Journal Entry 07.21.2015

"A rose is a rose is a rose."

“A rose is a rose is a rose.”

Journal Entry 07.21.2015 – “Descension”

Ah, the energy of 99 today, tolerance and compassion.

I came home yesterday and felt tired. Not the “I had a bad / long / dull day kind of tired” but bone tired. It’s the kind of tired where you have to surrender to your body’s needs and go to sleep. So, I watered the grass, fixed dinner and went to bed early, like three hours earlier than normal. And I woke up this morning with a sore, swollen throat. My body’s language is saying, “Slow down… you need to rest today” so I decided to do just that.

The fearful person who might be concerned (with good reason) about their job, would have gone to work, but in these days of massive downloads and frequent change at work and in personal lives, we need to listen within and decide what is really more important. My health and welfare is just that.

For me, it is ascension and that whole process. It’s been that way for me forever.

The other day, my friend, Maria, who lives on the other coast (Eastern) and I were speaking together by the miracle of Skype. I told her in one of those channeled utterances that occasionally pop out, that I was born crystal. I was told that a few years ago by Shekinah Rose, a well-known healer / channeler. It’s one of those little gems about self that you pop into the basket to be looked at some other time.

Still, this time an understanding truly came to me as to the significance of this gem of knowledge. I was a volunteer and came in as an early pioneer. And what a world I came into… one that had just completed a world war and was being drawn into a decade’s long cold war between the Soviet Union, China and the United States and other maverick states like North Korea.

So, what does this self-knowledge mean to me now?

Well, for one thing, it is time to select my priorities and to endeavor to cleanse off the tarnish of spending so much time in the lower vibrations. Mind you, I still work and function in a prison environment. Prisons can take many forms, physical and vibrationally. You can free your heart and mind to soar even while behind the razor wire.

Fellow employees call their work doing time, just like the inmates or “offenders” as the prisoners are called today (more politically correct, I guess, although it is a term that truly offends old-time criminals and felons!). Doing time… and when you “retire”, you get your release papers. If one has not worked in a prison setting, you have no idea of what I am talking about. It’s a different world, more intense, more potentially fear-ridden than what most citizens would encounter. Yet, I have grown stronger there and have better boundaries than ever.

Yet, during the ascension process, boundaries must come down at some point. Rising in frequency means expansion and when the present boundaries no longer serve, they must come down.

And they will. Yet the time is not quite right. I felt that when I decided not to move to Costa Rica, certainly not as soon (if ever) than I had begun to plan. And then today, in reading a post by the ever-wise and gracious Jennifer Hoffman, came my answer. It isn’t time. There’s still healing to complete in the place that I am now living, for the sake of those whom I will soon be leaving and for the sake of the land that I’ve been protecting, all my life, on the West Coast.

Today, I live 350 miles inland, at some 1,000 feet elevation, not high, but high enough if a sudden earthquake occurred off the coast as has been long promised by scientists due to the location of a deep subduction fault, where the under ocean plate meets the continental plate. It is an area that has not shifted significantly for an estimated 300 years and is over-due.

I just remember the sensation I experienced when staring at the waves at Ocean Shores and realizing that the town in which I was living at the time would be easily inundated by any tsunami that arose as a result of an off-shore quake. I chose to live further inland… way further and higher, in a location that wouldn’t necessarily spare me from experiencing earthquakes, as the edge of the Blues has a large fault line, as well.

Let’s face it… our Earth, our Mother, is a living being and right now she is undergoing adjustments. We may not understand the magnitude of them or their purpose, but living on the surface like we do, we need to adjust and work around the changes in weather, and other volatile earth changes such as major fires, floods, earth slides, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

What you do, think and feel, as a collective affects the weather and earth events. As an ascending being, you are powerful beyond the comprehension of your human mind. I know that I have prevented major deadly earthquakes all the years I have been in residence in the Pacific Northwest. It seems egotistic, perhaps, to say that… but it’s true. I have and still am serving as an anchor of the Light. It is who and what I am and came to do here. And that office or service is about due to end.

What we are doing now is acting as transformers of the light frequencies as they flow through our bodies and INTO the earth below our feet. We are allowing the light to change the land, to cleanse it and to flow into those persons who share our daily lives. Someday soon, we will walk away because our service level has changed and expanded to include the entire world, but that moment has not quite arrived… yet. And so I remain here, not stuck, not impotent, but out of my own free-will choice, in response to the feelings I have experienced of late. It was simply not the “right” time to go. That moment will arrive and the move will be facilitated with ease, this I know. It is the way things work out when you are in the flow and responding to the subtle signs and messages as received from higher self.

In our new assignments as Light Beacons, we no longer have to “heal” or “teach” anyone, simply be ourselves, calm and detached, yet involved with daily living, side by side with those whom, years ago, we would never have imagined as understanding what we have gone through during decades of cleansing, healing and waking up. Yet these same people are now in the throes of waking up, in a more rapid fashion and it is up to us to lend our calm presence as a water anchor to their process, not by directing their waking process but by being in full acceptance of our own ever evolving process.

We do not have to define and delineate just how people wake up. No one did it for many of us, especially such a one like myself who did not (and does not) feel comfortable being labeled or boxed in by another’s idea of spirituality. I have hopped, skipped and jumped from one spiritual island to another, picking up knowledge and releasing it, keeping only what currently resonated and then releasing that in turn as I continued on my eclectic way. During the years, I have served as a healer (massage therapist and Reiki master), a writer and an artist… and I have served in an environment that would bring fear to the heart of anyone who was not prepared to undergo exposure to the rougher elements of our society. I have also had jobs in many of the different industries of our society, higher education, real estate, retail, insurance and now correctional / state government and medical administrative support. I have seen and experienced these industries from the inside out and know that at their heart, they are in need of profound change. Yet change will come from the inside out, not from the outside.

As with the individual, in this time of change, adjustment, growth and expansion must arise from the interior soul-driven understanding that arises moment by moment in response to the impulses of Soul. Although it would appear that outside forces are driving change, it is truly our souls who are driving the evolution of humanity, as well as the Soul force of our dearly loved planet, Gaia. Everyone who currently resides here has a choice, to go forward and ascend or to resist and leave. And this drama is currently being outplayed within the life of every living being upon the planet, in one form or another.

It is essential to keep calm, detached and yet involved. We are a part of humanity and yet apart. Being awake and aware of who we are, if only in part, as multidimensional beings with a purpose and reason to being here, we can assist those of our family, friends and neighbors who do not understand what is going on. People are responding to change in various ways and it is heartening to see how communities stand and work together when tragedy strikes, as during and after storms, floods and major geocentric changes.

Change occurs also in the form of divisions between family members and co-workers, as one awakes and sees that nothing in their world is as they thought it was or as they were taught by their mentors. Trust goes out the window and cynicism creeps in. Anger and frustration erupt as one finally sees that Western culture, certainly, has evolved as the result of a lie, the lie of separation, between God and man, between individuals, between cultures and religions, between language groups and nationalities, between those of different racial roots. Yet seeing all and responding to it is only the first step on approaching the Path of the Initiate.

I have long walked the Path. I have ascended in other lifetimes. And I’m not alone. Many of the light workers with whom I have come in contact this lifetime, at least through electronic media, have come here containing much experience in grounding and expanding the reach of light through the many channels available in cultures, whether music, writing, acting, art, dance and other activities. Some have served as teachers and mentors, as healers, as writers and channelers, sharing new ideas and refurbishing ancient ideas shared, too, by long-forgotten ancestors, ones who also walked the Path of the Law of One.

We remember. We are in the process of remembering who we are. It is a process that unfolds in the moment, in the ever-present Now. We are discovering that we do not need to know what is going to happen tomorrow or even today. Yes, some planning is needed but within a framework that allows for adjustment and adaptation to the ever shifting awareness of the Self. Our lives are in the midst of tremendous change and alteration. We will never, again, be quite human… but are in the process of embracing an awareness of our true potential as Galactic HUmans, a uniquely creative race of unparalleled potential and power. And that knowledge is shaking the very roots of present day human culture. It will never be the same.

And so, I wait here patiently until the time is right to move toward with the needed changes to occur in my life. I see the potentials and yet wait for the essence of my intent to be fully supported so I can move forward. And meanwhile, I listen within and respond to the needs of Spirit to be heard. It is a cooperative effort that we must make as ground crew, during the descension process as our Soul truly anchors its presence into our very human flesh. We do not need to leave for the stars just yet as we are bringing Heaven to Earth, right here and right now, by living and being ourselves, in the fullest sense of the word, as lighted beings walking in this world, raising Her up vibrationally and bringing lasting change to our world.


I AM Eliza (aka Tazjima Amariah Kumara VaCoupe).

© All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,



2 thoughts on “Journal Entry 07.21.2015

  1. When I find myself looking up to see what is on the horizon…..
    I create the energy of love,,,,, through random acts of kindness.
    Rights me on the path, my Soul wants to go!!!!!
    I know how your “job” is not your passion,.
    Wishing you find it and find joy!!!

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