Journal Entry 04.26.2015



Journal Entry 04.26.15

Spent a couple of hours outside trimming frost damaged herbs (sage and lavender), weeding and planting some rhubarb.  There’s more to be done, but I completed a good deal in a short time.  It was grounding to spend sometime outside barefoot, given the intensity of the present energies.

The past several months have been intense and a bit confusing.  For me, I have pretty much stopped channeling “other” entities and have come to recognize them as being part of my greater Self.  This isn’t ego talking; just a knowingness that I have changed from the person I was a year ago.

During the past six months since Lady Tazjima underwent her ascension into 7D, she has also been quietly integrating her energies into this physical vessel, braiding together with my human consciousness.  I had this fact recently verified by one who has made the journey himself and who has gone far beyond the stage where I now find myself. (

In the past few days, there has been a profound Shift into energies that are supportive for those who have chosen to ascend, which remains a tiny portion of humanity.  I see that I need to shift my awareness even more, so will be making more changes in my physical life, with changes in location and “assignments”.  These plans are still in process so I will not reveal the details for now, only know that I probably will not be living in los Estados Unidos for many more months.  My days working at the prison are nearly over.  There is a lot to be done before I move, but I feel that by setting my intent to allow things to unfold, the changes will happen with ease and fluidity.

When there has been, as is becoming apparent in my case, a walk-in of higher self or soul-braiding, the human being becomes the servant of Spirit.  Its sole purpose is to serve and so I shall.  And the mission will unfold as synchronicities take place in both my world and that of those with whom I will be working as soul mates, my “new” co-workers.

This alteration in plans and letting go of all I have been in the past is a sure indication that I am ready or just about to enter a higher level of service, for humanity and Gaia.  All the dreams and plans (if any) held by the human self now drop away as I come into acceptance of this new perspective that is unfolding to me consciously now.  The time of purgatory is ending and I am stepping off the merry-go-round of karma.

As my friend told me, “It’s not that you have lost the ability to channel, Eliza.  Rather, it is, like me, that you have become a CONSCIOUS channel having merged more in your HUman consciousness with your 5D consciousness.”

So, I won’t likely channel other “entities” from now on, but higher self.  I’ve seen this transition occur in other “channels” as well.  It is time to focus on being more conscious of other realms while fulfilling my physical work here.  Should be an interesting process to experience.

I do know that with the recent traumatic events that have unfolded within the last week or so, earthquakes, floods and volcanic eruptions, we are beginning to see just how much power Mother Nature can command.  Change is on the threshold for everyone on the planet, without exception.  There is no reason to go into fear, but many will as they remain disengaged from their connection with higher self.  There is no judgment as each soul has made choices on when to come and when to go.

For those of you are waking up and deem yourselves conscious, understand that HUGE changes are on the horizon.  This means that there will be a large loss of life and major disruption to the way things have been run in the past.  This destructive period is necessary for the planet… as well as the souls who agreed, before birth, to undergo such experiences.  Let go of your need to cling to the old, whether or not you identified any part of it with the light or dark; all will be transformed into something quite new… and it will not happen overnight with the touch of a fairy wand.

Allow yourself to mourn for those who have left, but also realize that those who have made this sacrifice have done it for us and the planet.  The ones who have died and those who will deal with the consequences of these events will enable the rest of us to continue, if we choose) to open our hearts to the flow of compassion and unconditional love.

Now is the time to truly shed EVERYTHING that has held you back from making the changes necessary in your life IF you have chosen to rise above the tumult that will result from the implosion of the old paradigm.

Having reviewed my own “past” lives in recent months, I KNOW that my consciousness, my soul is eternal.  I do not need anyone to tell me this, although it is nice to get some input on “where” I am in my development.  In truth, we are all things and every where; you discover this when your spirit fully connects within and the expansion unfolds before your waking eyes or within lucid dreams.

Right now I feel the energies quite strongly, but they do not threaten me as I have surrendered… or am in the process of surrendering to a greater Will than my own, that of my higher self.  Instead, I feel like I am being carried aloft by a rising tide of frequency even as my physical vessel remains grounded (for the time being) upon the planet.

Where to next?  We will see as this beautiful adventure unfolds for each of us.

See the Angels of Resurrection and Transformation anchors Pillars of Light in the areas of Nepal, Chile and other areas affected by recent earth events.  See the dark dense negative masculine energies that have suppressed the Divine Feminine in these areas now cleansed and purified, allowing for the planet to adjust her energies and rise up higher in frequency.  There will be a return of balance, but first Shiva and Kali must perform their dance of destruction to finally breakdown what remains of the old paradigm, all of it, once and for all.  We are not being given the option to pick and chose what is to remain, in our lives or in the collective.  All will be stripped away and, in the fullness of time, renewed at a higher level of perfection.

Cycles, people, cycles… our planet and the Universe work on vast cycles.  Our lives are but a drop or second in the vastness of eternity.  If you leave, you will return, altered, yes, but ever eternal in the potency of your multidimensional beingness.  Within that vast consciousness that is beyond the understanding of the human mind, lies great beauty.  Allow it to unfold in your life and lead you to places within and beyond what you have known for many lifetimes.

I wish you well in your own personal journeys of self-discovery.  And I will continue to write for the foreseeable future as I feel inspired and as I am able.





8 thoughts on “Journal Entry 04.26.2015

  1. so true Elizabeth cycles are there and it is up to us weather we wish to repeat or learn the lessons given to us. These days I live the moment and the anger within has finally subsided because of the Angel I was gifted with who reflects back at me now the pain has healed forgiveness is complete and love now flows outward. I too am now waiting on my next move. May your journey be blessed as always thank you for sharing Suzannexx

  2. I love watching your artwork progress, your photos are stunning (and I know how hard it is to successfully compose landscape photos.) Re your possible international move, do you know Jan Hart? Very simpatica, her book on color is wonderful, and she moved to Latin America with very little in retirement funds (I believe) —

    • Just took a peek at Jan’s work. Stunning watercolors, great sense of color and composition. Looks like she lives in Costa Rica! Inspirational. Looks like I’ll be taking a scouting trip to CR in late May, early June… to get a “feel” for the place. Will be staying with a friend who owns property there in Pacific (SW of San Jose).

      Thanks for the comments! Eliza

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