Journal Entry 07.25.2015


Journal Entry 07.25.2015

This morning I woke up with the help of my kitty alarm, Ivory the Cat, and lay in bed for a few minutes in an attempt to gather up the strands of the many dreams that I had throughout the night. I must say that I was very busy. I “felt” the different layers of my consciousness working at different levels and in different areas. It felt like I was finally sensing an expanding awareness of my multidimensional beingness.

At one point in a dream, I was viewing a scene where Tibetans were being killed. The people were dressed in elaborate native dress. As I was viewing the scene with dispassion, I was being spoken to by someone, a guide perhaps. He said, “You were a priest in this country once.”

I replied, “Yes, I know.” And then I woke up with the sense that I had once been a lama in Tibet.

Why the killing scene? Tibet and that part of the world was long been dominated by masculine religions. Perhaps it was more of a symbolic indication that the energy of the patriarchal societies is about to undergo a tremendous transition, which is oft-times expressed as a form of death. It is the same when you lose a job, end a relationship, lose a relative, leave a place or house where you’ve lived for a long time. Whenever you undergo a huge transition, there is a little (or big) death that precedes the movement into something new.

We are all on the cusp of the new right now. I look at my life and know that major change will come sometime during this next year. Just what, how, when and where is completely “up in the air” at the moment and that’s okay… okay NOT to know the outcome of what is to arrive upon my doorstep, if I even have a doorstep!

Right now, at the edge of town, in the steep canyons of the Blue Mountains, we have a major little fire going. It’s heading straight for the Mill Creek Watershed, the source of water for some 30,000 residents of the city of Walla Walla. The firefighters are establishing contingency lines on the northern boundary of the watershed.

Unlike some towns, we don’t have a lake or reservoir. An entire canyon is our watershed. The Blues are rich in springs, and that is probably the source of Mill Creek… springs which have not been fully recharged by winter snows for at least two seasons. The drought is having negative effects all over the West.

Change, transformation, a peeling away of the layers of the onion, a revelation of our hidden core, which some of us have long strived to avoid looking at, is now here; we can no longer avoid looking at our core and deciding what world we want to live in. Choice is upon us all.

This past week, I’ve been experiencing major fatigue and a sense of disconnection. I’ve had to go to bed early or to let go of working on long-term projects and allow myself to drift a bit. Our human nature wants, needs us to always be busy, but our inner being needs to let go and allow the feelings and understandings to percolate up through the layers of consciousness. Sometimes it is just necessary to surrender control and allow the energies to do their work.

I’ve been working with the Angels and Light Family this past week, even more intensely, feeling their presence, discussing plans, letting go, listening, arranging… and doing work that my conscious mind doesn’t quite register as being real. Yet I am aware that there is a lot more to “me” than what I see locally reflected in the mirror.

It was amusing to see the uptick in numbers of visitors this past week as a result of the little “message” or channeled piece that was posted. I don’t really understand why people insist in listening, reading and even gobbling up channeling information as opposed to personal insights, as being somehow more truthful or valuable. How little we seem to value other human beings and the struggles that we all go through in an attempt to understand and comprehend the strangeness of this world. I would rather listen to someone who has walked through the valley of the shadow of death and knows what the experience is like than to listen to some disengaged “spiritual” voice that has never been embodied here.

Of course, those “voices” and messengers are us, in effect, but there are still plenty of people who don’t get it, don’t have any conception of what multidimensionality truly means for the individual awareness parked in a human vessel this time on planet Earth.

I sometimes engage in arguments with my Light Team. I do not follow their suggestions blindly. No one should who is serious about personal autonomy and sovereignty. We are here to master our own power and being ground crew for ascended civilizations means that we are the chosen warriors who face down the demons and shadows of this constructed world and matrix.

My thoughts seem to be wandering a bit this morning.

Has anyone noticed an uptick in strangeness? We had three deaths this past week at the prison, all natural, all expected. What wasn’t expected was the close timing. Is anyone else noticing the sudden death of loved ones, loss of jobs, ending of relationships, etc., signs of rapid interior change that is now beginning to manifest before our very eyes?

Death frightens people. The idea of losing the body and going somewhere else or nowhere at all, depending on your beliefs, is deeply frightening to those who haven’t come to realize that we are eternal spirit temporally existing as individualized awareness within a human body. Once that fact or truth becomes securely lodged in your daily awareness, you can move out of fear of loss and learn to adjust and flex with the changes that arrive at your doorstep.

Ah, we just had a power surge… something is happening to the electrical grid. I’ve been reading of odd happenings occurring elsewhere, but we haven’t really been affected locally, yet.

Hope everyone is enjoying life, wherever you are currently in awareness and development. We are ongoing projects, learning, absorbing, then arriving at understandings and falling into confusion. What a ride!

Much love coming your way… Namaste.


8 thoughts on “Journal Entry 07.25.2015

  1. I, too, am experiencing a disconnect right now along with extra fatigue. I also relate to what you said about people seeking out channeled messages over personal ones. My blog has had far fewer visitors since I have not been posting channeled messages. I was actually just thinking about how selfish the human race is in general – how disinterested we are in one another. There is so much to be learned from each other.

    • It is very interesting to experience this, Dayna. I appreciate your comment and realization of the same dilemma that spiritual bloggers are facing. And also, it appears that there are many people who are turning inward. Depends on the momentum of the seeker, where they are on the awakening “scale” and other personal particulars. Still, we prevail as we are compelled by OUR inner beings to serve in this manner. Blessings to you, dear one.

  2. “I don’t really understand why people insist in listening, reading and even gobbling up channeling information as opposed to personal insights, as being somehow more truthful or valuable.”

    The channels are truthful and valuable because they confirm the experience of the spiritual collective, to each in their own ‘individual’ way. Many channels say the same thing in different words and they are comforting and motivating to those of us who are unable to express in words that which we are experiencing, yet are deep into the process. Thank you for allowing and expressing your angels.

  3. Thanks for your insights Eliza. I appreciate your forthright manner and that your journey mirrors mine in a number of ways kind of validates my own experience. I look forward to your posts appearing in my email. xo

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