Eliza: Taking Flight


Note to Reader:  The energies have been very strong for me this weekend. I have been unable to “do” much of anything physical.  Yet the creative energies have been tickling my awareness and seeking a way to be expressed, so this lengthy message.  It is part “me” as Eliza and part “other me” as… well, who really knows at this stage of development.  We are more than we know.  Much love to all.

Eliza: Taking Flight

As I sat here for a moment on my “chair”, I distinctly heard the words within my head, “And now, a word from your Sponsor…”

Our guides and mentors have a very distinctive dry sense of humor, or at least mine do and emerge at odd moments.

During the past months, some eight to be exact, from the time of my alleged ascension last October, I have been in a rather rebellious mood, not given to allowing much communication with said guides, at least through the mode of channeling. I have come to question why it would be that I was “chosen” to be a messenger for other dimensions and civilizations and beings. I guess I’ve come to the conclusion that these beings are very much part of my life, both here and “elsewhere” where I exist on other planes, dimensions, frequencies and in different worlds.

Each of us came into this world bearing a different assortment of “gifts”, some that are already being utilized and some that have only opened up as a result of the one bearing the gift reaching a certain frequency band where it is allowed to come online.

The great living masters of the Far East know the gifts of whom I speak. In the Hindu faith they are described as “sidi” or “gifts”. The Masters have sparingly demonstrated to their followers what these gifts can do if used for the good of others.

There are those within the New Age movement who desire these gifts to come online, but simply do not due to the misalignment of their energies. Those who attempt to approach the altar of the inner Light and have not opened their hearts will not be allowed to use these gifts. The correct frequency level MUST be attained, as well as the correct alignment of heart and mind and intent.

As the individual connects with the High Heart chakra (which is located in the etheric plane above the Thymus Gland) the other heart chakras align. There are many discussions in writing and video as to the precise steps that occur as the Light Body comes into being. Sometimes this process can be quite sudden, although for most of the First Wave wayshowers and ascension guides, it has involved a process that has been extended over decades of painful clearing, cleansing and awakening.

Now the process tends to be quick and somewhat brutal, depending on the ability of the individual to release fear and resistance. One might wonder why… it is simply that each person, each being who resides here, has their own inner timing as to when and even if the hour of awakening will take place. Not all who live on planet Earth will ascend with her. You have been told this before. Our words are not meant to bring fear to your hearts but understanding.

Your society has strived to “teach” you or rather condition you to react in fear and resistance to anything or anyone that is different and that appears to bring change into your world. As a result, many people are resistant to the influx of the cosmic energies and find themselves suffering as a result. Illness, loss of home, family and jobs can result, as everything that one would cling to is stripped away, bit by bit. If you find your dependence on things outside yourself is so strong, you will experience this stripping away of the physical symbols of your power, wealth and position. Yet, the process can be more subtle, as well, in those of who are a more humble nature.

The simple people of the Earth, who live close to Her, often very close to her soil, water and air, feel her moods and find happiness in the warmth and closeness of family and friends, in the fruits of the earth and simplicity of living. Having nothing to lose materially, they benefit from an unspoken sense of unity and often come to an understanding of what exists beyond the physical, even when they cannot yet put words to their understandings. These people are much beloved and protected by the Angels and, in turn, they accept the presence of these non-physical beings as their right, as a part of their extended Family.

There are so many levels of human understanding. You are a complex race and people, who even yet deny the truth of the unity that exists within your energy fields, the connections that you share with those with whom you come in contact through daily living or even through communications such as these.

I have come to wonder why channeled messages are so cherished and loved by those who have opened their hearts and despised by those who still seek to control and dominate. It is known that some channels have fallen prey to Archonic energies and give forth false messages designed to create a sense of dependence. Dates are often given forth to bring false hope and desire to the surface in those who do not yet realize that ascension is a process that requires individual motivation, intent and simple work and preparation. There are many who desire instant mastery yet who are unwilling to put forth that which is required by ALL who might yet walk the Path of Mastery. There exist both individual misunderstandings of said Path and intentional disinformation designed to bring doubt into the minds of those who seek immediate gratification of their base desires for power, material wealth and fame.

The Master Yeshua spoke these words to his followers, in the hope that they would heed his advice and meaning: “Only those who are as little children will come to sit at the feet of the Lord.”

Humility does not mean a complete lack of pride. It does mean giving the higher essence of your Self priority in your life. Being humble, being child-like is to allow the need to control or understand the process through the intellect or human ego or through the filter of prior human conditioning. We have been taught to fear what we do not understand. Can you not see why this conditioning would impede the natural process of spiritual awakening if the intellect always came forward to continually question, dissect and even to willfully misinterpret the meaning and purpose of any given message?

Our language has been designed to keep us separated from the thoughts of the Divine, from the language of the Heart that has no words. Yet it is by listening to the silent inner voice that we quietly approach the Throne that exists within, the Altar of the Living Flame. Each person carries it within, no matter what their current standing in the continuum of spiritual development, except, perhaps those who are actually not human, but of artificial construct, AI or artificial intelligence.

Those who are in human vessels carry a flame within that aligns them with the higher densities and dimensions and gives life and breath to their physical bodies. Without the presence of the soul matter within, there is no true life.

Despite what many have learned while living here within this constructed and artificial matrix, you have never been sundered from the connection you all share with those who are living beings and those who exist beyond the Veil of Forgetfulness. Animals walk between the worlds in their consciousness and have often been presented as messengers and carriers of sacred energies. They are humble and accepting of their roles in our lives and have the ability to bring much joy and unconditional love to those with whom they share time.

What can one do to open to the higher energies? First, accept that the ways of spirit are NOT the ways of man or how modern man has been conditioned to believe. Spirit often works in a diametrically opposed manner which utterly confounds those who are not willing to fully surrender. If there is struggle, there is confusion… and even in the confusion, if surrender comes, eventually also will arrive an understanding as the seemingly disparate pieces of the puzzle come together gradually in an unexpected and completely “new” way.

Those who have long practiced utilizing their intuitive skills will find the steps along the Path to be easier than some. Listening, obeying and following intuitive “messages” is following the breadcrumbs of Spirit, of Higher Self, that are left for each person to follow, if and when they are “ready” and willing. You cannot proceed along to Way until you give permission to yourself to do so. And this is the sticking point for many as they do not deem themselves “worthy” of the gifts of the spirit.

You are worthy. You are loved. Spirit holds each of you within a sphere of unconditional love and acceptance. Yet it is only through self-acceptance, self-forgiveness and self-love and regard can you hope to move forward into the various stages of spiritual awakening. And since it is the nature of the ego to be the inborn skeptic and defender of the body temple, doubts and fears often crop up to litter the path of the seeker. Everyone goes through stages of this self-doubt and even self-incrimination. And yet, one can also move through this stage if acceptance arrives on the wings of understanding that within your seeming imperfections always lays your inner strength and potential. Thus, the irrational wisdom of Spirit comes home to the true seeker and understanding is arrived at, allowing the seeker to move forward yet another step or level.

With the vagaries and difficulties that have previously littered the path of the seeker also comes now the intensification and effect of Cosmic energies. The physical temples of all who live upon this planet are being affected by these intense energies. There is no place or way to hide. It is vanity to think escape is possible. Surrender is demanded of all who would remain here. It is your choice and your responsibility. And yet, you are more than you seem and in your acceptance of this truth, you will be set free to move through the gradually rising frequencies with grace and ease. There will still be a need to physically surrender to the requirements of the body for rest as it adjusts and undergoes the process of crystallization, as it is being altered from an organic organism to one made up of light, as crystals hold light and intelligence.

Think of yourself as a caterpillar that is undergoing a process of transmutation from one form to another. During the middle stages, the caterpillar completely disappears, literally becomes muck as its cells rearrange into a completely new alignment of grace and beauty. You have been the caterpillar, you have been wrapped around by the cocoon and now you are about to take flight, into a world that your physical eyes have not ever seen before but that the innermost essence of your being both knows and loves. We welcome you Home.

I have to smile. These words, at least some of them, are coming forth from my higher essence that is aligned with my angelic and archangelic selves. The words have flowed forth without hesitation like a river full-grown from underground springs, strong and power-filled. I hope the reader begins to understand that we do not yet know the full nature of our own being, much less the New World upon whose threshold we now stand.

It is time to know within that the understanding is often that last piece of the puzzle to come into play. So we must be willing, if we want to participate fully in this “game” to let go of the control button and allow the ultimate outcome of this journey to slowly be revealed to us. It is a never-ending journey of realizations; dreams come true, and wonders beyond human imaginings. Will you walk with me and the Angels and discover what we seek to manifest in our world? I welcome your presence as sisters and brothers upon the Path. And I extend my unconditional love and appreciation to all those who have served as mentors, examples and teachers so that I might be here with you in this most extraordinary time upon this planet.


I AM Eliza

All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher, http://www.bluedragonjournal.com

4 thoughts on “Eliza: Taking Flight

  1. “Will you walk with me and the Angels and discover what we seek to manifest in our world?”

    Thanks for the invite. Right there beside you. Darned narrow path, but detours are fewer.

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