Eliza: What Day is it?


Journal Entry: “What Day is it?”

Good thing that I’m having a long weekend due to the Labor Day holiday, as I have spent most of it sleeping. Obviously, I am going through another intense shift in frequency and need to do when unconscious!

I was watching a video from Michelle Walling of In5D where she is addressing various shift in frequency “symptoms” and was comparing it to what I have experienced recently and also what I’ve observed in other people, mostly co-workers. (To watch Michelle’s video, go to: http://cultureofawareness.com/2015/09/07/michelle-walling-migraines-anxiety-dizziness-and-other-intense-energy-shift-symptoms/).

For me, the symptoms of various upgrades have manifested or are manifesting as fatigue, deep bone-tired fatigue, where all I can think about is getting my poor body into bed and sleeping. Then when I get there, I lie awake for an hour or more. Yesterday I took a “nap” which ended up being 4.5 hours long! It took me two hours to wake up and by another two hours, I was ready to go to sleep!

Lisa Transcendence Brown and other ascension guides and wayshowers address the need for extra sleep during this period of transition. I am cognizant that our “society” has conditioned us to be active and involved, to get things done and so on… but right now, it seems the most important thing we can do for our body is to let it rest and preferably, sleep as much as is possible. Of course, during the week, I need to go to work (for now) and fit into a regulated schedule. Just how long that will continue is yet to be determined at this stage. You might be able to see the dilemma that our expectations that we’ve taken upon ourselves directly contradict what we need to for ourselves and our physical vessels at this time.

What if nothing got done? That’s probably not going to happen as people are at different stages of their transitions and some will never go through the process at all, due to choices made before coming into embodiment. So, those of us who have chosen to undergo and experience the shift in frequency while in a physical vessel, are doing the lifting work (so to speak) for thousands, if not millions of our fellow creatures… not all of whom are two-legged.

This past week, a couple of my co-workers were experiencing intense, multi-day long migraines. I don’t think that I’ve ever had a migraine, but I have experienced intense, tension headaches… mostly due to exposing myself to something or someone who wasn’t appropriate for me. The headaches that I get these days are usually related to the movement of toxins out of the body, which leads sometimes to feeling “foggy-headed” or not being able to think too coherently or being able to concentrate, even on reading an enjoyable book. Lately, I’ve been exhibiting short-term attention span. Watching cat videos on FaceBook seems to help! Watching these videos allows me to alleviate a lot of body tension through the simple act of laughter.

This past week, beyond the experience of the ever present fatigue, I’ve had some flu-like symptoms, with a sore throat and swollen glands as primaries, the head fog, exhaustion and strong desire to be away from all contact with people. It is enough to share through this medium and the occasional connection through email, messaging and/or Skype, to give me a “human connection” for the day. I wasn’t always so solitary in nature, but the need to cocoon within a calm space seems vital for this process to continue.

When I’m at work, I work quietly. Fortunately, my job allows me to pace myself and determine what needs to be done and when… plus, my supervisor has learned that I don’t need supervision. I ask questions or share insights occasionally, but for the most part do my own work. Of course, maintaining a full 40-hour work schedule doesn’t allow for me to flex my day very much to include extra time for resting AND getting those things that need to be done at home… so there is also a process of letting go of some expectations… like not washing the dishes every day. Every day! I was brought up with the expectation that dishes would be done after every meal! My poor mother! What would she say?

It is amusing and perhaps, for some, not so much so to realize just how conditioned we have all been during our childhood and youth and on into adulthood. Of course, I’ve always been kind of a quiet rebel, seeing and sensing things that are overlooked or not felt by others. For most of my life, I felt different. Now I know that my true nature is similar to what all humans will become and go beyond as our race undergoes this grand transition into the higher, more refined frequencies.

Currently, our bodies are the ones who are being targeted by the transition. Adjustments come when we allow them to come. We are powerful and not constrained by the limitations of the body. Yet, at the same time, we need to give our body the opportunity to rest and adjust to the upgrades by being kind, wise, open-minded and accepting that things need to change.

True change emanates from within. Spirit works at all levels through us. We are spirit encased in flesh. We are not the body. Our spirit is eternal and when we leave this physical vessel, we will reawaken into other worlds. We exist at many levels and it is possible to be aware of this truth here and now, but the process of opening to this awareness takes patience, persistence and acceptance of our true nature.

This development into an ascended (ascension is merely a rise in frequency levels) physical being is the next step in store for humanity. Not all those souls who are currently embodied on the planet will “make it” this time, in this lifetime. The density of the old world has both damaged some who came in with the intention of ascension, while some “younger” souls require more time at a lower density to learn their lessons and expand the knowledge of and experience in the physical realms. The opportunity to ascend in another cycle or lifetime will exist for these souls because of those who are now going before them.

Some people perhaps feel that by ascending that they will be able to “escape” this world. This is perhaps a misguided belief and a persistent remnant of the conditioning stemming from religious and metaphysical training that “heaven” is a more desirable place to live and be.

Yes, living in the heavy dense layers of frequency that have existed in this world is a challenge. Yes, I confess to spending the greater part of last year believing that I would be ascending and that my consciousness would be leaving and I would wake up living a life on another plane and even on another planet. Well, I’m still here, still in a body and still undergoing the transitional symptoms that every other wayshower has or will be experiencing for the collective, here and now. There is no escape but to focus and allow the body, mind and heart to integrate the frequency adjustments, all the while releasing the energetic debris stored within the body cells as a result of individual, genetic or collective “karma”, made up of thought forms, deeds and energies collected from numerous lifetimes spent here.

When you think of the housecleaning that we are each doing on ourselves and for the collective, then the idea of having to do a little housecleaning at home or making sure the dishes are done seems unimportant. Still, when you do have the energy, keeping “your” space clear of clutter and as clean as possible is a good idea. I know it makes me feel better when I manage to get my weekly tiding up, vacuuming and laundry done. And dishwashing has become a moving meditation for me. It’s all a matter of perspective.

Yes, bodily discomforts can be annoying and debilitating, but for those who understand what is going on, we can celebrate the fact that we are aware what is REALLY happening, that we’re not crazy and we’re not alone in experiencing these processes and upgrades. If your experiences and “symptoms” differ from mine or anyone else with whom you might share, understand that our individual bodies are very unique, in needs, genetic background and hence, in experiences required. Our particular and individual mindset and how connected we are to the outer world through an open heart also determine the severity or not of some of the symptoms. It is apparent to me that we cannot compare our “progress” or not to any other person or group of persons… and that there is no group more special than another.

Many people in our world have not even heard of the term “ascension” and live pure and simple, grounded lives. They are ascending, too, because they are in tune with nature and within with spirit. They may not even experience any symptoms at all, so just because you are doesn’t make you “special”, just unique in your own experience, as it should be. Our soul journey was set up before we entered this embodiment, at least its grand parameters. Yet each day we are allowed to make choices on whether or not we will follow those parameters. If we do not, we are given more opportunities and circumstances are offered to us so that we may learn and succeed in becoming aware that we are more than what we seem to be on the surface.

In truth, we are all human angels living through a physical existence, learning the lessons that are presented to us and creating others. We are here for a purpose and that purpose differs for each and every soul embodied here. Some live very short lives and some live very long ones. All experience is valuable to spirit and will be stored in Akasha so that the collective will benefit.

So what day is it? The first day of the rest of your life; live it to the fullest you can manage, even if that means you allow yourself to sleep and dream, as you work “elsewhere” in preparation for what you will be doing soon as your body adjusts with ease and grace to the rising frequency of the planet Herself.

Thank you for sharing this journey, one day at a time.



6 thoughts on “Eliza: What Day is it?

  1. Another new one is an ache at the base of the skull. For me, sometimes to the right. Sharp random pains in different areas of the head, maybe a temple. Walking like i am heavy on the left side for a few days. Headaches while sleeping. Fun, interesting creative stuff now! Exhaustion has been for the past 2 years but now there are pass out sleeps (very heavy, one may not be able to move) certain days, like yesterday, that can last a couple hours in the Corpse Pose. Love,

  2. … fatigue, deep bone-tired fatigue, where all I can think about is getting my poor body into bed and sleeping: check.
    Then when I get there, I lie awake for an hour or more: check.
    Yesterday I took a “nap” which ended up being 4.5 hours long! : check.
    It took me two hours to wake up and by another two hours, I was ready to go to sleep!:check

    Thanks — now I don’t feel so stark raving crazy! xoxo

      • Isn’t it just such a gift and a blessing to be aware of being eternal beings and that it really IS always that we can support one another?

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