Eliza: What is Real?

Eliza:  What is Real?

In a recent Facebook post, I commented:

If you give your power to ANYONE, the elite, the experts, the ascended masters, the angels… etc., you become their slave. YOU ARE GOD! NOW. Not tomorrow… not on September 28th… NOW.

These are strong words and more than one person might become uncomfortable reading them or even become upset to think that I am questioning their allegiance to the teachings of one or another “higher” being or a person who presently appears to exercise great authority and power on the earth plane.

My words are MEANT to stir the energies, to get you to think, but with your HEART, your heart-mind, the blending of your emotional and mental bodies, which naturally occurs as you edge up in frequency and vibration.

Yesterday, I connected… finally… with the realization that one person in my life is currently acting out how I used to be when I was quite a bit younger. The same anger, frustration and stubbornness to adapt or listen was what I was experiencing at a certain stage in my development.

No, we’re not the same person, but if you understand the knowledge that Quantum physics has presented us with, we are all One. We are the only ONE here. Each unique facet of consciousness is experiencing life for Source. We mirror each other’s behavior. Time and space really do NOT exist. We are experiencing ALL of our lifetimes simultaneously, even within the same lifetime.

As you rise in frequency, you are required to release the props that got you there as they will not support you any further on your journey. Some people refuse to understand that mastery is about self-responsibility, not self-preservation. We are not ascending to “save” ourselves.

An eternal being cannot be destroyed. As a facet or focus of Source energy, we cannot be destroyed. So what is there to save?

Many in the New Age movement are seeking someone to save them, whether it be the Ascended Masters, the Angels, the Guardians, the Galactic Federation… Only “problem” is, WE are all those beings. Our multidimensional selves exist in many layers of frequency, like an intricate layer cake. As our local consciousness foci reaches a certain level, the wisdom or knowledge contained within that layer is downloaded. Our “human” mind may not be able to process the wisdom immediately but it is there when we need it during those wonderful “aha” moments or an instant of inspiration. It is up to us to act upon those moments of inspiration and to move the energy through our body through acts of creativity… writing, dancing, art, whatever moves you so it can be shared by others.

Likewise expecting help or assistance from a “higher” source is giving away your power.

This past week, I told my “team” (angels, dragons, Sirians, Pleiadians, etc) that as ground crew, I expect to be considered their equal. And as ground crew, we are the LEADERS in this process. After all, we had the courage and experience to be able to survive this transformative process while living and functioning (!) in a physical body, in a dense world.

Never underestimate the power and strength of your potential, dear ones, for the elite of this planet do not. They know your potential and are striving with all their might to keep you down, disconnected, limited by your own thoughts, locked into despair and self-hatred… through every method at their disposal.

All you have, truly, is YOU… which is the Power of Source.

Come into full acceptance. Arrive at self-love. Begin to understand the games played here. See the different roles being played by each side. Transcend the duality that is presented to you in order to keep you locked into conflict with others. Become detached. Discover your joy, which is individual and unique to you. See the truth of what matter and physicality are presenting to you.

It isn’t the end if you don’t make it through a portal at a given date. Time is a construct of the third-dimension. Now, when I see a date given in any material, red flags start flying for me. Ascension… life… is a process, which is ever unfolding and presenting us with new imagery and sensation.

Yes, life is Maya, an illusion and sometime we will walk through our Dreams and they will be more real than our world is to us today… but that day has not arrived for most of us yet.

Question everything you read, encounter, hear… during the day from whatever source. YOU must determine what is right for you. Whenever someone attempts to convince you that their way is the only way, question their authority. If you follow their advice, you are giving your power to make your own decisions to someone else. You are relinquishing your sovereignty, your free will that you have been granted by becoming human on this planet.  It is a gift, a precious gift.  Use it wisely.

I appreciate all those people who feel that by eating a vegan diet, you will ascend faster. I tried it and dealt with daily diarrhea. I tried the macrobiotic diet and very nearly died. My body requires a certain, limited amount of animal protein. That is a personal requirement in order to sustain this body temple. My dedication to my service here overrides the need or desire to please any particular group, whatever their cause.

The truth, which many do not want to face, is that all animals are here in service to humanity. Some act as companions and soul friends. Others are here to serve as nourishment in order to sustain our bodies.  Still others hold vibrational frequencies for the land or water areas in which they dwell.

When we reach a certain level of attainment and frequency, we (or I) won’t require meat in the diet. Right now, if I’m listening to my body correctly, I do.

The whole diet thing is another form of manipulation, coming from duality thinking. Move beyond that… allow each person to decide for themselves what is appropriate as the need arises. It will change. Once the physical transformation into crystalline light body is complete… the diet will change, as the denser foods will no longer be required.

Personally, on this journey, I have walked through many levels of giving my power away to family, to mentors, to religious leaders, to the ascended masters, to “friends”, etc. Ultimately, I have left most of these behind because they no longer resonated as being “mine”. When you undergo this journey of transformation, there will be many changes and losses. It is part of the journey. When your frequency no longer matches those people, jobs, experiences, books, masters, possessions, whatever… you will let them go, in one manner or another. There is no permanency while ascending.

Even the concept of “ascension” is questionable, as what is REALLY happening now, is a form of descension, although not as in what happened to the fallen angels of legend. This time, in this cycle, our “higher” (more rapidly vibrating) selves are descending and anchoring into the existing human vessels upon the planet. With each upgrade, first in the mental body, then the emotional body, then the etheric body and finally into the physical body, more and more of US (You and Me) can successfully carry the higher vibrational emanations that are daily arriving upon our shores.  Those individuals whose bodies cannot hold the higher vibrations will reach a point where they can go no further.  There is no judgment.  They will return in another cycle.

The lightworkers, light carriers, light beacons, wayshowers… or whatever title you want to name these people… are bringing these energies to earth for the sole purpose of raising the energy of the entire planet NOT for their personal benefit. We are here to serve the Law of One, to walk the Middle Way, that which was followed by the ones who have gone before us, here and on other worlds and in other universes.

However… in case you believe that it is necessary for one to be “good” to ascend, that isn’t true. There are means to ascend which are not at all what has been termed “spiritual”.  In the end, all are ONE.

Following the Middle Way means you have balanced and integrated both sides of the human within, the light and the dark. It is the crossing of the Bridge of Swords. It is walking into air through the strength of Faith and knowing that you will be supported in all that you do, because of who and what you are.

For several weeks now, I’ve been watching the Stargate SG1 series on Amazon video. When the program originally came on the air, I watched it, although not until it’s ending as I no longer had a television by then. In watching it again, with “new” eyes, I have observed that open secrets were revealed through the story lines. Ascension, the Ancients, alien races and technology… all of that is discussed and interwoven into the plot lines of this very long story spanning 10 seasons. The writers were tuning into our future… our present… and even, our past. So when I encounter an article speaking of underground tunnels or wormholes or stargates… well, the information has been given to us in the form of stories for us to assimilate when we can handle the information.

I’m not suggesting that what happened in Stargate will happen to the planet. We already have beings who walk among us demanding that we give them our power by supporting their economic paradigm, their political agenda, their theory of mankind’s history… in order to keep humanity under control, intimidated and divided.

Remember, however, that EVERYTHING you see “out there” is mirroring something within. The duality in your personal “field” or energy body is being reflected and played out before your waking consciousness so you can make decisions on how to proceed next. The actions of Team Dark, the elite, Satan, the Devil, whatever name you want to assign to your version of “evil” is a part of the greater YOU, a part of Source, acting out in accordance to its desire to motivate you to continue on your mission to integrate, transcend and transform your energies so you no longer require their assistance.

When you are no longer triggered by what you see “out there” you will have transcended the need to “save” others. Each person is responsible for their own choices. Your judgment will not affect them, but it will affect you. This is not to say that you can’t DO things, but learn to withhold judgment. When you judge someone else, you are judging SELF. When you observe others and note what is happening as a reflection on something that needs to be cleared from YOUR energy field, then you have done the work.

Ascension… mastery can be a tricky business as there are always people who will accuse you of being insensitive to the needs of others, that you MUST help this or that cause. That may well be the case as you move through various stages of your development, but sooner or later, you will transcend this sort of behavior and see that by living a simple life, anchoring the light (intelligence in energy form), being who you are in the most authentic and natural way possible, that you ARE doing a great work.

Gandhi marched and led thousands of his people to face the might of an Empire that spanned the global. He fought with words and with his willingness to sacrifice his personal needs for the purpose of freeing his people from foreign rule and domination. When he wasn’t in the spotlight or in prison, he lived on a farm, spun cotton and wore a simple doti made of homespun. He did not own cars or possessions or command armies. He was powerful in his belief that his people deserved their freedom. He walked a challenging path with great courage. And he won, but lost his life to those who felt their source of power threatened by his acceptance of ALL Indians as brothers and sisters.  One life ended, but the energies of freedom anchored by this one individual, ultimately on behalf of ALL mankind, live on.

Ascension is personal. Ascension is a collective process, as we are all a part of Source. We are here on a mission to assist Gaia in her ascension and to free her people from the oppression and slavery that has kept them down for untold centuries. And yet, we do this by walking an individuated path, one step at a time, in our own way, by tuning in to the energies, deciding what to do next… even if that means taking a nap so we can successfully anchor more light into our physical body during an upgrade. What you decide to do is up to you. I cannot tell you what to do.

There will be times when you are confused on how to proceed. There will be moments of great clarity. There will be times of discomfort as the body adjusts. There will be times when you are witness to the people around you being unable to cope with the influx of intense photonic energies. Hold your balance. Do what you must do in order to complete your service, your mission… your purpose, here and now, which is to assist in bringing Heaven (higher vibrations) to Earth.

It is a time of great chaos. It is a time of great change. It is a time of great wonder. It is an honor to serve and be witness to this magnificent process.



21 thoughts on “Eliza: What is Real?

    • Struggling to find the words for the impressions and understandings I am receiving. One does their best. Thank you, Fiona, for your kind comments.

      • Your words flowed like a stream, clarity, cohesiveness, eloquently and will be clearly understood by those who are meant to. My twin read it with me and totally concurs as well.. I reblogged it but he insisted I share it on Facebook as well.. You write brilliantly Eliza.. X😊X

      • And now… it’s time to do the laundry, wash the dishes and feed the cats. Humility and function. Thanks, again.

  1. Yes, yes, yes. Instead of personal preference of diet, hold the mandate of intention, attention and Integrity. KEEP IT TIGHT. Anyone holding the notion, Ascension means finding the treasures of this old world (relationships, abundance, transformation for personal gains) will wait longer. Only the Intention of Service will hold the weight now. But everything is Perfect for All at the right time. Service will come to everyone at some time. Love. Good night.

  2. Eliza, Dear One.
    Thank you for sharing.
    “life is a process unfolding” …”We are the LEADERS “…
    As I have seen your words written here at times,, only through us can they(guides) even help!!!!!
    Nice place you are writing from, illuminating.

  3. Insightful and inspiring, to the mark, spot on, etc. etc. Really appreciate this one, Eliza, makes what’s happening all around me, within me, and everywhere else that is and isn’t me, and so on and so on almost reasonable. Just wish I could get some good sleep time in. Vibes, always vibes. Thank you again. B.

  4. Wow, great intel. I follow your meaning, as I have pondered things often regarding our ascension. I feel more than ever, instantaneously. I feel you have brought about the issues we face at the moment and how to become neutral in our assessments of them. The being yourself and realizing you are a god individually, by yourself, is huge and supersedes any guru of any kind you may want to give your power away to. Oh, thank you dear one for your shared intuitive feelings. We are all one, aren’t we? Yes!

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  6. Hi Eliza. It has been a longe time that we talked. When I read this I felt it in my core.And also being synchronized when I was thinking about not eating meat or what should I do. These days I am just following my intuition. I thank you for this powerful article it felt so true into my heart. Love Lisa.

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