Journal Entry 08.21.2015 – The Burning Blues

“Oregon Butte, 2013”

Journal Entry 08.21.2015 – The Burning Blues

The hills are literally burning up. As I left work today, an ominous sight greeted my eyes, a towering cloud of white smoke, indicating the existence of a very large forest fire. It is a sight that I’m familiar with having survived living close to Yellowstone National Park during the summer of 1988 when that park burnt up due to four or five massive fires.

Last night, I read that the nearby Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness is “closed”, along with all access roads to it through the Blues due to several smaller fires located in the steep, heavily forested rugged terrain of the Northwestern Blue Mountains. A lot of folks, local and out-of-towners will have to go somewhere else for their elk and deer come hunting season. This blaze isn’t going to disappear any time soon as it is not being controlled at all.

Why you might ask? Well, the fire-fighters in the Western States are stretched beyond their maximum capacity.  The National Guard is being called in, something that was done with the Yellowstone fires in 1988 (I was there, also!)  This year, 2015, the National Forest Service has used up 80% of their budget this year in fire suppression and control. Since the area burning south of Dayton (above Bluewood Ski Area) is wilderness and no homes are in the way (now) the fires (17 in all, lightning set) are being allowed to burn.

Today, with a shift in the strengthening winds, it would appear that the original 17 blazes are uniting into one granddaddy of a fire. And I can tell you that I’m not surprised by any of this.

Two years ago, when I last visited the highest point in Columbia County, Oregon Butte, I spoke at length with the resident fire tower guard, a woman. She told me that we have actually been experiencing a ten-year long drought in the West and that was two years ago! The drought, along with the insane heat that started in June, has only worsened all over the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and California… as well as Alaska!

Now, as a multidimensional being who is aware of the need for the cleansing of the Earth, I am aware that Nature uses fire to cleanse, as She uses water, wind and earth movements. The elements are nothing to fear. We are being compelled to release our expectations about how things should be as they cannot remain the way they have been in the past.

On my last hike into the Blues a year ago, I was painfully aware of the significant increase in dying trees and the heavy growth of combustible fuels. Those dead and dying trees are burning now. Many of the perennial herbs and plants that grow in the Blues will not suffer much from the fires; indeed, they will come back in force and fullness given the nutrient rich ash layer and more sunlight for growth. Many plants will have already gone into a dormant stage, as well, due to the early intense heat this year. Nature survives. Question is, will we if we are unwilling to flow with the tempo of change.

Upon my return to Washington after my trip to Costa Rica this past spring, I knew… when feeling the intensity of the early heat and dry weather that we were in for an extraordinary fire season. And it isn’t even as bad as the one last year, but we still have a couple of months before the chance of rain / snow increases. I didn’t even bother to go out into the woods. The road access on a good day is rough, dirt / gravel roads that have deteriorated significantly since I first arrived in these parts. The Forest Service “budget” for roads or anything else has been cut and cut again for over 20 years, especially after the decline in lumber sales. Roads were created for logging trucks, not the public. Many former trails were sacrificed to the onslaught of the loggers and their heavy vehicles during the ‘50s through early ‘80’s.

It is interesting looking back through this lifetime, to realize that I’ve been “on the other side” of the same environmental issues that affected the Nez Perce and other tribes in the late 1800’s. In the West, it has been all about the exploitation of natural resources, at whatever cost… an attitude that has prevailed in the halls of power in Washington D.C. It was not how the indigenous peoples approached life.

The “white” man has approached Nature with the desire to control, dominate and manipulate. Now that the Earth has entered an organic timeline, the old methods will not work. Nature will prevail and there is little that man can say or do about it, despite any governmental laws or agendas that might come to pass.

Right now, I’m unable to hike and backpack like I did before. My body is undergoing a profound shift and upgrades, which manifest in strange aches and pains, as well as fatigue. I am compelled to rest and / or sleep more and to let go of a lot of once important activities and plans. I understand the need to surrender to the process and to allow the body to rest and relax when I can. Since I’m still working in a 3D environment, I also need to master my emotional body as I am constantly around people who are in a different mind-set or space than my own. I’m not judging anyone, it’s just been a fact of life for me most of my life.

Lisa Transcendence Brown has suggested that we no longer call the changes in our bodies “ascension symptoms” as we are no longer victims of this process but participants. She calls the various changes in the body “upgrades”. Her work is significant to those of us, who have managed to shift quite a bit, but each person is changing and shifting at their own speed; no one is being left behind.

I have to chuckle when I continue to see the frenzied speculation over the “incoming” wave of cosmic energies that is supposed to reach the Northern states of the United States in late summer / early autumn. It’s already here, folks, and has been for some time. The downloads have happened. Now each individual, along with their physical body, is undergoing their own internal process of transformation, opening up to an awareness of their multidimensionality and the realities that awareness reveals. The process can be swift or slow; it depends entirely upon the individual’s focus, intent and dedication to the process of ascension.

Another thing… you ain’t going anywhere. As you open up to the “other” dimensions, you’ll still be here, in your physical body on a physical planet. I woke up to that fact nearly a year ago after being presented with the idea that I was supposed to be walking out of this present vehicle. Many months have passed, I’m still on my journey, still growing and transforming and still here.

We’re MEANT to be HERE, assisting and working for the Collective, not just to our own benefit or to save our own hide. Avoiding responsibility just won’t work anymore. Buck up, sleep when you need to, and let go of everything that is keeping you from transforming and expanding your inner and outer horizons.

What do the fires in the West symbolize for those of us who live here?

Well, firstly, we are all undergoing a profound restructuring within our physical bodies. That process is being reflected back to us by the various unusual weather patterns, varying from soaking storms to parched hills and smoke-filled skies. From earthquakes, landslides, floods, heavy winds, intense heat / cold… our earth is doing her job in cleansing the pollution from her soil, water and air. If we are unwilling to change within ourselves, the transformational process outside of each of us will intensify further until we are compelled by circumstances to make the needed changes within.

When we decide, as a collective, to work WITH Nature, then She will reciprocate and lessen the effects of physical change. We are that powerful, but have yet to reach that conclusion.

These are fascinating times to live through. There is so much to filter through, to observe without fear, to let go, to process and to allow without judgment. It is challenging at times and divinely inspiring at times.

I fully respect the power of Nature. I have spent much of my life this time around in the hills and mountains, with not much else but a tent and sleeping bag, freeze-dried foods, clothes and hiking boots, walking for miles up and down through forest, canyon and ridge. I’ve come to understand and appreciate the power and magnificence of the natural world and hope that my fellow men and women learn to reintegrate themselves back into a sense of wellness and alignment with the flow of the seasons and the essence of this beautiful planet.

That is enough for now. I’m sending many blessings your way, to all my readers, young and old.



4 thoughts on “Journal Entry 08.21.2015 – The Burning Blues

  1. Thank you for your writings, Eliza. I am glad you’re still here. Sharing this smoke and fire season with you from Western Momtana and last night a North wind came up. It must have blown the fires back on themselves and two brief but heavy rain showers passed. Sitting outside for this, acknowledged the Elemental help with gratitude. Hope to learn to work with them more efficiently. Its a good time to practice. Stay well. Love.

    • Looks like Spokane is getting more smoke than we are… the city is surrounded by fires and smoke is coming from the big fires in the Okanogan and Chelan areas. And we have a big fire to the SE in the Blues heading towards some tiny villages on the Grand Ronde River. Quite a cleansing. Hope we get some rain here sometime soon…

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