Eliza: Tripping the Light Fantastic

"Wild Orchid"

“Wild Orchid”

Eliza: Tripping the Light Fantastic

How does one describe a trip that is life-changing? How does one put the eternal into words? One does their best despite the challenges as others need to hear what has been experienced, even though the efforts may fall short of what truly happened, is happening and will happen in the eternal Now.

On the flights back to the States from Costa Rica, I pulled out a volume of “Navigating Dimensions” by Lisa Transcendence Brown, an author, teacher, ascension guide and wayshower of some note who currently resides in Hawaii, the remnants of ancient Lemuria.

I was cognizant of the fact that just being able to read the powerful yet simple prose of Lisa’s was proof of the progress that I have made in activating my own light body. Many who read her works fall asleep (makes good reading before bedtime) but I was able to devour a few of the short chapters between stopping for snacks and drinks on the plane and sitting in various airports between flights.

The material contained within answered and verified for me much of my own experiences that are now beginning to unfold for me and for others.

"Marina Ballena"

“Marina Ballena”

As it has been written by Lisa and other wayshowers, it is all about frequency. Until you reach a certain level of frequency, you cannot and will not understand what she is (and others) are describing as part of their own journeys. Indeed, the human (egoic) mind will attempt to disengage and shut down in light of the information and light codes embedded in the words.

What lies beyond the fourth dimension does not make sense to the rational / logical mind, which was developed to keep us safe in the third dimension. To go further “up” in frequency, one must enter the irrational world of the heart. It is only irrational to the human mind since what exists there is in complete contradiction to what human experience has taught us how to live in 3d. Life in 5D and above exists beyond the boundaries and physical laws of 3D, and in the world of imagination, of mystery, legend, fairy tales and stories.

For myself, I am teetering on the edge of the break-through into this new world, proceeding through intent to listen to the urgings of my Spirit, as echoed through my own heart center.

For years now, I have worked to clear old time lines and “past” lives, now knowing that these “lives” exist simultaneously in the eternal Now. This past week, there was a collapsing and finish to the timelines through which aspects of “me” as an individuated consciousness has existed as a Native American and a French aristocrat. Other timelines might come up for clearing as well for me as my body continues to integrate and transform in response to the ever increasing waves of Cosmic light being flooded upon this planet and solar system.

As I have mentioned in past articles, change is the only constant in our lives now. We have a choice to allow ourselves to release all that serves as an impediment to our continued growth or to resist. Those who chose to resist will undergo further experiences to assist them to release. I have chosen to go forward with what my guidance has shown to me.


I find myself being led into a more internal voyage, although I will be accompanied by others. For how long I walk with others cannot yet be determined. There are dreams and goals, but one must walk forward into the Light with a gentle hand and open heart, keeping the intent to follow guidance no matter where and when it leads you, despite the protestations of others who might well think that you have taken leave of your senses.

One must lose all to gain all. Whether or not this requires that you move, leave your job, your family and friends behind remains to be seen. One glance at world news will reveal that many are not being given the chance to choose but the choice has been made for them (or as it might appear from the perception of one still locked in 3D thinking) due to circumstances, whether through storm-wrought destruction, earthquakes and other natural disasters, or through financial loss, death and disease.

We are not victims here. Even if it appears no choice has been consciously made, a choice to not make a choice has been made. And all come into this life with a series of soul contracts. You can choose to release these, as well as all vows, pledges, promises and contracts made throughout any and all lifetimes, made on this planet and dimension and through all planets, dimensions and existences… as you are sovereign and free to choose. It is simply a matter of acknowledging that you are more powerful than your human mind can currently comprehend.

It is not necessary to wait to find a twin flame or soul mate to enter your life and to make you “whole” again. You ARE whole NOW. No one can save you or rescue you from whatever circumstance that you wake up and find yourself in… but YOU. Each of us is responsible for integrating and allowing change, for acknowledging that there is a natural process to ascension that involves much letting go of what has been known and releasing all fear and resistance.


Fear shuts us down in the face of the onslaught of change. When fear comes, breathe into your heart center, ground and center, in whatever way feels natural to you. It is not a matter of following the guidance of someone outside of you; it is a matter between your own heart and your consciousness. The way to ascension proceeds through the opening and expansion of the heart. Through the heart center, the other power centers of the bodies align and expand until the MerKaBa is activated. There are steps beyond where your Light Body becomes a glowing field and your physical body crystalline… but now take it one step at a time so that your body can integrate and adjust in frequency.

No one teacher or system can show you the way. If you are still following a specific channeler or system, you are still giving your power away and have not yet stepped upon the path to ascension. To ascend means simply to rise in frequency. “You” are not going anywhere, but your consciousness expands to encompass the Universe and beyond.


You as consciousness are God and the Universe. The universe and ALL THAT IS, despite what you have been taught, is contained within as potential within your own auric field. With each activation and attainment of integration, these potentials are activated and your consciousness expands. There is no end in sight for those who walk the worlds and dimensions beyond this world and yet your physical body is still “here”, as we have come here to show what can be done to regain the freedom of spirit that has been denied humanity for untold thousands, if millions of years.

Recently I have participated in some gridwork, the first time doing so consciously. I know that I will probably do more as I am here to assist Gaia in her ascension. Meanwhile, as a system-buster and light warrior, I am currently engaging in ascending back to “higher” dimensions as a wayshower. I am, we are experienced in both descension and ascension, having done it countless times. It is a matter of expertise and a gift gained over countless experiences in other timelines, dimensions and worlds.

I see now that I am not limited to one existence in 5D, as a Pleiadian / Venusian starseed, that I am actually an aspect of consciousness that exists simultaneously in many worlds, universes and dimensions. In “time” or outside of time I will be conscious that I walk in other worlds. Right now I am not, as my primary focus is here and now, upon this planet, and in this lifetime while experiencing the extraordinary opportunity to participate in the ascension of an entire planetary body… and even solar system, as that is what is actually happening. And beyond our solar system, this Universe is undergoing its own transformation and rise in frequency. All is entangled in nature, seen and unseen. What a marvelous time to experience.

I encourage you all to let go of your wish to be saved and to take up your own “cross” and bear it with dignity. It is the marriage of spirit and body, the bringing of your “higher” consciousness into full awareness in and through your physical body. It is the marriage of heaven and earth and it can only take place within your Heart Center and within you.

"The Path before You"

“The Path before You”

Each of us carries the Universes within. It is our choice to integrate and allow the knowledge and wisdom that exists within our magnificent spiritual heart center that will truly bring us to the edge of the fifth dimension and well beyond. Go within. Go within. Go within and seek the Peace that passes all understanding of the rational mind. Follow your OWN inner guidance and allow a marvelous world of joy, laughter and peace to unfold like a starry ribbon of light stretched out across the Milky Way. The true and only path is the one that you follow within. You will guide you into a life filled with untold wonder and delight if you but learn to trust, hold your intent and allow faith to guide you with surety. You are your own Guide who leads the way with lighted lantern. Seek the light and find the Love that awaits those who surrender fully to the Will of the one who is within, a shining Angel of Light, you.


I AM Eliza

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  1. Astonishing Prize
    Absolute Bliss Laughing
    Blessed Perfection

    =GloryKu…from The NOW Moment….and love from …Ed

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