Eliza: Through the Looking Glass

Wallowa Lake at Sunset

Eliza: Through the Looking Glass

One of my primary teachers in this lifetime has been fear. And I have noticed several blog posts recently about the role that fear takes in our lives. It is a choice whether or not we face our fears, move through them, transcend them, transform them or resist the option to even look at them.

In many ways, I have chosen to move through my fears. Really I can hardly categorize the fears as “mine” as I inherited them when I chose to embody on this fear-ridden planet. Fears of all kinds have driven humanity to ever more desperate measures to escape what the future seems to have in store for us all… death.

Yet, as I begin to comprehend my own multidimensionality and interconnection to all life, there is little need to allow fear to reign over my life. What can my worst imaginings actually do to me that have not been done to “me” already in numerous lifetimes? I, as a conscious entity have survived the worst that this crazy, upside world can dish out. What is one more death?

As a child, I had some strange dreams where I and my mother would be seated in a large council room, with some kind of trial going on. There was always a sense of fear present in and around me, permeating the atmosphere as if something unexpected was about to pop through into the room. I also had dreams where I was escaping from some unknown danger; I still have this kind of dream even today.

As a teenager, I felt nervous about going on my own downtown. I didn’t understand the fear I could feel in my body; it was just there.

Throughout my younger years, I tried hard… now and then, to fit in but was never really socially-oriented or part of the “in-crowd”. I liked people, but enjoyed being on my own better or just around one or two other best friends. I’ve never been one for big parties and noisy gatherings except those within my own extended family, most of whom are now either dead or scattered to the far winds.

It seems that we as writers often write about those things that we are most in need of understanding. And as we wrestle with our inhibitions and fears, in sharing our experiences, we end up teaching ourselves and others.

I am no longer a child. Indeed, I’ve become an elder, a crone… and hopefully, a wise woman. I have learned to face my fears and to listen to what my body needs in the moment.

Today, the weather service forecasts a large dust storm coming our way, driven inland by a storm front from the Pacific. Unfortunately, often by the time the clouds reach Eastern Washington, there is little moisture in them. The clouds travel over us and re-group as they hit the higher elevations of the Rockies, forming nascent storms that will wreak havoc over the Mid-Western states and eastward to the Atlantic. Unless we receive significant rainfall, there will be little relief from the fires raging all over the West. Meanwhile, the East Coast has been receiving more than its share of moisture and even now, a tropical storm is threatening Florida. The transformational clearing energies take many shapes.

Each of us is also facing storms clouds and winds in the shape of emotional turbulence due to factors in our outer circumstances, relations with friends, family members or co-workers, financial stresses and so on. Others simply want to escape from a world that they deem too harsh and inexplicable.

Being “human” we can hardly escape our lives but we can turn things around by being willing to “see” things differently. A change in perspective requires that we release long held beliefs about what can “hurt” us “out there”. Nothing can “hurt” us, the “real” us which is not just defined by the vehicle in which we are housed.

Whether or not we are willing to accept the notion, we are truly sovereign beings all. No one has power “over” you unless you first give that power away. Of course, most people have no idea that they are truly wonderful, powerful beings as all of what they have learned in their early years has conditioned them to believe otherwise. They have learned to assign power “out there” to professionals, religious leaders or gods, political leaders, financial leaders, the heads of organizations or families and so on.

Through manipulation of the “fear” that is embedded in our DNA, those in the know have successfully managed to control the population of this globe through various techniques usually involving tactics that instill or bring fear to the surface of people’s consciousness and freeze them in place.

To overcome or transcend the manipulation you need to stare fear straight in the eye and to move through what you think might hurt you. Often times you will quickly realize that what you feared actually didn’t exist or takes on a whole different look when examined with a neutral eye.

I have worked through many of my fears and have yet to tackle a few more. It’s one step at a time, one day at a time, one project at a time right now. I’ve decided that it’s best to allow change to occur on at a slower or more natural pace than to resist it entirely.

Questions that we all ask ourselves at one time or another come to me:

What if I can’t get this project done?

What if no one likes my work?

What have I accomplished by being here, or writing this or (fill in the blank)?

What if I don’t fit in?

These and similar questions come from the ego’s perspective, not that of the multidimensional Self. Simply by being here on the planet, we are making a difference. You can see that our world is changing. What has been hidden for centuries is now in the process of being revealed. Energies first created during the fall of Atlantis are being transmuted, transformed and released from the deepest depths of the collective unconscious. What has been deemed the worst of the worst is being purged and how is that happening? Through the presence of the Love that exists within all of us.

Those of us who came to assist mankind to transcend the age old fear and belief in separation are making a difference. By using our human vehicles, our bodies as vehicles of transformation, we are stepping down the higher frequency energies that purge, transform and transmute the heavier frequencies that we have called “fear”.

Fear is simply the opposite of love. Fear is the belief that one is separate from other forms of life and that one needs to fight, resist or do whatever is necessary to maintain the status quo in order to survive. Fear has locked entire populations and cultures into paradigms that are resistant to change, which therefore become brittle, less resilient in the face of physical change. In view of the intense climatic and structural changes that are occurring on our living planet, it seems a wise step to move beyond these old outworn and outmoded belief patterns and into a way of being, a manner of living that flows more with the energies that move through our forms on a moment to moment basis.

We are all a part of life, whether or not we actively participate in events “out there”. Some of us work quietly, concentrating on mastering our own individual energies, knowing intuitively that by doing so, we are affecting those who move through our daily lives.

The morning has been pleasant, the winds practically non-existent, but just now, I noticed the tree outside my window moving with more force. Looks like it is time to batten down the doors and windows as it can get mighty dusty hereabouts. And, Lord, it has been a physically stressful week with the poor air quality and smoke-filled skies. Just walking or climbing stairs has been enough to bring on a coughing spell.

So… the body is forced to rest, allowing the consciousness to take flight. For each movement through the day, there is a purpose, perhaps unknown, but it is not necessary to know where you are going all the time. Your inner being is running this show and fear is not a part of it.



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