Journal Entry – 09.11.2015 (2) Day and Night

"Fish Lake at Dawn"

“Fish Lake at Dawn”

Journal Entry 09.11.2015 (Part 2) “Day and Night, Night and Day”

Wow!  Today I feel way different than yesterday!  And this morning… I think around 09:12 (PDT) I felt a dizzy wave go through me for a few seconds.  “We” were hit by something big… and interesting that it was one minute past 09:11 on 9/11, some 14 years later…

Yesterday I was in the midst of some deep purging of really old stuff from this lifetime (conscious memories) and probably a bunch of stuff that I couldn’t immediately identify… and didn’t need to go there.

The ego mind likes to pore over information, ask questions, bring up doubts, ponder, lay blame, feel shame and generally wallow in the mud of the lower energies.  I was able to shift the energies and now feel much lighter, probably with the help of my friends, you readers and the angelic light team that supports me at all times.

From night or inner darkness, I moved upward towards the light, all the while being grounded in my daily tasks.  And I feel so much better than I did last weekend.

It’s all about perspective and making that tiny shift from blame to gratitude for what you DO have in your life.  After that, it’s one day at a time, one moment at a time, and one decision at a time.  There’s no need to criticize yourself for not doing enough or making “mistakes”.

We learn by doing.  We learn through observing the actions of others.  I’ve come to an interesting conclusion about some people in my life who seem to be reflecting different stages of my consciousness.  When you observe quietly, the confirmations and understandings arrive on their own, like bees landing softly on a waiting flower.  There is no need to rush into judgment as all will be revealed when you’re ready to “see”, to “hear” and to “understand”.

I “feel” very different than I did just yesterday, therefore I can give myself a pat on the back and a mini celebration for making it through another upgrade.  Gratitude for little victories goes a long way.

Our late summer warm weather is back, along with deep blue skies.  Earlier in the week, the skies were crisscrossed with chemtrail overlays and pale icky clouds.  Today there aren’t any clouds in the sky, the mountains are well-defined and life is good.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone.  I am sending love to all.



6 thoughts on “Journal Entry – 09.11.2015 (2) Day and Night

  1. Had a similar experience yesterday, Eliza. I was doing everything with attention to the task and slipped into a state of being non-affected by everything. It seemed mostly on an emotional level. What i noticed most, a detatchment from annoyance. This hugely different state lasted about 2 hours. I couldnt hold it all the way but still feel different today. Some physical symptoms though. Heart and solar plexus fluttering for hours. And a little lost today. Thanks for writing.

  2. Hi Eliza
    I want you to know how much I have appreciated following your posts and your journey. Deepest gratitude for sharing so truthfully. Yesterday was very powerful for me too, and I was aware of the lower energies from past events/stories being released. Feeling blessed for all this expansion. I was also shown that I experienced a walk-in on the 7th of December 2013, during a physical trauma I experienced. So much makes sense now to me.
    Namaste 🙏

    • Angie, our “higher” or more expanded selves are beginning to anchor into our physical bodies here, to assist in bringing in yet higher energies and being able to ground them as well and so the cycle continues. You are more of the real YOU now… Much love, Eliza

      • Yes this is exactly as I am understanding/feeling the process. All the communication that I am receiving is actually only from myself it seems. It has been shown to me, that when I have been calling in the highest divine light beings, healers and guides to give me guidance, these have all been aspects of myself. Quite amusing actually. Up until recently I have always assumed that guidance could only come from beings ‘greater’ than me. It seems it is the human mind and ego that keeps us small and powerless. Uncreative. But on looking back to the person I was in December 2013, I am so completely different. And so is my life. It took at least 6-9 months to assimilate the walk-in process, now that I look at it. Life is truly a gift! I feel incredibly blessed to have this opportunity at this time.

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