Journal Entry 09.28.2015 – “A New Day”

“Wild Sunflowers”

Journal Entry 09.28.2015 – A New Day

There seems to be quite a few “morning-after” these days. As many or most of my readers know, today was the morning after the Full Blood Moon / Lunar Eclipse combo. This alignment packed a wallop. The days leading up to it found me (and others) releasing physical, emotional and mental burdens that we no longer need or want to carry with us.

The emotional manifestations of our responses to these energies ran the gamut, with everything from deep fear to bliss and joy. I didn’t go into any major crying binges. Rather I kind of went on a slow smolder for a couple of days, which then moved into an almost depression or feeling like I was in a void, betwixt and between. Been there before…

As I told a friend, on last Thursday, I went to work with my dragon tail twitching like a cat. And on Friday, I was upset and exhausted, even to going home early. On Saturday, I could feel the energies quite strongly and felt… well, blissed out. On Sunday, the day of the Full Moon, I felt withdrawn, quiet, subdued and strongly desiring to be left alone.

It was my birthday… and it was one of those days where I did not wish to commune with nature or anyone except my fur companions. You see, I was born with a Libra Rising and Aries Moon, with the North Mode in Aries. So I felt the energies quite intensely even when not feeling them. Does that make sense? It felt quite like being held in a vise, actually, almost as if everything up until that moment was dress rehearsal to the rest of my existence.

Today, while filled with some trepidation at going to work, I swiftly began to sense and  realize that in some internal manner I had changed greatly. I felt strong. I felt powerful. I felt a little bit of joy blossom in my heart. And all this was happening while working in the middle of a maximum security prison.

Now at home, I can feel the difference in the energies even more strongly. All the massive releasing that I’ve been doing has finally paid off in feeling the joy and release of being suddenly freed from 3D. Of course, I’m still here, still working, still functioning in 3D, but I’m not limited by the artificial dense matrix of that level any more. I can FEEL the difference!

I realize that many folks were hoping and wishing for another chance at instantaneous ascension. And I’m here telling you, that Ascension isn’t instant soup. It’s a process, done in increments, step by step so your PHYSICAL body can adjust to the energies gradually. Your body is intelligent. Your cells know what to do as you have a body elemental (or many) in charge of the situation. They are communicating directly to Spirit and Spirit directly to them through codes and light information, adjusting and tweaking your DNA.

We’re not the same people that we were even a year ago. I certainly know I’m not, after re-reading one of my September 2014 blog posts. I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I was anticipating “walking out” of this body and reintegrating into another higher dimensional one. Didn’t happen quite the way I was told it would. Rather, what did happen and is happening is the gradually integration and downloading of higher dimensional energies into THIS physical body and the holographic quantum world of my own creation. And I’m not channeling any more, or haven’t done much in the last couple of months although that could be because now my higher “Self” is communicating more directly through me without intermediary. I hear the echo in my head, “We are!” coming from “The Team”.

Every human on this planet has a Team of guides, angelic beings, galactic and cosmic beings working with them on subtle levels. My team is anything but subtle, providing me quiet comments and answers to direct questions during the day and even at night when I’m “sleeping”. They also have an extremely dry sense of humor and sense of irony.

Ah, back to Ascension. I’m not sure why folks are hoping that they don’t have to put any effort into a process that has, up until fairly recently taken lifetimes of intense preparation and work to achieve, most often at the cost of losing the body and working at etheric levels until the needed light quotient can be held steadily by the soul essence. Still, much work has been done by pioneers, wayshowers, ascension guides and what have you. Remember to do your own due diligence and question EVERYTHING you read or listen to… especially from self-proclaimed New Age gurus. Ascension isn’t a new fad; it’s been around forever, literally, since that moment when your consciousness imagined it was separate from Source.

According to the Team, I’m now resonating at 5D, but I work in 3D and move into 4D / 5D when in my own space at home. Still, it’s pointless to compare your own “progress” to mine or that of any other person on the planet as we are all unique and individual in our soul development, even though at Unity level (6D) we are a Light Collective.

This planet has been a dense environment in which to work (classic understatement!) but that is changing now, because of the progress that we have ALL made in transmuting tons of heavy dark energies through our own vessels / bodies, on levels that few of us can entirely grasp or are able to express in words. Getting rid of physical belongings, like I am currently in the process of doing, bit by bit, is an outer manifestation of tremendous INNER changes in our energetic make-up.

One thing to keep in your divine fully conscious mind (with feet firmly planted on Terra Firma) is that change or transformation (alternation in form) moves through different frequency levels. First the Cosmic level of your Being is effected… then the Galactic… gradually moving down in frequency (physicality is merely energy in slow mo) to the physical level. You will not see the physical results of the transformative step we just took as a collective perhaps for some time (reduction in crime, resolution of differences, ending of all wars, poverty, disease, hungry… and so).

However, in your OWN little world that you create with every thought, conscious AND unconscious, that momentum of change may be faster or slower than the rest of the collective. No matter, you’re merely going at your own speed. People tend to forget the unconscious part of thought. Until your unconscious is thoroughly cleaned up of all hidden agendas, forgotten thought-forms, dusty memories, old conditioning, etc., you might continue to experience some difficulty in manifesting true change in your life. So… ask for assistance, do your meditations, feel your emotions, forgive yourself, and continue to do what you feel or are led to do in order to move forward. It’s not necessary to understand this process fully, but when you start feeling better about yourself, you will know that you are making headway. And the energies are highly supportive in anchoring a new sense of freedom into every heart now given the slightest desire to change, release and open.

Trust that you are being aided on levels that your human consciousness may not even comprehend right now. The understanding will come later.

Brenda Hoffman’s post for September 28th, “Bubbles of Joy”, describes what some of the pioneers did for everyone else: (

“You, at the forefront, did the same only not in that sequence. You started on your path before fully opening your heart. That was your courage, your role and your magnificent plan prior to entering earth in this lifetime.”

I was one of these spiritual warriors (still am, last I looked!) who came here with a closed heart. I remember being startled by one psychic reading as the lady described the brick wall in front of my heart. Of course, it wasn’t a literal brick wall, but just as effective in protecting the heart chakra. Later, just last year, I got a reading from an Ascended Being, who also described this energetic barrier but in more detail, saying that I created it after a particularly difficult lifetime in Lemuria. After that, I was a warrior and armoured for action.  I can open and close this chakra at will.  And now, it is “safe” to keep it open.  In fact, it is desirable to present yourself to the world of your own creation with a fully open Heart, as its warming energy will completely transform the manifestations that you will come to witness… in the world around you… as Brenda’s describes so succinctly.

The open heart is the Key for becoming and realizing your full potential as a physical “light” being. With the open heart, you will process your surroundings and circumstances in an entirely different way than you have prior to this grand opening celebration that we just passed through with the final Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse combo.

If you do nothing at all, do practice little meditations in opening the heart chakra. Your focus in this region should pay dividends almost immediately, as you feel the chakra responding with a gathering of warmth and a softening of your muscular structure as you relax into the new sensation of peace emanating from within. I could feel this energy movement thirty years ago yet the energetic shield did not come down and it will require some will power and intention of my own to fully dismantle and dissolve this shield that has protected me so well during this and other lifetimes of great struggle.

I’m in the process of reading about quantum energy and thinking… so there are methods available that allow you to release and reverse your blockages quickly and easily, but like everything, it takes a little practice and some dedication to get results. Like I said, ascension, indeed, life is not instant soup. Slow and easy… careful preparation, savoring the various experiences and elements that go into the broth, simmering the ingredients and enjoying the results… Ascension is a process, a step by step process and as our planet ascends, we will transform gradually and with greater ease with each step up in frequency levels.

I hope these words make a little sense as many of these concepts do not translate well into a 3D language. I just know that I’m changing rapidly and realize that many of you are feeling a large array of “symptoms” as a result of this latest upgrade and download. It will / may take some time to fully integrate the upgrades as well as the understandings that will arise as you begin to flower in response to the warming Sun of the New Day. Be patient with yourself and others and expect miracles… eventually, when you can handle them…

Your sister in spirit,


5 thoughts on “Journal Entry 09.28.2015 – “A New Day”

  1. The angels wept at your birth, for all the world was about to change.
    You are evolving wonderfully, and at the best pace for you!!!!
    Thank you for sharing.

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