Journal Entry 08.27.2015 – On the Cusp

“This is one of the canyons that is burning now in 2015. Photo taken in 2012”

Journal Entry 08.27.2015 – On the Cusp

Seeing that my Internet access is out this morning, it seems best to write a few words before I venture off into the smoky town to work.

This summer has been the hottest that I remember since I arrived in Eastern Washington some seven years ago. Walla Walla is known for its summer heat, but the hottest months have usually been reserved for August and early September. This year, the heat started in relentlessly in early June. And since then, we have received tiny amounts of precipitation, namely dots of rain that simply dirtied up windshields and barely dampened the surface of roads and lawns.

We had a fire early on that threatened the town’s main source of water, a watershed area located in the nearby hills. The blaze was accidentally set off by an innocent farmer, working one of his fields with a combine (large oversized tractor for cutting wheat). The dry fuels, grass and brush, have been so easily set off that our local national forest lands have all been but shut down by authorities to prevent more blazes. However, someone forgot to notify Mother Nature.

There is now a 60,000+ acre burn extending from the high ridges of the Northwestern Blues down the Wenaha River drainage, aimed directly at the tiny isolated fishing village of Troy, Oregon. At first the fire wasn’t being actively fought, but when it started to encroach on outlying ranches, farms and small settlements, fire lines started to be built. Now there are over 600 fire people from many places fighting the blaze and putting out smaller ones that are still being set off by lightning strikes. This fire complex is called the Grizzly Bear Complex, having started, I guess, on Grizzly Bear Ridge and spreading to Middle Butte and down the creek canyons towards the Wenaha River. And now, the Incident Command informs us that the fire is working its way west UP the Wenaha, back towards the Skyline Road, FS #64.

The Blues are unique mountains. They are not high like the Cascades, being mostly composed of series of parallel ridges, sometimes radiating out like a star, cut into deep rugged canyons by creeks and rivers. In the Northwestern Blues, the primary drainages are the Tucannon, the Wenaha and the Touchet Rivers. The Blues extend down into the middle of Northern Oregon, past Strawberry Mountain. These mountains are very old, primarily old lava flows that first emerged from the floor of the Pacific Ocean and were moved by continental drift. The Blues are watered primarily by very active springs and have few lakes except areas that have been intruded by underlying granitic domes like the Eagle Cap and the Elkhorns. These two striking mountain ranges are dotted with small pristine lakes set in high rocky cirques that were carved out by ancient and long gone glaciers.

The Path Ahead

Ah, I seem to be rhapsodizing about mountains that I haven’t even visited this year. The year has been too hot and dry and I’ve been too fatigued to go into them; quite the dilemma for one who has hiked and backpacked all her adult life.

The Earth is changing rapidly. In the seven years since I moved into this region, I’ve noticed big changes in the weather. And before then, I was noticing changes in the Cascades as the alpine firs were succumbing to an insect infestation driven by warmer, shorter winters.

There are many who believe that climate change is being driven by humans. I humbly disagree. Some independent scientists have noticed that there are changes in our entire SOLAR system. Not just our planet is warming; they ALL are. And the light emanating from the Sun is increasing. So what is driving this process?

You have to remember that ALL life is connected. Our planet, our solar system and indeed, our Universe, is not separate from any other part of Source. Our solar system has entered a different part of space that is profoundly affecting both us, as human beings, our planet, our solar system and our galaxy. What and how I cannot say as I’m certainly not a scientist, but know enough to say that our beliefs and rigid mind structures are going to be challenged considerably by the rapidity of the changes taking place upon just this world and within each of us.

Our physical world reflects the change going on within each of us. It is important to realize that while you might see horrible events and occurrences happening around you, it doesn’t mean that you’re guilty of creating all of it. What we are seeing now is the outplaying of karmic repercussions extending far back into “time”. And, of course, there are those people who are more aware of what is going on in the world and wish to manipulate those changes to suit their purposes. These nefarious plots and plans will not succeed, certainly as they have in the “past” as the prevalent energy and higher frequency of the planet no longer supports them.

It is time to advance beyond thinking dualistically, categorizing some people as dark and others as light workers. Humanity is a collective made up of individual souls. Many do not claim Earth as their home but have come from afar. Others have used the planet as a stopping point in their evolution or devolution into physicality. Our history is probably more complex than we realize now as much of it has been hidden purposefully from our knowledge. We can only guess and begin to remember snatches of what has been and to glimpse what will be in the near and distant future.

What does this all have to do with the burning Blues? These ancient mountains have been formed by the physical forces of the planet, beaten down, turned into liquid lava, squeezed out upon a cold and dark sea floor and then raised up into the sunlight, only to be carved and folded by wind, sun and rain, as well as lifted by continental plate movement and the buckling caused by the plates colliding far underground.

The life and structure of this planet undergoes vast changes that follow patterns and cycles. In our shorter lives, we also move through cycles. Our planet is moving from one cycle or age to another, from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. The planetary effects of Aquarius are much different than those of pious Pisces. It would take an astrologer to explain just how, for as I’m not a scientist, neither am I an astrologer… at least in this lifetime.

Jacob's Ladder

Change is the only constant in our lives. Most humans are resistant to change and unwilling to undergo changing their lives without something or someone to give them a nudge from the outside. The most effective change is that which emerges from within as it is the most authentic, in my opinion.

While the Blues and a good chunk of Washington State (a land mass greater than the wee State of Rhode Island) is burning, we’re breathing smoke here, with our air quality changing as the winds shift. It’s at least two months before we get real relief in the form of cooler, shorter days and hopefully some moisture. If we get any rain or snow at all will be dependent on how far north the effects of the growing El Niño ventures. Right now, I wouldn’t mind shoveling some snow. And I’m sure that the farmers, ranchers and citizens of all the small communities which are now under fire alerts would welcome a reprieve as well.

This journal entry is kind of wandering all around the place and perhaps that is just symbolic of where my head is or isn’t. For months, I’ve been resisting doing much channeling. I still wake up and have various entities begin to introduce themselves before I shut them down quickly. I must confess to being a bit leery of outside contact and channeling at the moment. There is too much manipulation of channelers being attempted by certain parties to trust that kind of contact unless it is one that has been established for a long period of time. And, personally, I’ve noticed that a lot of people who used to channel have seemed to move off from that activity of late. It seems to not be particularly necessary or useful to give one’s power away or body to another’s energy to use even if that one seems benign. As we advance further towards ascension, regaining and claiming personal sovereignty is more important. Personal power then can be used to enhance the forward movement of the individual and the collective.

I’m finding that I can’t even read much channeled material now either. It’s too… fluffy. I’m attempting to find a balance by using my personal “shit-detector” or resonance when reading ANYTHING these days. A lot of what has been hidden is also now being revealed. The amount of information that is coming out about how much we have been lied to, manipulated, etc., can be overwhelming. I try to take in this information in small doses in order to assimilate it and to determine what resonates with me, at least now. This is truly a time to allow, accept, and detect what does or does not resonate with your OWN heart and energy.

I’m also still in the process of letting go of expectations, plans and the need to be right. I am in a constant state of observation… although not always in a neutral state of reacting or acting. Allowing the full spectrum of emotional experience seems to be important. Humans are emotional beings, as are animals. We are different in that way from many off-world species that live in a more neutral, disinterested fashion (think Dr. Spock and the Vulcans!). Why would I want to act like a Vulcan when I’m not one? Feeling and experiencing the flow of emotions is vital to being human. Mastering those emotions without condemning them… but rather guiding the energy into creativity seems more positive.

It would appear that I have some way to go in my physical transformation. All of us are in different stages of the journey. I came in at a higher frequency than most humans. Like my fellow ultra-sensitives, I was wired to feel more, experience more and be overwhelmed more by human culture as it exists now on the planet. How I long for a quieter time when there were fewer people, less noise and far less exposure to chemicals and poisons. However, I have to deal with what everyone else is facing as I live here. And so I do my best. That’s all we can do right now, take care of ourselves, and to visualize the world that we wish to live in… or our children’s children will live in, one in which all life is treated with respect and dignity, and there is abundance, peace and joy for all.

Enough for now as it is getting late and I need to prepare for sleep. What I started writing in the morning, I am now ending in the evening.


It is also a month away from the final Blood Moon, which happens to be one day after my birthday. What an auspicious time of the year. Much change awaits us all. It will be interesting to see where we all land by this time next year.



6 thoughts on “Journal Entry 08.27.2015 – On the Cusp

  1. Hi Eliza Thank you for taking the time to voice your thoughts. I resonate so much with what you say especially about the channelling. However I have the good fortune of living on the East coast of England, so my thoughts are with you as you live daily in such harduous conditions. Blessings Ann xxx

  2. You are gifted in putting words to these transitional states so they are clear and better understood. I dont know why so many others seemed to “jump ship” the past four months after years of messages but then i guess, our inner direction is givien a chance to grow. The smoke has been bad. So bad this week. This is really something unable to explain or share with others who havent experienced it. The brain fog it creates. How it moves into joints and muscles, as well as lungs, eyes and nose. The mental state of smoke sets off the something is wrong signal. We forget it is a given this will change. It feels like it Never Will. For days, we havent had a breath of breeze even to stir this soup up. Yes, all this is necessary to cleanse and purge whatever it is but challenging
    on all scales Over 60 fires burning around us in N.W. Montana. They appeared with a violent storm a couple weeks ago. So yes, Sister, waiting for the weather change that seems far, far away and wonder when i will feel like building a fire this year. Take care. Good to be in touch.

    • Lucy, our air quality has FINALLY improved greatly; we’re back in the Green Zone (good)! The air is still hazy, but I was able to see Table Top Mountain from town today as I drove home, first time in weeks! We’re also having cooler (lower 80’s) temperatures today, so that’s a blessing as well. I know about the aches and pains that go with breathing bad air. I felt like there was a small anvil on my chest most of the week. The eyes were red, gritty and irritated. I had SOB (shortness of breath) going up stairs and lots of general fatigue. Feeling better even after one day, as the air quality moved into “moderate” yesterday. It really helps to be able to breath deeply for a change. I was coughing quite a bit earlier in the week and didn’t cough at all today. Still feeling tired from the ordeal, but seems to be freshening up a bit. Washington State has over 500,000 acres burning! It’s a national record, I hear. I’ve gone hiking at one time or another in many of the places that are burning. The state is in a hurting way. And so much for the “Evergreen State”. Right now, it’s the “Ever Burning State”. Definitely good to be in touch, sistar!

      • Oh, wonderful news. Some improvement but i wont hold my breath for it (joke). Oh, i so hope it comes this way. I am using an herbal product called Clear Lungs. A concoction of Chinese herbs that is very effective for that S.O.B. but really feel relief from a capsule in about 20 min. Probably not out of the woods yet there, so…. today was as foul as it has ever been, with any fire season here in 17 years. Lordy Lord. We will hang in there! Putting your hopeful message in my pocket!

  3. It seems i have come to the gate of Trust. Often, this Path has seemed like a 12 Step program and all i can do now is relinquish any warped sense of control. Not only in this natural occurrence but in all forms of this experience. It really puts one in a very stable yet seeming vulnerable state.

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