Journal Entry 07.03.2015


Journal Entry 07.03.2015

The West is having a heat wave of gigantic proportions, August heat in late June and now early July. And last night I woke up to hear nothing… the electrical grid had gone down. It was rather eerie and actually kind of nice to hear just soft natural sounds. There was no wind, but a slight hiss from the distant creek. The only light I saw was one about two blocks away, which was probably on a generator. Fortunately for the residents of this town and the contents of my refrigerator, the electricity came back on in a couple of hours.  Good thing as today’s high temperature is expected to be 104 degrees F!

It gives one pause to realize just how dependent we have become on the electrical grid. It wasn’t always this way. Many farms and outlying towns didn’t have electricity until well into the 1920’s and even 1930’s. People were much more independent for their energy needs, using wind power and utilizing oil and gas lamps. People were also closer to the soil and more in tune with the cycles of Nature.

Since it is so warm, or rather just plain hot, I was planning to do some chores early this morning, but realized that I would not be able to do a single one if the electricity wasn’t on. My lawn mower is electric. The gas pumps at the station are electric. The refrigerator that keeps and preserves food is electric. This laptop, while it can run on battery for a bit is usually connected to an electrical plug. And with the coming earth changes, everything… everything will change in our lives. How much we will all be affected by change will depend on us, our consciousness levels and that of those who live around us.

We have moved officially into the Age of Aquarius, the Age of the Heart. Much has to shift for the population to move gracefully into the new energies. If there is resistance, there will be suffering. Change is the only thing we can count on and for it to come with grace and ease, the change needs to emanate from within each individual and radiate out into the world through open hearts and open minds.

It has never been more important to listen to your inner voice and guidance. The Shift is here whether or not you are ready. You can be there, too, if you quiet down and tune into the natural rhythms of your body and the still quiet voice of your intuition. Seek guidance from within and use outer sources only for confirmation of what you are feeling. Each of us is entirely unique in our structure and make-up; what fits one will not fit another. It is like trying to wear a shoe size too small; it will hurt, until you fess up and find one that does fit.

The judgment that I see coming from various elements of the New Age movement are a distraction. It does not matter whether or not you are a Vegan or a Buddhist. If your mind is closed to the choices and the rights of others to make their own individual choices, then your outer world will reflect that closed mind. Personally, I am not a Vegan. I eat some vegetarian meals, but also eat some meat and chicken during the week. My body has an inability to assimilate B vitamins through eating only vegetables and fruit and taking vitamins makes me nauseated. So I eat a little meat. And I am still awake and aware.

There is a break up, dissolution if you will of all duality. As we move into the Unified grid of the Heart, all that reflects the old mode of dualistic thinking and feeling will be breaking up. There will be no more “right” or “wrong”, “dark” or “light” or even “Yin” and “Yang”. This dualistic mode of thinking and judging systems and people needs to fade with the light of the waning Moon. There is a growing union behind the two sides of Self, as reflected in the integration of “higher” and “lower” self, masculine and feminine energies and so on. We are all multidimensional beings who are waking up to that reality. The world, the universe consists of much more than we can see with our physical senses, but there needs to be a letting go of the lower mind’s need to judge, categorize and box up everything that it sees.

I see myself letting go, in a big way, as I prepare to undergo a huge transition in my own life. There are moments when I go into fear, which is the ego’s resistance to what seems an insurmountable amount of things to accomplish before I can leave my old life. However, proceeding forward, step by step, listening within and doing what must be done… in time all will be accomplished and I will discover myself in a totally different way of being.


Right now, I’m glad that the electrical grid is up and running, but I hope to eventually have a residence with a good set of solar panels which will enable me to be able to exist without the need for reliance on a system that is about to self-destruct.

Choose a place to live where you can work with your neighbors and learn the value of place well. In the coming years and decades, as changes become more a part of everyone’s lives, we will have to rely more on ourselves and each other as we move into a more heart-felt way of living, in tune with our natural environment and the greater part of our Self, our multidimensional beingness.


I AM Eliza



2 thoughts on “Journal Entry 07.03.2015

  1. Well thought out thoughts Eliza.
    Just got a manual push mower this year. The sweat of my brow!!!
    I’m looking for a place also……one where there is Balance!!!!

  2. Interesting that you brought up the subject of eating meat. I’ve been a vegetarian off and on over the years. I quit eating meat again several weeks ago but wasn’t sure I could stick with it. After reading this post I decided to go back to eating meat (while also eating some vegetarian meals). It seems to work best for my body type (and it certainly doesn’t affect my state of consciousness any more).

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