Journal Entry 09.19.2015


Journal Entry 09.19.2015

There is “Nine” energy today.

I went for a walk at a local “lake”, really a reservoir, used by the Army Corps of Engineers as a diversion lake for our badass Mill Creek, which occasionally acts up in the spring. The area has been designated a wildlife refuge and serves as a fly-way area for birds passing through in spring and autumn. There was a flotilla of Canadian geese resting on the calm waters of the lake, honking away amongst themselves. It was a beautiful calm, late summer day with blue skies, wispy clouds and the scent of ripening grasses in the air.

This past week was a difficult one for me. I was experiencing a lot of “stuff” coming up for release and ended up wrestling a bit with some negative thoughts. It’s a bit daunting and a tiny bit annoying to go through yet another layer of releasing, but so worth it in the long run.

This process of releasing old karmic patterns and thought-forms has been going on, of course, for a long time for the front-runners. And of course it’s getting way old, but it is a part of the mission or work that we came here to do. So pause a moment before you wonder why the newbies coming online are going through their awakening so much more quickly… yes, it’s all the decades of work that YOU did to prepare the way.


For me it was a struggle just to get up in the morning and certainly to stay focused on my tasks at work. And it seemed that I was extremely sensitive to other people’s energies. Yes, we’re all One, but some folks just haven’t gotten their act together…. Ah, center, breathe… and move the energies through the crown and out through the heart center. Breathing in light, releasing love; I finally reached a fairly balanced space yesterday while still at work. Still, my ability to stay in that heavy energy is quickly reaching its limits…

I know there was a lesson in all this discomfort and maybe it was just to come to an acceptance that I don’t need to be a part of a corporate environment any more.

The exquisite quality of day as we walked was a reward for making it through another massive step. This process of letting go and allowing our divinity to shine sometimes is challenging.

Perhaps I chose a more difficult “path” than others. I’ve certainly been walking or living it for a long time. This old warrior is tired and ready to play.


I was reading some of my older written pieces posted on this blog. I’ve certainly gone through many phases just in a matter of three plus years. I’ve become quite detached from activities and things that I used to enjoy, or perhaps I’m just seeing and experiencing life from an entirely different perspective.

Life is a journey. Life is what you make of it. You can whine about your problems or you can go sit in the sunshine and enjoy the feel of the breeze moving through your hair and across your skin. Physical sensations and little pleasures are what make life here a beautiful thing.

I’m aiming to simplify my life further and taking the transition in little, bite-sized steps. I am thankful to share a little of what I pass through with each of you, knowing that while our journeys or lives are unique, we share an inner knowing that each moment of pain is worth it when we arrive at another realization or aha moment of divine clarity.

Let’s shine together as the inner sun rises within and takes us and all of life to a higher level.



6 thoughts on “Journal Entry 09.19.2015

  1. I look forward to reading your posts as there is always something that resonates deeply with me – all of it did today. Thank you, shine on xxx

  2. Hello!
    I am a “Walk – In” who remembers my choice of two different lifetimes afforded me by the Great Void-OHM.
    I was there when the illusion of separation from the rest of Creation and the Infinite One disappeared and when the joyous reunion took place.

    I am a liquid-fractal-droplet of infinite consciousness which entered this body around mid November of 1966.
    I entered this body when it was an infant.

    I have embedded this post with my journey’s information. I look forward to reading your blog.

    ~ TK

    • TK… I was told last year that I was also a walk-in, as a youngster. There is so much information being currently unveiled that the mind goes into shut-down mode. Feel free to roam around the blog. I’ve been writing since June 2012 and have gone through several reincarnations during that short time! Eliza

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