Journal Entry 10.02.2015

"Lake Jubilee"

“Lake Jubilee”

Journal Entry 10.02.2015 – Shadow Play

Wow! It’s been another tough week at work. The environment has been toxic where I work due to friction between staff members. How or why doesn’t matter; what does matter is the Shift is hitting the fan. The two worlds are noticeably separating. I managed to make another co-worker angry to the point of attempting to retaliate against me, which will, in the long run just serve to bring her own short-comings into sharp focus.

This came in from my team this past week:

“You are presently in the midst of a tremendous transition. It would appear that you are being rebellious and obstinate, but in actuality, you are finally standing in your power. You have drawn a line in the sand and the entities that live within those with whom you work will not be able to cross it. They are currently in the process of being unmasked and are very unhappy about it. They will attempt to hurt you but you are out of their reach now.

We encourage you to continue with your heart meditations when you are alone and quiet. It will help prevent any illness from being created during this time of tremendous stress as you will be able to clear your energy field each night of what is picked up during the day.”

After the Full Moon / Blood Moon / Lunar Eclipse the energies have been ramping up and people are beginning to show their true colors. The avid look, full of malicious intent, in this person’s eyes when she looked at me today informed me that she desired to take me down. Down to where, I might ask… knowing full well that it’s down to her level, which is fully 3D. This is an individual whom Denise LeFay would describe as a portal person or tool for Team Dark. I forgive her, but will not condone her actions and that of another co-worker in their long-term attack on other co-workers, people who do not deserve to be treated so, but who were at least initially hesitant to confront these people due to fear or the desire to “keep peace” by keeping quiet. I have broken through that false peace by blurting out a truth about the one who has attacked me, a truth that everyone in the office knows but, for one reason or another have been unwilling to state aloud.

It’s time to take a stand and stare right back at these portal people. They can’t harm me and I am fully aware that their attempt to take me down will fail and so likely backfire in their own faces.  I did have to deal with the energies that I was receiving in the Solar Plexus for awhile today… and still am to a slighter degree.  It was and is, plain and simple, an attempted psychic attack and the playing out of my own shadows.

Somehow I managed to get quite a bit done in the way of work, but it is difficult working in such a tense atmosphere of distrust and dislike.

Every night, to recharge myself, I have been giving myself Reiki treatments and heart meditations, basking in the high 5D / 6D energies. Not confrontational by nature, I have attempted to prepare myself to face the knowledge that at least a couple of co-workers are reacting quite violently to the energies that I am now carrying daily into the prison environment. This work that I am doing quietly by simply being there is demanding that I rest a lot in the quiet setting of my own house in the evenings. And I have managed to sleep quite well, as I am usually relaxed, calm and elevated by bedtime. It’s quite the balancing act. Good thing I’m a double Libra!

Be prepared for some people, who have been up until the last week or so fairly “normal” in appearance to suddenly turn rabid and hateful. The masks are off. The sweet and nice acts are no more. They can still change but it’s unlikely that these individuals even want to do so given the fact that they have already apparently succumbed to the pull of the lower energies. It’s best to release them and find other people more suited to your own vibrations, if you can.

I am aware that I am dealing with the shadows of my own “past”, whether genetic, individual or collective. These individuals are acting out for me the energies that I need to release now, to clear fully from the subconscious so I might walk in the higher vibrational energies freed from the “past”. I will continue to do my meditations and walk tall during the day while completing my work duties, to the best of my abilities and walk through the remaining fears that well up.

Ascension isn’t all sweetness and light and bunny rabbits.

At noon, I was reading through a portion of Cary Ellis’ book, “21st Century Superhuman: Quantum Lifestyle”, where this quote by Teal Swan, another Ascension guide, jumped out at me:

“Spiritual bypassing is the act of using spiritual beliefs to avoid your unmet needs, deep pain and unresolved wounds. Spiritual bypassing is a form of avoidance. Because it is a form of avoidance, it is a form of resistance. Spiritual bypassing is in fact the shadow side of spirituality.”

Teal goes on to say further, “Authenticity is the highest state of being that the spiritual practitioner can achieve. In fact in the years to come, authenticity will become the replacement for enlightenment as the true goal of spiritual practice.”

In short, it is not enough to sit and chant, meditate or pray for the “bad” things to go away in your life. They’ll just reappear in another form until you are willing to complete the lesson and move on.

So, that is what I am doing. As an empathic sensitive, working in a prison, it has been quite a challenge at times, but I have managed pretty well. In fact I have thrived in that I have been able to develop better boundaries and to get to “know” myself. And now I’m been tested to see just what I believe and if I have enough trust in Self to get through this apparent ordeal.  And I’m learning to be completely authentic… and that it is okay.  Remember, I came into this embodiment carrying a huge amount of fear.  So, I’m still in the process of clearing the last remnants.  The task is getting easier despite appearances to the contrary.

Thank Goddess that I have writing as a catharsis and friends who understand what I am undergoing. Having a way to express and release the energies, the tension, the fear or whatever else comes up is so very vital right now.

We are each in the midst of a tremendous time of change, transformation and transmutation. The old is being replaced, but some of us, at least, are still working on doing the clearing work, for ourselves and the collective.

When I inquired as to where some of this energy stemmed from, the answer came back, “The French Revolution.”

Interesting… as the Revolution devolved from a potential rebirth of a nation to that of a Reign of Terror wherein individuals were terrorized by those in power and those who were opportunistic and chose to attack and destroy old rivals and enemies. Now, we can collectively release the dark blood energies behind that revolution for the world is changing and the energies support the healing of our deepest wounds if we are willing to expose them to the air to heal.

Yes, we live in interesting times and they will continue to be so as that is how we grow and expand our horizons and become more of our multidimensional selves. We need to prove through experience that we are capable and worthy of a life of abundance and joy. We are… but humans need to really know it and do so through walking through the valley of the shadow of death and out the other side.

The journey is the quest and it continues on as the New Dawn shines upon us all.









17 thoughts on “Journal Entry 10.02.2015

  1. You go Eliza and feel no fear as you stand tall – after all, you are simply showing yourself the respect of standing in your own center. 😊

    • Thank you, Holly! Sometimes I surprise myself! I was quite intent on starting an office rebellion this week and for awhile it looked like I was standing alone. However, I was told by my other co-workers (the former “victims”) that now they are willing to stand up and fight, too. Self-empowerment is contagious! We lead by example.

  2. Hi Eliza

    I had a last meeting to finalize a legal matter with an abusive ex in August. I know this was before the blood moon, but the Shift has been occurring well before this as Spirit is not too concerned with our dates so to speak. What surprised me so much about this encounter was what I saw when I looked at him. His ‘mask’ had certainly dropped, and he actually appeared monsterous to me. I struggled to keep my eyes in contact with his as it was so disturbing. Perhaps an entity that was showing itself through him?
    Well regardless that was the last time we met, and I really get a sense that we now exist in two different worlds. I always look forward to your posts. Your voice is authentic.


    • It is an interesting experience to “see” the real face, isn’t it. I witnessed it for the first time years ago, with a neighbor. I was astonished. And the look that this lady gave me today, was not quite as violent, but there was something in her eyes that wasn’t quite human. Yes, a negative entity. Thank you for sharing your story, Angie, and your kind comments.

  3. The true and exact word ~ Authentic….A Creative and Authentic Being you are and always have been beyond beyond…..with a great honor and a huge smile…and a kind nod…All masks are being reveled for authenticity.

    Merci beaucoup! {and yes…I too have witnessed strange old aspects still popping in and out of the old power movie}

  4. Eliza, thank you for your post! It is most helpful to read how the new vibrational energies are manifesting themselves in a very 3D world and how we light Warriors are being called to plow through the continuous roderick. I understand and see the frustration one may feel. I live this every day and yet see the tremendous opportunity it has brought to my personal growth as a light worker cleansing my human debris. You explaining your experience just reinforces the cleansing we must endure an advantageous time for our community! Thank you🌹❤️. Sending you love, courage and patience.🙏🏽 Billie Sent from my iPhone


  5. Dear Eliza, love the new look of your website!❤️ I remember the first time I saw past “the mask” to the entity behind it. I was at lunch and they had the tv on, the news haha! ,I looked at the reporter and what I saw was not a human being,Freaked me out in the middle of the restaurant…The good news is that eventually I got used to it. But I have to admit, it still rattles me a bit sometimes. Portal people can be quite nasty, the minute I sense them, I begin to plan my exit lol!
    Love you sweet sistar.
    AND Love to see the dragon stepping fully in…thank goodness I am on the east coast and can safely watch from a distance as you “clean house” lol!❤️❤️

  6. I’m reminded of something Brenda Hoffman posted on 3-2-15:
    “You will add those people and entities who find your light enticing, and delete those frightened by your light.”

  7. I hadn’t heard the term ‘portal people’ before. Does it mean a negative entity within a person, like a possessing demon?
    I love reading your insights, Eliza! I was wondering if you might be willing to share more about your heart meditation practice.

    • Elle, I believe the term, “portal people” was originated by Lisa Renee. Denise LeFay has also used it in her work. They are basically people through which Team Dark work or use to direct mental, emotional or even physical attacks against light workers and other individuals. It is interesting that I would encounter such negativity in a co-worker than in an offender. Fortunately, most people that I encounter in daily life are nice individuals.
      My heart “meditation” is simple. I focus on my Heart center (with the lower heart, center and high heart) allowing cosmic energy to flow through my body into the world. I then direct the energy into different issues or circumstances that can use more light. Instead of directing anger and hatred towards things that need changing, the love energy can transmute and dissolve obstacles. Just be creative and flow with what feels right. And I use Reiki energy, too, which relaxes my body and allows me to rest and sleep. The cats help, too, lying on me or next to me. They absorb and rebalance my energies like little nurses. I have much to be thankful.

  8. Congrats Eliza,
    You are coming into your own.
    You raise your vibration fearlessly!!!!!!
    And everything else will blend into one.

  9. Reblogged this on Forever Unlimited and commented:
    Oh, yes, I am seeing much of this kind of thing, people flipping out or getting angry and punitive, as I go through life change upheaval…but now that I’ve had some rest, I know it is true, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. We have all been aligned with the dark or the light in various lifetimes, so sometimes there is a resonance or recognition in bad behavior that we see in others and now abhor. Behind most of it is fear. We were all once little innocent babes, and we can choose to reconnect with our divinity, although they do sometimes see this as a threat. Thanks for reminding us that we can stand in our personal power in these situations.

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