Journal Entry 09.26.2015 – “Infoldment”


Journal Entry 09.26.15 – “Infoldment”

We’re on the cusp of one of the most powerful days of this entire year, if not centuries. Tomorrow, September 27-28 (depending on where you live on the planet) there will be a Full Moon, Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse. It doesn’t require an astrologer’s training to understand and sense that there is a tremendous shift currently unfolding on our planet.

Leading up to and accompanying this month there has been quite a bit a hype and fear-mongering about the “end of the world”, the possibility of false flag events being committed by the elite and their minions, the belief or hope that there will be a mass ascension event or Rapture, where thousands if not millions of Christian souls are lifted up in mass into “heaven”… and other speculations, prophecies and assorted unfounded expectations, as happened in 2012.

Forgive me if I appear to be a bit jaded by the New Age scene with all its purported ascended masters, galactic federations and hundreds of self-proclaimed “masters” daily relaying their versions of what the energies are doing to or for us. And yet, occasionally, there is a message that arrives and succeeds in gaining my attention, serving to verify what I AM feeling and experiencing within. The following link to a message by Quan Yin, the Eastern Goddess of Compassion and Buddha is one such:

What I am attempting to express in this limited 3D language of ours (American English) is that it really doesn’t matter where the message comes from for ultimately it comes from within. There is only ONE Being here, Source, Sovereign and Free. When a message arrives and resonates within, feel the gratitude towards those other portions of Self that are attempting to reassure you that all is well despite whatever the outer circumstances may appear.

For me, this past week has held some hellish moments of sheer exhaustion and extreme discomfort as I continue to play in the fields of the lower energies of the third dimension. And there were a few moments of wonder, great clarity and even quiet joy. In short, no matter what your circumstances are now, as you change within, they will change… eventually, and depending on your present frequency level, the rate of change will be excruciatingly slow or amazingly quick.

I read of the experiences of others and their apparent reveling in the intense energies of the X-wave and feel myself falling behind, yet my twelve-member Team says to me, quite firmly, “You are not falling behind.” The lesson or rather suggestion here is NOT to compare your progress with that of others. Exercise compassion for self, the little self that still has moments of struggle releasing what needs to be let go in this moment and comprehending what is coming next.

“Foothills of the Blues”

Long ago, I realized that I selected a difficult road for myself to follow in this lifetime. In the selection of my birthdate and its resulting astrological imprint or planetary effect on my present incarnation, I came here to balance as much karma as possible and to wrap up as many “loose” ends so that I might be free to move on to higher planes when this lifetime is complete. I am not alone in this quest and yet, many times, it feels that I am very alone, especially when such a week as the one past is being experienced.

I am in the process of down-sizing my material belongings. While compared to some people, I don’t have much of value; there are items in my possession that have been in my family since my childhood. As a result, it has taken me up until now some time to release them to the cosmos, to let go of the old energy attached to them.

I spent some time taking apart old photo albums made up of mostly 35mm photos taken while hiking. It was interesting to realize that I felt nothing towards most of the photos and was able to throw them out. That part of my life is no more. It doesn’t mean that I will not hike in the future; it just means that everything that existed prior is no more. Done. Finished. Complete and stored in my Heart. I have even let go of the memories… mostly.

Old paintings, old kitchen implements, old clothing, small pieces of furniture… eventually, before I leave this location, most of my material possessions are going to be released. And with that release, I am making myself ready to receive the New, new possibilities, new circumstances, new locations and adventures with new friends.

It is quite amazing how resistant the little human is to releasing and letting go. And yet, when the moment, ripe with change, finally arrives, it is as if a hidden lock is released and suddenly you feel free to let go of anything and everything that has up until now prevented you from moving on. It can be quite startling to realize just how easy it is to truly let go. It was only fear, unduly and unruly fear, that served as a door, although a useful door, so that true understanding of why change was needed also arrived.

Okay… so now I have heaps of old belongings piled up next to the front door waiting to be moved out onto the porch for pickup this week. Yet this is only an outer confirmation of my willingness to let go of at least a portion what has been holding me back.

I have also received verification that the time for me to change my outer circumstances is quickly approaching, as well. Many people are probably reaching a similar conclusion, as these energies and codes now bombarding our consciousness so intensely, are pushing out all the old energies that need to be revealed and cleared. Whatever decision point you arrive at, know it is the best one for you to follow for you. I know what I must do in the coming months.

I have not quite finished my work at the prison. Why I am still there is a mystery, but I am, so I must discover a sense of gratitude for what is presently being revealed to me on a daily basis. When I go, I will never look back or regret my having been in such a place. The Lord Saturn has had his way with me in this lifetime, but for not much longer. It was my choice to be where I am now, to experience what I have experienced and will be my choice to move on when I am ready.

“Wild Sunflowers”

Every fiber of my being aches with the desire to be elsewhere yet it is not in my nature to relinquish a sense of duty that stems from some deep place within my Being. I will endure.

And I will accept that I am not at the place that others seem to be and that is alright. I am where I am for a purpose and while that purpose is not clear to me now, perhaps someday it will. I do know that, in part, I am acting as an anchor or beacon of light in a very dark, disjointed place. The individuals with whom I have come in contact may not remember me but they will remember the energy signature and in some future lifetime, the codes embedded in their energy field today will come alive and communicate to them and they will understand.

I am not here for my own salvation. In other dimensions and places, I am already an ascended being. I am here as a Servant of Source, a representative of that Divine Field that is within all life.

The old warrior energy is coming up strongly for me. I feel weary, the weariness that comes from the centuries that I have spent here fighting for justice and freedom, without much apparent outward success. Yet now, when the forerunners of the ascending ones are reaching the Fields of Elysium, I feel left-out, a failure, incomplete, betrayed and the betrayer. This is very ancient energy that is currently emerging from my energy field, which has been buried deep within the subconscious for an indeterminate amount of time. A profoundly deep sense of grief, as well as its opposite, gratitude, arise from moment to moment, one to release and the other to take its place as I undergo an intense transformation on all levels.

I do not know how to express the language of the current energies other than to share my own feelings (at least some of them) and experiences. The old fear, the fear of failure, is being transformed into hope, gratitude and acceptance. Each moment, each little victory or apparent defeat has meaning and significance even if I do not yet understand what is going on. I will continue as I have, following my own inner star, listening to that still voice of intuition, through which my Spirit communes with my human consciousness.

Part of the letting go process is also letting go the need to condemn yourself for not meeting the standards or perceptions of others, which may not be realistic in terms of your own needs. For now, I need to work and to be where I am. I might not like it, but there it is. Acceptance of all facets of life and the knowledge that I can change those circumstances by changing my attitude give me hope for the future.

“Cloud Dance”

There is so much conflicting information in the world today, available from different sources, but only you can chose what resonates within. Let go of the rest, bless it and go your own way. The path that you follow will appear before you as you move forward in understanding and gain in the ability to love and accept yourself as you are Now, in this moment. If you need to, unplug and go into nature or dive into creativity activities and rest from what seems a constant tug of war for your attention. Set your intention to allow transformation to emerge without expectation and release all need to set time or limits upon yourself as to when that change will take place for even now in your moments of greatest doubt, the cosmic energies are altering your DNA, transmuting the old dark energies of fear and pain and creating a new you. Like a cocooned caterpillar, you are being reduced to a state of “goo” before the new upgraded being that is “you” will appear. Patience and faith are now called upon to allow that process to unfold naturally within.

Seek verification within. Nothing that comes from the outside is real. If you do not resonate with a message, release it. Do not hold its message against yourself as judgment, thinking that you have failed. You haven’t and you won’t, as I have not and will not. We are One, but first our disparate individualized natures need to come to an inner sense of peace and realization of that eternal state of being that is our natural existence when in Light Body.

Today we are in the process of anchoring the energies of Heaven here on Earth. This is not an instantaneous process, although it may appear to be experienced by some as being so. The transformation of this planet, from one darkened almost to the edge of annihilation to one that has recently ascended its light body has taken thousands of years in earth time. What is currently being played out in the field of mass consciousness is the outplaying and release of the memories of the destructive energies of the Fall of Atlantis and the fall of other lost and forgotten civilizations that have come and gone from the realm of physical existence. The future has been written and is being experienced already by ourselves in future lifetimes and higher frequency existences. We have come from the future to correct the present so that the future might truly be here some day for all to experience in their everyday lives. It is a future of hope, joy, abundance, light and love… for all of life.

Be here now and know that you are everywhere in every time and every place. You are the only One here, being all things, Source, Sovereign and Free.



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And via Lauren Gorgo, comes this:

Further verification given with Divine Timing from Source, with gratitude.

10 thoughts on “Journal Entry 09.26.2015 – “Infoldment”

  1. Hi Eliza, had a question, if you don’t mind. I am not involved with many people in this Process and was curious of the general state that others are holding right now. Is it one of those woo-hoo moments of anticipation? Does it seem generally self-directed? Realize this would be your own perception (disclaimer) but i resonate with your experience. Just curious so feel free to ignore this as an option. Thank you.

    • Not an easy question to answer, but, yes… people seem to want things to evolve faster than is within the realms of possibility or at least what we have experienced in the past. This transformation is, for now, individual. How fast you evolve and move into an awareness and experience of your multidimensionality depends on several factors, all individual. Best sources for “updates” that I’ve encountered are: Jennifer Hoffman, Lauren Gorgo, Lisa Transcendence Brown and Matt Kahn. Whether or not you will resonate with some or all of their messages is self-dependent on your own frequency level. When you are able to move a bit higher, you will reach a corresponding place of further clarity in regards to the “process”. How’s that for a “simple” answer? Love, Eliza

    • Journaling does assist in letting me explore my world and dissolve issues that appear to be “bothering” me. Good therapy. Now beginning to practice quantum manifestation…

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