Journal Entry 05.10.2015 – Are We There Yet?


Journal Entry 05.10.2015 – Are We There Yet?

“Where are we going?”

Perhaps you have been wondering this, feeling this, thinking this sentiment. As well as, “What’s going on?”

Even people whom you would have thought never to wake up are noticing that things are not functioning as usual. The weather patterns are different. People are… well, more intense. Things once loved are dropping away, sometimes in a short amount of time. And it feels like we’re living lifetimes within a matter of days and even hours.

This past week I was dealing with EGO issues. With my upcoming trip to Costa Rica approaching rapidamente, my human mind and emotions were in overwhelm. From near panic mode, to feeling muscular tension, to being especially irritable and ultra-sensitive to the noise and confusion at work, to denial, anger, projection… you name it and it pretty much surfaced. Eliza’s dark side; we all have one; it’s just that many light workers don’t like to look their dark twin in the eye and say, “Howdy!”

And then there was the issue of learning Spanish and touring through countryside where I’ve never been before. I’m used to the American wilds and feel comfortable navigating dirt and gravel roads in the mountains, as well as trails, but finding a bus station in a big Central American city… now I was feeling a wee bit intimidated, but determined, nonetheless to succeed in finding everything and getting to my destination in one piece. Some of you more seasoned travelers might laugh, but we all have our weaknesses to confront and move through. Travel is one of mine… long distance travel, especially long distance international travel.

I traveled to Great Britain once, but I was with a group of people whom I knew a bit. Even then I had uncomfortable moments as I confronted ancient energy fields at old battle fields and castles. By the time our little group had reached Wales, I was overwhelmed by the energies and had to spend half a day in bed, shivering with fever. As I lay there on the bed next to a large window overlooking the Menai Straits and Anglesey (a large island off the coast of Wales) I wandered in and out of a feverish mist. Years later I discovered that the bed and breakfast where we were lodged was located just down the hill from the Roman camp… where the invasion of Mona, the Druid College and stronghold in Britain, was staged by the Romans. A very ancient memory was surfacing for me then, so many years ago, long before I even heard of the term, “ascension”.

My sensitivity and awareness of energies has increased since that long ago day, but I also have more awareness of self and my greater Self, as well.

I think the ego games were stirred up by 1) the intensifying energies and 2) the “trip”.

And then this morning, I received a very nice email from one of my readers, a lady who lives on the SE Coast of the States. After a flurry of emails, it looks like my new acquaintance will be connecting up with me on my flight down to CR. And she is a fluent Spanish speaker, having been born and raised as a youngster in Argentina. Talk about synchronicity! This light worker has also been receiving impulse to check out Costa Rica and only this morning, received an intuition to connect with me.

I tell you, folks, if you put out your intent, good things will happen. Now I have a travel companion, another American female, who is fluent in Spanish and an experienced traveler, as well. And she is a dedicated light worker, grid worker and Ascension guide. I’m sure we can share some interesting conversations with each other. This will be the first meeting for me with another bonafide light worker, one who is dedicated to serving the ascension of Gaia. And we will be meeting my other friend, who lives in Costa Rica. This trip promises to be life-changing, probably for all of us and others who will be eventually drawn into making such tribal connections, Light tribal connections.

Ascension has, for the forerunners and way showers, reached another level. As Bill Ballard pointed out in his video presentation from May 3, 2015, the energies are coming in fast and furious. Where we used to encounter a rise in frequency every 18 months or so in 2010, they’re now arriving sometimes three in one or two weeks! (

While I am still working in a dense environment, being a high security prison, I can still manage to feel the intense energies even when sitting at my desk or standing in front of the copy machine. And when I am in my own space at home, I feel them even more intensely.

There has been a sense of feeling wired and tired, both at the same time. Sleep has been disturbed; dreams are active, intense and lengthy although quickly forgotten upon waking. I have moved beyond the need to “channel” other entities, especially that of “ascended masters” as I don’t need their teachings any more. The old energy is gone, done, finale… even though many light workers and waking ones still cling to the old teachings with surprising tenacity.


Now I recognize the “why” I didn’t adhere to any one manner of teaching or meditation. While these teaching… any and all of them… served as steps upon the way, they are now outmoded given that the energies have increased to frequency levels far above what was available even to many of the masters while living upon this planet in bygone days. Sandra Walters addresses this letting go process that we all need to go through as we commit to really ascending… which means to go BEYOND all that we learned and did in the old energy. It’s time to release the old mantras, spiritual practices, meditation forms, etc., that you may have overly identified with, as each of these, if not released, can serve as a glass ceiling on your ability to expand your consciousness and ground your energies with your expanded sense of Self, your multidimensional Self, your REAL self. For Sandra’s link, go to:

What we have experienced here has been for teaching and experience. What we thought was reality is now being proven by scientists to be a hologram, NOT real. Anything we have identified with or been a part of before in the old energy needs to be released willingly or it will be taken away as the old can no longer survive in the new frequency.

I don’t have to tell you that there will be resistance to my words, but I’ve experienced the resistance in my own human self, especially this past week. I felt at times that I was wrestling with a wet gator in a mud hole. And then I dropped the fight and stepped away to gain a more balanced and disinterested perspective. When I could see that I was engaged in a battle with my own ego and acting out my anger, fear and frustration, I decided to observe and to change my attitude to one of gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity of taking this trip and meeting new people.

We are SO incredibly powerful, folks. While we all have worked together to create a collective hologram in which to experience powerful lessons in 3D, now we have the choice to step above and beyond that outmoded story and into a new one, one that exists in 5D and beyond. As Bill Ballard, Sandra Walters, Alexander Del Sol, Meline LaFont and others can attest, they are changing daily into more of their multidimensional selves, expanding in consciousness and ease of living. Life in this new world is enjoyable and fun, something that few humans have been able to experience while here in a physical body for a very long, long time. The time of struggle is ending, at least for those who are choosing to move into ascension and are consciously making changes to their lives to fully live in the heightened energies of the ever present NOW.

There are still physical responsibilities and things to do as we all live in a world of form, but daily life can take on a whole new level when you commit to being fully in the energies of the ascended planet.

5D is here, folks. It is now a matter of personal choice whether or not you are willing to release the old and embrace the New. Either way, change will compel some decisions and many will leave the planet as their bodies cannot adjust to the new energies. And we will see more and more people, especially the young people, embracing the new with increasing enthusiasm as they observe those who have already stepped onto the path and into the New living a life of joy and abundance.

Ascension has steps… Sandra covers the steps well in her ascension material, as do other ascension guides and gatekeepers. Yet all of us need to tune into our inner guide to discover what fits and what we can lay aside and move beyond. Many choices are being laid before me. I shall enjoy seeing how this all plays out in the coming months.


Keep on trucking, folks, moving forward, releasing and moving through whatever comes up, blessing and living in gratitude for every day we get to spend on this beautiful challenging planet.

I enjoyed a lovely walk this morning under a blue sky untouched by chem trails… for once. There have actually been fewer this past week than in the past. Is this a new development? Only time can tell, yet leaving behind the old sense of enmity and need to judge is a vital step to moving toward into ascension. When we set our intent to move into 5D and higher we are also making a commitment to set aside all duality and coming from a neutral space. This move will, perhaps, trigger others who feel that you have become emotionless and insensitive, but it is a necessary one. And there is another stage, which Sandra describes in good detail, that of Melancholia, where nothing that you have done before means anything to you now. This stage can last a good long while. I know since I’ve been in it for a few months now and now recognize it to be a form or stage of grieving and then letting go of what was once important in your life. What those things might be is different for each individual. It is not important to detail them to you now. If you have read my older pieces, you probably have a good sense of what it has taken me to get to where I am now.

Ascension is really a process of remembering who we really are. Not all people are ready to do this, to take the step of reclaiming sovereignty, personal empowerment and the responsibility that goes with it. And this is okay…but keep in mind, this ascension window will not be open forever and it may be some time before humans have another opportunity to incarnate upon this particular planet and to undergo ascension.

Many are choosing to leave, something that most people don’t want to acknowledge due to their fear of the unknown, especially the door we call “death”. I don’t fear death since I have a remembrance of living before, here, and elsewhere. Our souls… the true essence of our consciousness, is eternal. We shall continue on as fractals of the Universe experiencing itself and flowing with the ebb and flow of that same great intelligence.

I am feeling more balanced and calm than I have for a couple of weeks. It’s a nice change and welcomed. It has been a rough ride since the winter Solstice to now. Let’s hope for calmer seas in the future days… or a good stout constitution able to ride the waves with aplomb.


I AM Eliza

3 thoughts on “Journal Entry 05.10.2015 – Are We There Yet?

  1. My Hermosa Sistar
    In deepest gratitude to be walking in this coming path with you, your beautiful words sprang from within my Heart such tears of joy.
    May all who seek to connect to their Source do so with ease and grace.
    That means us! Lol.
    I am so excited to experience all that await us!
    Love Ya!

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