Journal Entry 05.20.2015


Journal Entry 05.20.2015

I stepped out of my usual weekday activities these past two days to attend annual in-service training for work.  Just the slight adjustment was enough to make me realize that I probably won’t be working at the prison for much longer.

I’ve been fairly silent of late.  Prepping for “The Trip” and generally letting go of a lot of the emotions that keep surfacing for surrender.  I don’t really have the capacity to write much now.

On Sunday, I’ll be off for nearly two weeks.  I am NOT taking the laptop with me.  This is time to reflect on new possibilities in a totally different environment, both inner and outer.

The cycle of Ascension is accelerating and so is the velocity of change.  The earth herself is moving and adjusting, expanding into 5D and people are waking up.  Big changes are in store for the banking system and all other institutions.

During the trip, I may pop in on FaceBook once in awhile, but WiFi coverage is not always as reliable as at home.  If I feel like it, I might post a photo or two if I can figure out how do so on my tablet.

Meanwhile, take the time to relax and rest as your bodies process the latest energy surges.  I know that I’ve been feeling tired lately and more than a bit spacey.

Much love to all,


10 thoughts on “Journal Entry 05.20.2015

  1. Have a beautiful trip 🙂 I so love to know you’re going ! Break all patterns, and enjoy the magic ❤
    P.S. oh yes, some pictures, if possible, would be great 🙂 If you meet Alexander (del Sol), send him my love !!

  2. Hello Eliza,
    I hooe your wise trip exceeds your expectations! I look forward to hearing from you when you return. I have none of the social media, so I’ll wait for photos when you get home. By the way, your Iris photo is so magnificent that I can practically smell it!

    • The irises were fragrant. There was a whole bed of delicious colors along a fence. Long-lived perennials do very well here.

    • Under “Elizabeth Escher”. Never put up a page strictly for Blue Dragon as it’s not a commercial site. Only “friends” can see my Timeline, so send me a friend request. I will be on FB periodically during trip, wifi / access allowing. I’m taking my older Fuji Finepix on the trip with its USB attachment so I can download some photos. We’ll see if it works. I tend to bumble through the techie stuff!

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