Journal Entry 09.05.2015

Portrait of a Sun Flower

Journal Entry 09.05.2015

Oh, boy!  Got hammered today with the energies and upgrades.  I have been experiencing tightness in my chest, shortness of breath, fatigue (caused by the SOB), intense dreams at night, and dizziness.

In comparing notes with a couple of other lightworkers, we agreed that the energies were pretty intense.  Some days it takes a ton of energy and willpower just to get out of bed.  Until today, however, I’ve been able to get to work and stay there all day.  Didn’t make it today.  I only lasted a couple of hours and then felt like my nerves were on fire from the strain.  So, I left.  Good thing I have sick leave.

The upgrades have certainly reached a new peak, probably due to the combined energies of the planetary and stellar influences of this already astrologically packed month.  Reading one astrology blog, it seems that the Dark Goddess energy is responsible for some of the effects, perhaps dredging out some of the deepest remnants of our collective and individual unconsciousness.

Whatever the reason and season, it certainly pays to take extra care of your body these days, that is if you are endeavoring to make physical ascension a reality in your life.

I know that this summer has been a difficult one for me on many levels, as I continue to let go of attachments to the land that I have guarded for so long.  I see big changes coming in my life, certainly by next spring.  As they begin to unfold I may share more details as deemed appropriate.  Right now, plans and intentions are in the embryonic stages.

Our weather has finally cooled off.  It was only 61 degrees F today although sunny most of the morning.  We’re due for some rain by later this evening and into Saturday.  Our normal late summer weather should return next week.

By the way, the intense lunar energies that many felt this last week were played out in a big fight at the prison.  It was well-contained, but over 50 offenders were involved… gang-related activities.  Danger is ever present and our officers are well-trained in keeping fights and outbursts contained.  The only reason I’m sharing this now is to let you know what a physical strain it is to work in such an environment even though I do not witness the outbreaks of violence.  It will be a welcome change to someday turn in my keys and badge and walk-away forever.

Similar incidents and smaller ones will continue to flare, within personal lives, regional disputes, political disputes and the like as the energies intensify the separating out of timelines and worlds.  For many of us there is no going back now; we’re committed to going forward into the New World, whatever it takes.  And it takes dedication, physical, mental and emotional stamina, heart-felt clarity, allowance and acceptance at deeper and deeper levels.

I know that I’ve reincarnated many times on this planet, or at least it seems that way, so I have much to release.  And being a First Waver, Baby-boom sensitive, I’ve had to make major adjustments to be able to survive within this toxic environment and have being letting go of all the conditioning, and adaptations that no longer serve.  It takes time and a lot of patience, as well as letting go of any sense of intolerance towards the efforts of self or others.

Much is being revealed in our world.  So much more is yet to be revealed.  It is a time to remain calm, and safe within your own energy field.  You can observe or participate, it is your choice, but either way seek not to judge what is going on other than to realize that the darkness is being purged and it must be drained from the collective unconscious like pus from an abscess.  What has been hidden must be revealed so that all who look upon this information can make intelligent, heart-based decisions on where to go next in bringing healing to this planet and each other.

We are well into the Shift of the Ages as foretold by the ancients and have been for several decades.  Only now are we beginning to see real change as it has finally reached the physical stages, coming into manifestation before our very eyes.  These are exciting times in which to live.  Just how you choose to live through them is up to you and the choices that you make.

I choose to live in joy, peace, harmony and beauty.



6 thoughts on “Journal Entry 09.05.2015

  1. Thanks for sharing, Eliza as i walk closely with the timing in your experience. Yes, to all you mentioned. These days of darkness, loose and leaving, stirred up like a hornets nest. So ugly. Hard to bear but feel we are just here to witness. Yesterday, was very hard, physically and emotionally (which im trying to work on- these overly receptive emotional involvements), so i really don’t know how you do it at your job. What a difficult environment to witness. Oh my. But then i See the benefit of your presence there, chipping away at that misaligned penal creation. I have a nephew who’s been incarcerated over 20 years for a nonviolent offense. Sometimes i cant bear to read his letters and they are unopened for days. Yes, the smoke is gone and the seasons seem to be 3 or 4 weeks early this whole year from spring on. I turned 60 this summer so feeling that (or something else?) Good to be in touch. Used to catch you from the Oracle group so had to find you again. Wishing you some R&R, today.

  2. dear one, thank you for saying this out loud! I’ve been experiencing the wildest of swings, too. At any given moment I mutter areyouofthelight?!?areyouofthelight?areyouofthelight?IFNOTBE GONE!!! (thanks for that one, too!!!) xoxo

    • Yes, as sovereign beings (whether we believe it or not) we have the authority and, indeed, the responsibility to test the spirits, by whatever name they go by. Ask 3x, “Are you of the Golden Christic Light?”. If they say “No”, then send them away, instantly. If they are, you can still question to what purpose are you here? Again, they have to answer. And go away if you’re not willing to speak with them.

      Opening yourself up to automatic writing, channeling and even meditation can lead to trouble if you do not set good boundaries. Trust in your higher self and your “team” but let them know that you want to be part of the team, as well. You ARE ground crew and responsible for anchoring the energies through your physical vessel, something that the higher dimensional beings can’t do, so you are AS important and certainly most vital to this transition that Earth (Gaia) is currently undergoing.

      Wild swings… yes. Seeking holistic cures for said swings will assist better than seeking allopathic remedies. A friend recommended using cinnamon and honey in a warm tea for assist with the coughing and chest congestion. It’s helping. I was able to do more today and feel better. Raw apple (organic) cider will help your body attain and maintain the alkaline balance it needs to help stave off infection, as will a combination of baking soda and raw apple cider in room temperature water. Drink plenty of filtered water and rest when needed during this stressful transitional period for all of us. Also, while a massage therapist, I learned about using Epsom salt and sea salt baths to relax a stressed body and to draw out the toxins when feeling down. Best used just before going to bed. These are remedies that any householder can obtain at a good health food store. Don’t take my word for gospel, as each body is unique and reacts differently to various substances. I learned that well when trying a “natural” cure for gallstones… drinking a concoction of Epsom salt and olive oil. I threw up all night and had a bout of diarrhea. Oddly enough, however, I haven’t had any pain from possible stones since! The fact that I did at one time have stones was verified by a MRI that I had a few years ago.

  3. I appreciate all the commentary, artwork, connection with nature and animals. I am having a sense of overload in dealing with negativity. I struggle to understand this. I am so grateful for the messages, pictures, the idea that other blue rays are out there. Blessings to all;
    Your expression alone helps those who struggle.

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