Journal Entry 09.01.2015

Strawberry Lake

Journal Entry 09.01.2015

A little “99” energy here today, whatever that means…

Locally there was a little victory on Sunday, as we had a pleasant, cool rain storm hit the area… and then wander off to slow down the fire activity to the east of here.  BTW, we have several fires burning in the Blues now.  The Grizzly Bear Complex is comprised of 17 lightning-caused burns and now we also have the Tucannon Burn, which was human-caused.  The Tucannon River is one of the main rivers radiating out from the center of the Northwestern Blues, along with the Wenaha, so, in effect, both drainages are burning.  I was wondering when a big fire was going to happen in this area, and that season has finally arrived.  I’m sorry to say that the cleansing is rather needed, as these humble mountains have suffered greatly at the hands of man, as well as the effects of a succession of warm winters that prevented the die-off of insect infestations damaging the forest trees.

The season is edging towards autumn, a bit early, but everyone hereabouts is grateful.  The lengthy and intense heat of our late spring and early summer has been enervating.

So… how did everyone respond to this past weekend’s moon energies?  I could barely walk!  I had to take a nap on Saturday and probably should have taken one on Sunday.  It was extra hard to wake up on Monday as well.  The energies felt intense, yet I was very happy, one of those paradoxes you discover on the way to ascension.  One learns to surrender even if I may not always be happy about not accomplishing those tasks I was looking forward to doing outside once the weather got cooler.

Right now, I can feel the energies strongly.  During the day at work, I do not usually tune in as I am busy with my various tasks, but sitting here now in the growing and rather pleasant coolness of a late summer evening, I am basking in the gentle sensation of the energies enfolding my body.

My cat, Lilly, is sleeping sounding on the sofa.  She has recovered from surgery that was needed to drain an abscess received in a cat fight.  She doesn’t always realize that she is no longer four years old.  She turned 12 this year.

I am grateful to be awake and aware, observing the world waking up and seeing what a difference we all can make through our own individual and collective efforts.  Find what makes your heart sing with joy and pursue it.  You will make a difference!



2 thoughts on “Journal Entry 09.01.2015

  1. Hello friends. Are we in a breathing space of recovery? Sunday afternoon a steady North wind came in and blew out the thick, yellow, peagreen air, enough to run out and hose the porches, plants, sidewalk off from the fallen ash and its hazy again but not dangerous. I can have coffee outside in the morning on our east facing porch again. Hallelujah, Praise the Lord, pass the ammunition. Delayed full moon effects hit me yesterday and wanted to crawl undef the covers all day. Many may not want to admit it, but there are times we are on the brink of strength and survival. And then, we can talk about it when it has passed instead of dragging everyone along with us. So resurfacing today. Poor Lily. I became an abcess caregiver with our last cat of 17 years. Now, taking care of my 12 year old sheepdog, Boo, who is my current Soul mate and this badd air was hard on her. Wishing you all the very best. Take care, Eliza.

    • Yes, the bad air is bad for anyone’s lungs, man or beast. I’m still coughing a bit from last week’s ordeal. We are now having blessedly clear weather, with excellent air quality. I don’t think the farmers are going to get permission to burn their wheat stubble this year due to the excessively dry conditions, so clear skies until the rains come. I’m thinking your smoke and ash situation was much worst than ours.

      I know how you feel about wanting to stay in bed all day. I felt a bit torn about “getting things done” and just resting, so I tried to pace myself throughout the day taking little breaks. And we have a couple more super full moons AND a partial solar eclipse on the 13th to look forward to…yippee!

      Lilly is all healed up, but I hope she backs off on trying to be so territorial about the yard. She’s very athletic for a “middle-aged feline!

      Thanks for the news, Lucy. I love Montana!

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