Journal Entry 09.13.2015 – Lake Jubilee


Journal Entry 09.13.2015 – Out in Nature

Went for a hike today, my first actual “hike” of this year.  I know it’s a little late in the season, but that’s how the year has gone what with my trip, health issues and the HOT summer weather stretching into four months straight.  And it was a good place to be to allow the intense New Moon, solar eclipse energies move through the ‘ole body.

A friend and I visited a nearby lake, which is at about 5,000 feet elevation, in the Blue Mountains, Umatilla National Forest.  The campground had few people and the blue waters of the lake were gleaming serenely in the late summer sunshine.  There is a level path completely around the lake… yes, rather tame compared to some hikes I’ve taken, but plenty for today.  It was a lovely hike and good company kind of day.  Here’s snapshots:

:Lake Jubilee"

:Lake Jubilee”

"Pump truck at Lake Jubilee"

“Pump truck at Lake Jubilee”


Jubilee is a man-made lake and has a small earthen dam on the NW corner.  When we pulled up and parked in the large lot, a big tanker truck drove down the boat ramp to fill up.  The fire crews are still fighting the nearby Grizzly Ridge Complex Fire, which has devoured over 74,000 acres of wilderness, National Forest lands, BLM and private lands.  The fire was subdued a little by last weekend’s short rain, but it will take several days of good steady rain, and better yet, the autumn’s snow to soak the fuels enough to dampen down the fire for the year.

So, we were given a view of watching the pump truck load up its capacious tank with water and then trundle off up the gravel road towards Timothy Springs and beyond where brushing work is being done to keep the fire within the wilderness (Wenaha-Tucannon) boundaries and to protect various structures that might be in the path of the various tongues of the fire.

I showed my friend the basic outlines of where the fire has gone, using a forest map spread out on the picnic table.  I know the area pretty well even though I’ve lived here a relatively short time.

Great day, with some good exercise, lots of green trees, blue skies and waters.

Much love,


3 thoughts on “Journal Entry 09.13.2015 – Lake Jubilee

    • Yep. So was I. Easy trail and quiet weather conditions. Pleasant late summer hike. I do miss the Cascadian scenery now and then…

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