Journal Entry 08.09.2015 – The Day After 888


Journal Entry 08.09.2015 – The Day After 888

Whoa…! I woke up this morning with a sore throat and sense of complete physical exhaustion. Something or someone told me to stay in bed a bit longer, so I slept until 09:00… late for me, as I usually wake up closer to 05:00 a.m. And it’s taken a while to completely wake up and to feel somewhat grounded in my body.

While I was “sleeping” I was aware of energies moving through the body and even today, I feel somewhat headachy, with tightness in the sub-occipital region of the head. I haven’t felt motivated to “do” much of anything, feeling that to rest was the best “cure” for what ails me. My aches and pains are not an ailment, but another energy upgrade, one like that which we are all currently undergoing. It is a process that continues with each wave of cosmic energy that we receive. How you fare during these occurrences depends on where you are upon your own path and how willing you are to let go of any need to control the process. Our Higher Selves or multidimensional selves are in charge; we’re just going along for the ride, although as ground crew, we have an integral part in actually grounding the energies.

We are not meant to hold onto these energies, but to let them flow through our bodies as they are being slowly upgraded. The clearer our energy centers are, the more balanced our attitude and more aligned our intent with the wholeness and unity, the more energy we can handle. This is not for us per se, but for the collective that we have come here to serve.

We are waking up to our true purpose, to serve Life, whether that is within another person, within an animal or within our planet. We serve the Law of One.

I was told that I am Melchizedek over a year ago. I am not the Archangel or the Ascended Master, but a member of a collective consciousness that has long served the people of the Earth, as well as other worlds. I am still waking up to just what this means to me in my daily life. Clarity will come. There are many of us here, most in stealth mode, hidden from the multitude as it has been dangerous to be shown to be holding more light than most other people upon this darkened world. A few years ago, when I started publishing this blog, I broke out of stealth mode, but it took great perseverance on my part to overcome a deep-seated fear of exposure. Only recently have some of my co-workers learnt of the existence of this blog, such was my fear of “discovery”, yet it is time to move out from the shadows and to be who I AM in the fullness of my inner strength and beauty. It is time for us all, whatever our Cosmic heritage, to be fully here and now, as we are multidimensional beings who are carrying forth the knowledge and wisdom that we carry within our own energy bodies.

We hold the Key for unlocking the hidden past and breaching the Matrix, the astral collective unconsciousness that has kept mankind from returning to what it was once, before Atlantis, before the destruction of great civilizations for which we now have no names and knowledge. The people of this planet descended into darkness a long time ago, but now is the time when the Light returns, the intelligence of the awakened Heart, to en-lighten all the people and to bring Peace again to this planet.

We are just beginning this process and those of us who came here as volunteers to assist with this project, will act as the leaders and guides.

Personally, I have no need to be a teacher or guru for anyone, but will probably guide others to discovering their own inner strengths and gifts, through the example of one who has walked the path before them. Many of my readers have walked this path and some have gone before me, yet I remain here as a light upon the path for those who are yet awakening.

A few years ago, it did not appear to be possible for this world to ascend. Now, it does and the probability that more of humanity will “make” it into the higher frequency worlds increases each day exponentially. The great waves of energy that are now engulfing our planet greatly assist us in this wakening process. This is meant to be, which is why the opposition attempts to deter us from our path through constant disruption of daily lives, through fear and lies.

It is time for individuals to take back their personal power, which also brings a certain amount of responsibility towards others. We can be detached, but we must also participate with our fellow citizens doing what needs to be done to allow this birthing process to come to a successful completion.

Feel into each moment what is needed, whether to rest or to act. While it is wise to plan, it is necessary to be flexible with those plans and to adjust as needed as the energies and circumstances present themselves. There is much changing upon the planet, much realignment between people, between species and within the planet Herself.

Our planet is a living Being. This fact has not been recognized by Western scientists, but the wisdom keepers of the indigenous peoples of this planet know this well. If we listen to their age-old wisdom, we can learn much that will allow us to walk upon the planet’s surface and to live in peace without bringing suffering to the elementals, the animals or to ourselves.

Those few who have dominated the planet for so long do not carry any regard for life other than their own. Their actions and their determination to control and destroy have brought us to the brink of the destruction of our home world… and yet there is hope.

Humanity, as individuals and as a collective species, is powerful. Although beaten down, manipulated and controlled, we can break free. Some of us have already done so and more will do so every day henceforth. It is why the Wayshowers and light-bearers have come here, to lead the way… and then to get out of the way and let humanity take responsibility for cleaning up their soiled planet and discovering how to live together so that all might partake of peace and prosperity. The gifts that are within all humans will come on board and be activated once each individual reaches a certain frequency level. Greater responsibility comes into play with each step up the Stairway to Heaven. We cannot turn our backs on those who remain behind. All are a part of this grand process as we bring heaven to earth through our individual and collective efforts.

Hmm, enough for now; I’ve said my piece. Time to rest some more… and it’s 3:33 as I write this!

Blessings to all,

I AM Eliza

7 thoughts on “Journal Entry 08.09.2015 – The Day After 888

  1. I did an hour long 888 activation yesterday morning. Today I woke up with my temples throbbing and my muscles achy and with very little energy for the day. Thanks for sharing your experience. Must be part of the integration process.

  2. Most people are selfish Eliza, that’s why we have selfish leaders. The leadership we have only reflects the current mass consciousness, or rather unconsciousness. And I include myself in this. And these ‘controllers’ you speak of are as ignorant as everyone else and do not regard themselves as powerful. And in a sense they’re right. As Tolstoy pointed out, a nation’s leader is the least powerful person in that nation, even the dictator, due to the huge weight of expectation he bears. I suppose the only real power is self-mastery.

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