Journal Entry 05.13.2015


Journal Entry 05.13.2015

Synchronicities happen when you’re in the flow; it’s as simple as that. And when you can’t make things happen, it might be because you are trying too hard.

Last night, I was moved to listen to one of Bill Ballard’s videos from last summer (see: And this morning, I watched Sandra Walter’s latest:

Both of these presentations held little golden nuggets… or should I say diamonds for me.

One, Bill’s presentation was a kind of “get off your butt if you REALLY want to ascend ‘cuz it ain’t happen’ if you just sit there!” In other words, don’t expect someone to “grant” or “gift” you ascension. There isn’t any ascended masters coming to the earth plane to show you a life pod that will miraculously change your physical body from 3D carbon-base to 5D crystalline. Nor is a shipload or fleet of galactic visitors going to “save” your world or you… for the simple reason that those ascended masters and galactics are US… our future or multidimensional Selves!

This ascension thing is an INside job… within each person who REALLY wants to ascend.

In other words, all the excuses, dalliances, dreams and schemes, avoidances and perturbations of the egoic mind won’t get you there, if 5D+ is where you’re headed.

Yet, ascension is FAR easier than it was for the masters who came before us, thanks to the hard work of the forerunners, those who are carving out a pathway through the golden Christic light of cosmic intelligence.

Christ Light is a level of consciousness not a person. No “Christed” figure is coming to save you. Ascension is about SELF-mastery, mastery of the body, mind and heart; mastery of the four lower bodies (the number varies according to various teachings) and activation of the MerKaBa.

Last night as I lay in bed, I consciously began to draw light into my chakras, activating them with white light. This morning, as I watched Sandra’s piece I “saw” a piece of the puzzle fit into my understanding of ascension as she described the Diamond Center of the High Heart.

Mind you, I have probably listened and seen this piece demonstrated before, but I didn’t UNDERSTAND it until reaching a certain, critical level of frequency myself. That’s the way this journey works. First comes the prep, then you stand on the verge… and then “wham!” And suddenly there is comprehension, all in a moment.

Diamond heart… simply visualize a diamond in the midst of your High Heart, half way between the soft spot in your throat and the level of your physical heart (which is slightly off to the left of center). As you focus on this area, you will (might) begin to feel it heat up. As it does, pull in golden light, move it through the center and then RADIATE it OUT in six directions, down into the earth, up into the sky, left, right, front and back. This simple meditation, which I did while sitting at my desk at work in the prison, creates a strong field of pure golden bliss and is the BEGINNING of what it feels like to be really ascended while still living in a physical body.

And I was there, for moments… going back inward to refresh and focus… and feeling REALLY happy and light-hearted all day. I was interacting with my co-workers, doing my regular work and enjoying being alive. What bliss!

Of course, before the bliss comes the cleansing period(s) that EVERYONE must go through. We’re not just cleansing for ourselves but also for untold thousands of other individuals, including our own karmic and genetic lineages. When that’s done and for a lot of the forerunners it is or will soon be done, it’s activation and bliss time… as well as moving into SERVICE for Gaia and humanity.

Sandra noted that many people ask her why she hasn’t disappeared into 5D, like was done in olden times when a master ascended like Ezekiel before Elisha or Jesus before his disciples. Well, we are here to SERVE, to act as gatekeepers, activators, way showers for the rest of those who wish to ascend. By holding the Door open for others and demonstrating that this CAN be done while still functioning in a daily existence, we SERVE.

Even the forerunners and way-showers are functioning at different levels. Each of us has our own timing and motivation, as ascension is not a race. It is simply that in moving from Age (Pisces) to another (Aquarius) is a particularly potent window of opportunity for mass ascension. Still, each person who wants (or thinks that they want) to ascend does need to put forth some personal effort.

And so, apparently I’m on the verge and having felt the “bliss” as described by Bill, Sandra, Alexander and others… understand now where and why the effort is SO worth it.

Understand also, that we have ALL ascended before, on this planet and others, through various dimensions and timelines. You KNOW how to do this.

When I saw and heard Sandra’s description of the Diamond Heart meditation and its pure simplicity, I laughed with delight. Ascension is NOT hard and yet it is. There is that paradox thing. It does take intent and mind you, I’ve been working on this cleansing, clearing thing for DECADES, ever since the… well, probably most of my life.

There is NO need to struggle, but there is a need to surrender and BE. You do know this. We are all Masters in embodiment – which is why the ascended masters aren’t coming to assist – they’re already here. Each of us who are now in embodiment is most likely a fractal of one or more ascended masters, archangels, angels, elementals, galactics, etc. This is the reality of our multidimensional beingness, which you begin to touch into when you get past the point where I am now. Worlds and dimensions beyond this one are revealed, through lucid dreams, during meditation, and during visions.

There is SO much waiting for you – won’t you break through to the other side and join those who have gone ahead!


I AM Eliza (aka Tazjima Amariah Kumara)

©All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

8 thoughts on “Journal Entry 05.13.2015

  1. Thank you for the reminder,
    that we are the ascended masters!!!!!!
    Nice multi-directional trumpeting flower picture!!!

    • Michael… the photo is of a simple native Flag (Iris), actually yellow in color, but the photo for some reason came out with blue background. I didn’t alter it since the photo was quite stunning. Just a “snap-shot”!

      • Could have been a cloudy blue day.
        As you have said…..Stunning!!!!!

    • Lovely work. Light language… which I have seen elsewhere. Her work is beautiful and skillful. Universal in its appeal.

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