Journal Entry 09.02.2015


Journal Entry 09.02.2015

Short entry today.  We got some more rain today and the weather forecast has a large Cold Front arriving onshore to give the Pacific NW significantly cooler temperatures and some precipitation.  Snow levels are going to drop to 6,000 feet in the mountains.

A couple of years ago, I went camping on the week after Labor Day (I hate crowds!).  On the third morning, I woke up to 28 degree F weather with heavy fog and drizzle.  Needless to say, I packed my little tent and gear and went home.  I was out there with the hunters any way; always an interesting adventure.  Nice guys… a couple watched over me like brothers, concerned for my welfare.

So… autumn is already in the air, although temperatures will be warming up a bit next week and returning to near normal.

So, what’s normal any more?  Our lives are changing, the climate is changing, the world of finance is changing… more change is definitely on the way and we need to adapt and set our intentions.

I’m just glad the heat of our over-done summer is over.  Now I can break out the sweaters and sweatshirts… fine by me.

Even my cats have thrown in the towel and are sleeping peacefully on their blankets.  Time to relax and read a nice book and drink some herbal tea!

For those of my readers in the States, enjoy the upcoming holiday, Labor Day.  And pray for all those who have to work on the weekends, including firefighters, soldiers, doctors and nurses, and shopkeepers.



3 thoughts on “Journal Entry 09.02.2015

  1. Feeling what you’re feeling, Eliza. Yes, here in Canadian Pacific Southwest fires are out and rain is purring….. that’s what I wrote so that’s what I’ll say! Enjoy what you write so very much, thank you. 99 Energies, I like that. Strange how the peacefulness comes as the world ramps up for…. for this now moment, it’s good to feel the cool. Sweatshirts and contented cats on blankets…. just a few of my favourite things. Love to you, B.

    • And today, we have a sweet 66 degree F, blue skies and white fluffy cloud day. Just like our early autumn weather. Very nice. Gardening time!

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