Journal Entry 08.23.2015

Autumn Colors Cascades

Journal Entry 08.23.2015

This is a short update on the fire situation in the West.  We have unhealthy air quality (170) in Walla Walla today.  I’m coughing even inside my relatively clear house, as it is an older dwelling and permeable to the outside air.  Hopefully, things will clear up a bit tomorrow, but that all depends on getting some local wind to blow the smoke away… towards another community.

The West is on fire.  There is no getting around that fact.  This is one of the worst fire seasons on record and it is a couple of months before we may see some major relief thanks to cooler temperatures, shorter days and hopefully, some precipitation.

I’m doing my best to keep quiet and low key during this situation.  Will give periodic updates as conditions change.

Over and out.


5 thoughts on “Journal Entry 08.23.2015

      • Are you watching stargate too? :)) I’ve been watching it for months and have just started series ten, really enjoying it..
        Hope all is well with the fires their.. Much Love to you.. Fiona xxx

      • Yes… I got Amazon Prime and discovered their streaming video, so I’m catching up on the Stargate series. I haven’t had TV for a very long time :). Already watched SG Atlantis so going backwards.

        The air quality has improved a tad now due to light winds, but the alert remains until tomorrow noon and we shall see…

  1. The air quality is slowly improving. We’re beginning to see across town and the nearby hills, but the smoke is still pretty thick. Towns and cities further north have it much worst, too.

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