Journal Entry 05.21.2015


Journal Entry 05.21.2015

88 energies.

How is everyone enjoying the Mercury Retrograde?

I saw this little photo today on the hiking blog which I still read periodically:


Instead of “hanging” in the mountains, I’ll be splashing in the warm tropical waters of the Pacific Ocean.  It’s a big change from little ole Walla Walla and the wheat fields.

Be prepared for big shifts in the coming days.  A financial reset is on its way to your neighborhood.  Have extra cash on hand in case that bank card doesn’t work for a while.

Still packing… will sort through things again tonight.  Still getting my head around the fact that I’m going at all.

I KNOW that my life is going to change BIG time as a result of taking this trip.

See you on the other side!



6 thoughts on “Journal Entry 05.21.2015

  1. Que vayas bien, ‘mana ! I lived abroad for 12 years (1978-1990), Mexico and Italy. You’ve been so generous in sharing your process with me/us, if you feel like shootin’ the breeze about living abroad, give a holler. (I’m west of you, in Kirkland, WA.) All best to you and have a safe trip.

  2. Beautiful Travels, Eliza! May you feel the joy and surety of Angels with you at all times, and be centered, knowing You are Loved. Blessings, Appreciation & Excitement for you! It’s gonna be a fantastic journey of discovery! Much love, Lynn

  3. Eliza, trust your inner God! Have fun! You have earned it! I’m Latin American n your going to a safe place, nature great sun and nice people! Enjoy sister!

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