Journal Entry 04.25.2015 – “Ticket to Ride”


Journal Entry 04.25.2015 – “Ticket to Ride”

Things are certainly getting interesting, aren’t they?

I’ve had a few memorable encounters in dreams of late. Much of our “work” is actually done while sleeping, where the human ego cannot interfere.

In one dream, I was with my father… my physical father, who passed away in 2000. In the dream, we were outside discussing something. I felt a certain amount of fear being around him and yet… there was a sense of joy and exaltation as old feelings were being released.

For those who are not aware, I am an incest survivor. I was able to forgive my perpetrator when I was much older. My story, “A Lesson on Forgiveness”, can be found in the archives of this blog. (

Needless to say, to be with this “dark” father, the dweller on the threshold, while dreaming was a bit daunting, but it appeared that I was undergoing a release of the fear and trauma from those earlier experiences, willingly. I had asked for it. Before sleeping, I had called on my spiritual “father”, Lord Zadkiel, to assist me in releasing any remaining first and second chakra “stuff”.

As the first chakra relates to be in the body, physical existence and well-being, a connection to the earth, vitality, etc., it was good to see myself dancing through dream grass barefoot, enjoying the sensations and colors, enjoying just being alive.  Traditionally, the second chakra relates to our sexuality and other things.  Understandably, I would have a few issues and have, with sex.  I have come to understand that I carry within a fair balance of both masculine and feminine energies and I am aware that many of my recent lifetimes (within the last 1,000 years of linear time) have been masculine ones.  Accepting being a female has been trying to say the least.  I’m not a girly girl… but still I am a woman of great inner strength, determination, grit and intelligence.  Still there are remnants of issues to be dealt with relating to being in any body at all.

The next dream, one I had this morning… I was in the city where I often find myself. It changes every time. In one scene I saw a friend get on a bus. She sat down, looking very pleased. I wanted to board, too, but remembered that I didn’t have a bus ticket and no money with which to buy one. So I began to walk.

Later in the dream, I stopped in a place and sat down. Next to me was a Native American, with very wild looking black hair half covering his face. He was staring in front of himself, but after a moment, he turned to me and said, “I know you. We have lived together in other life.”

Then he gently pulled my head close and rested his forehead on mine in salutation.

In the same long dream, I felt that I lived with another artist, a female. She was more of a musician and dancer, while I still worked with painting.

This morning the news headlines were blaring about the 7.8 earthquake in Nepal. Much loss of life and destruction of ancient shrines, monasteries and housing… Survivors are shaken and searchers are going through the brick, stone and cement rubble to discover more survivors. The heart of the ancient Buddhist civilization struck to the bone…

I continue to read the Kryon books. Right now, I’m about to finish the book, “The Gaia Effect”, written by Monika Muranyi, which gathers together some 25 years of Kryon material related to Gaia and the upcoming changes.

In the book there is the revelation that the Kundalini of the planet is in the process of moving, from Asia (India, Nepal, and Tibet) to South America (Peru, Chile). Think about the synchronicity of earthquakes and major volcanic eruptions taking place simultaneously in both areas.

The energy in Asia has been mainly masculine in nature. How many Asian women do you remember being religious leaders? The energy of South America is primarily feminine in nature. It is an ancient wisdom that is found there, as can be evidenced by the old ruins and forgotten civilizations that once ruled the area. The energy in South America is also more related to Lemuria rather than Atlantis.

The earth, our planet, is alive and is making adjustments. As she adjusts, expands and rises in frequency, it is deeply affecting all of us. Those who have managed up until now to live life in a bubble protected by wealth and power, are now finding their lives being very much disturbed. For our world is undergoing a re-balancing, a recalibration of the energies and is returning to a BALANCE between the masculine and feminine energies. While the energies teeter-totter during the transition naturally there is fall-out in one form or another in people’s lives.

For some reason one thing that struck me deeply in reading this book was to “discover” or have confirmed to me that intuition is quantum, multidimensional in nature.

Have you ever wondered why people, at least in the Western world, have been greatly discouraged from looking within, listening to the inner “voice” of the intuition, why we have been encouraged to listen to so-called “authorities” and to remain obedient to those who would tell us what to do? Well, for the simple reason that you might discover that you need no other source or resource to discover yourself save by going within. Ultimately, there is NO reason for government, schools, churches, banks or any other man-made institution. Man is capable of regulating himself… or will be once the recalibration of energies is completed by each individual who is willing and able to step beyond the expectations and limitations of the old paradigm of outer control.

Meanwhile, the energies are bringing up stuff to be released… whether that is related to the activities of humans, past and present, reflected in the Crystalline Grid, or in the planet herself making adjustments utilizing the cleansing effects of fire (drought, forest fires), water (floods, excess rain), air (wind storms, hurricanes, cyclones, tornadoes, thunderstorms), and earth (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, uplifting and subsidence of land areas, landslides). These larger occurrences affect the lives of thousands of people.

We all have a choice on how to respond to these events, either to go into fear or to move into active compassion.

We have been told by the indigenous leaders from all over the world that we are the ones who we have been waiting for, so now it is time to take action, to change the way we live, to move into awareness of the unity of life.

There is an opportunity to embrace change, rapid transmutation of all remaining karmic ties and pre-birth contracts, and to move into an entirely new existence, that is at once a return to the wisdom of the elders, embracing and working with the energies of the planet, and new, as high-level technology that has been long-hidden from the “common” people begins to be revealed.

We have long been kept in darkness by those who have wished us never to discover the special qualities of our planet and that of the human race. Within each of us resides a kernel of divinity, tucked away within our DNA… that portion (90% or more) that has been called “junk” by scientists. The truth is most of our DNA is quantum in nature, multidimensional and for those few humans who have activated the formerly inert-appearing portions of their DNA and succeeded in activating their light bodies, there is no going back to being a simple 3D human. Our race is on the verge of being fully conscious galactic beings.

Not all human beings will complete the transition from 3D to multidimensionality, not in THIS lifetime. It is not an exclusive journey, but one that requires great courage, vision, personal stamina, as well as a profound release of self-judgment. Along the way, you learn to love the self and to expand your comprehension that “self” includes ALL life, even those things that you once thought devoid of life and intelligence… such as soil, water and air.

Each of us is at a particular stage in our own development or movement through this transition. I’ve been told by one who has already “arrived” to full consciousness, my multidimensional self has been on a tether… as I have needed to be more present in 3D for now, especially where I work, in a prison. That part of my life will be ending… soon. I have been in the prison anchoring energies, probably in fulfillment of my final karmic responsibilities. As I am aware that integration with my “higher self” is taking place each day, release cannot come too soon.

In the process of releasing, I am letting go of all of the material objects that I’ve gathered around myself… bits and pieces of my old life as a daughter, as a wife, as a friend…in being a hiker, a painter, a co-worker… all the aspects of my being that have belonged to 3D existence.  I can carry my interests into my new life but at a higher level, as I connect more strongly with my multidimensional being and the qualities and gifts that will surface and integrate with my everyday existence.

While it is certainly not necessary to relinquish everything material in life, I feel that I need to drop much of what I own… and these few months before I complete that process is allowing me to release the grief that comes in dying to the world that I have known. In every transition comes the sense of dying, whether it is by leaving friends and family behind, losing a spouse to divorce or death, losing one’s parents or kin, leaving a favorite area, garden or house… And every transition allows one to regain a sense that “home” is wherever you are, in consciousness or location. As we continue to expand our consciousness, we can no longer be contained in a mere job, house or body – we are the UNIVERSE, aware of it and we have that ticket to ride… anywhere, anytime or any place.

For those who complete ascension in this lifetime, there are other adventures awaiting us, other timelines to explore, other beings to assist.   However, firstly, there is the planet Gaia to assist. As we ground our multidimensional energies into the planet, we allow her to rise in frequency and to adjust and recalibrate her energies.  As we are connected, one flesh, one consciousness, we affect the planet upon which we make our home. We are connected with the planet as the physical vessels we wear are made of her flesh. Working from our small communities on aligning human life to that which responds and respects the ebb and flow of nature, we will bring our world into alignment, even as we bring ourselves into alignment with our own inner being and our collective being.

This journey is not about leaving this planet to go to another planet or dimension. We integrate and bring those dimensions HERE. As we raise our vibration, our connection with home (which is beyond time and space) is strengthened. As we integrate our galactic and cosmic energies into our physical vessels, we bring Heaven to Earth. And the Earth is raised up responding as she does to our energies, as we are One Being.

Mankind has wandered energetically far from home, and now it is time to return, back into a sense of balance with the Masculine and Feminine energies within each of us, in the manner we choose to live and express our beingness, with creativity, spontaneity, generosity and joy… with respect and deep regard for the generosity of the planet that lends her physical vessel to be our home, and with respect and regard for all those who accompany us on this journey.

It is time to expand our comprehension of the true meaning of Love, in all its aspects. Gaia loves us. Now it is time to return that love by making choices that support life, all life. It is time to simplify, release all excess, transmute and transform the excess baggage that we’ve all carried within our unconscious emotional bodies. Even as we cleanse our own house, we assist in cleansing the greater house in which we have our physical existence, the planet. As we simplify, we no longer feel the compulsion to purchase things we do not need. We no longer have to accept that we are merely consumers or automatons, but living conscious beings capable of both great and humble things. We can align with sacred purpose and create a better world for all to enjoy.

There is much more to living than going to work and taking home a paycheck. Discover what brings joy to your heart and do it. Step out of the mundane and embrace your full potential. You have little to lose and much to gain in terms of experience and revelations about the true nature of life. Resonance and intuition, that still quiet voice that speaks to you through the Pineal Gland, will guide your way forward, step by step. See you on the other side!


Eliza Ayres (aka Tazjima Amariah Kumara VaCoupe)

©All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

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