be.

I’ve known about Lucifer for a long time. There have been moments of recognition, seeing him in me and vice versa. I have realized that He is now that part of us that longs to be loved and reunited with Source, a process that can only occur by loving the darkness within, by releasing it from its imprisonment, transmuting and transforming the dark and heavy energies and setting it free through the open door of our awakened Heart.

The darkness holds great creative potential. It is our strength. Source is not sundered from Self, therefore the darkness is held within the fullness of Source, within the Created Worlds. It would seem that by turning away from or denying what longs to be released from within will only delay the journey forward.

People who still cling to childhood beliefs of evil, the devil, Lucifer and Satan, are still projecting their own inner unresolved self-hatred, fear and loathing outward towards symbols or groups of people. As long as we continue to judge anybody on the basis of being different we judge ourselves.

So, in terms of my recent experience with identifying the existence of an entity within another human being, I am also seeing a portion of my inner unresolved angst or pain that seeks dissolution and release. By shining my light upon this individual, she will experience pain and anger, frustration and even rage until she realizes that she needs to release that part that still lives in separation energy. Likewise, I can forgive the lost part within and bathe it in warm forgiving energies to draw it out of its hiding place. Like a tired, frightened child, this inner focus of darkness only wants to be loved and accepted into the light once again.

Individuals who serve as portals for evil influences often do it unconsciously. Perhaps to escape the harshness of their lives, they have turned to substances like alcohol and tobacco and other drugs, which can lead to addiction and being literally taken over by even lower density entities.

It is rather unnerving to see a rather inhuman glare being directed at you through human eyes, but I have experienced this sensation. When you stand in your the light, the darkness within people is unveiled, the masks come off and the darkness is revealed.  As the masks come off of people whom you might have thought to be quite ordinary, you begin to realize that there is a lot of unresolved pain and issues within these individuals.

This self-loathing, which is being projected out in your direction, is a reflection of what you still have to clear from your own energy field.  You attract to yourself what you need to work on.

Still, when you suddenly become the focus of another person’s hatred, self-loathing and fears, it can be quite unsettling until you realize it isn’t really personal, but a reactionary effort to escape the light.  Deal with your own unresolved pain and fears as they are being reflected back to you through the mirrors in your life.  Eventually you will be able to interact with people who live in another frequency level without experiencing stress or moving out of your place of bliss and joy.

Another curious thing about working in a dense environment, some of my co-workers act out in ways that are inconsistent with workplace ethics. In short, these individuals undergo a transformation that draws them down into darkness, so instead of being balanced caretakers they end up becoming meaner and nastier than some of the offenders. It takes great mastery to retain a good sense of balance and neutrality in such a setting.

I’ve learned to be able to sit across from murderers, rapists, arsonists and thieves and simply treat them as human beings, due courtesy and fair treatment. Of course, there are always difficult cases, but most often these are the very wounded, angry and lost individuals who attempt to dominate and intimidate others simply to feel better about their miserable self.

Being human has been a difficult road to travel, through many lifetimes. Now, like many others who have responded thus far to the rise in frequency, I am following the light and acknowledging and honoring what the darkness and density has given to me in terms of knowledge and wisdom.

We didn’t come here to this planet just to escape. We came here to add to soul essence, to the experience and knowledge of our soul so that we can handle these challenges in other worlds. We came here on a course of enrichment. We came here to play the game of dark and light, the game of duality, of fear and love. We came here to  experience what it feels like to be sundered from the Unity Field of Creation, which is where we were originally born into awareness. We came as volunteers. Always, always remember that of yourself and honor yourself, no matter how you are feeling in the moment.

Human beings experience an extraordinary array of emotions. As we wake up and begin to understand just what we truly are, angels in fleshy bodies, we feel shame, blame, anger, frustration, worry, sorrow, joy, ecstasy… a huge gamut of emotion… feelings in motion, feelings in expression. Our bodies are like Geiger counters, testing for the energies, warning us of danger and alerting us to the things of beauty that exist within this seemingly fragile matrix of physicality.

Savor the human and welcome the angel. Love the devil within and free him / her from self-imposed bonds. It is time to expand and regain the frequency levels from which we descended long ago and merely yesterday. This is the process of ascension, loving your voluntarily imprisoned Self, that golden Archangel who volunteered to come here and be darkness itself. He is freed as we free ourselves from judgment, of self and others.

Time does not exist outside the physical realm and those of us who now walk in the higher realms while still being embodied are playing in new fields of experience. Each of us will experience new levels of understanding as we rise gradually up through the various levels of frequency and vibration. It is truly all about the vibes, about the level of vibration where you are currently residing.

My dear co-worker cannot see, feel or understand what I am experiencing while interacting with her. I do not wish her pain, but she will experience it through her resistance to the light which I carry within my energy field. She will attack what she does not understand, as unconscious conditioned human beings do to defend themselves against something strange. It is up to me to stand in my center and just be as neutral as is possible in this situation… which sometimes is asking a lot from my body. I was shaking like a leaf the other day for a good while from the adrenalin running through my body. Step by step, patience… and eventually simply surrendering and leaving the situation will probably be the right step for me. Not yet…not yet as there is a bit more to do.

Each of us is moving forward, or not, at our own pace. Breathe yourself free by loving every moment and every experience undergone, even those which you may be tempted to label as “bad” ones, as you have chosen it all to enhance the beauty of creation.

I am amazed with how peaceful I am feeling today. It is truly a blessing. And I rejoice in the opportunity to rest and recharge and intend a future of true freedom for all those who are bound today by unconscious conditioning and fear.  My Heart has become an Open Door through which I may walk into the New Dawn.

With much love,


8 thoughts on “Journal Entry 10.03.2015 – Opening the Door

    • Yes. Besides conveying your calm and peace of today, it’s an especially eloquent journal entry, Eliza. Breaks into song in places!

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