Journal Entry 06.05.2015


Journal Entry 06.05.2015

Home now.  Have 269 photos to sort as well as thoughts.  Trip turned out different than originally planned, but had a lovely if interesting time.  Costa Rica is a small country with many faces, most of them friendly.  Lots of rain periodically especially on Wednesday when riding the bus back to San Jose.  Quite the adventure for the challenged traveler.

WiFi coverage and lack of laptop weren’t conducive to attempting to publish anything and this trip was all about rest and experience… and meeting some wonderful new friends.

Much love to all,


La Pura Vida!



3 thoughts on “Journal Entry 06.05.2015

  1. I’m happy you went. We had a foreign exchange student from San Jose stay with us on two separate occasions. He is still in frequent contact.

  2. I’m happy you went ! And saw it ! Im from that area and all though poor financially not poor in spirit!

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