Earthquakes: Inner and Outer

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EARTHQUAKE: Inner and Outer

We are undergoing a profound and extended period of transition on our living planet. As such, the activity of our planet acts as a catalyst for change within, as much as the advent of potent cosmic energies as they pass through us and the planet beneath our feet.

Our earth is alive. It is a sentient being, whether or not you believe it. The ancients knew how to live with the planet, to flow with her rhythms and periodic alterations. Modern culture demands that things remain the same, yet that is not possible for any man, woman or child… or planet. Change is inevitable. Change comes through destruction, then regrowth. Our ancestors understood this and accepted it. We do not always, unless we have come to understand the temporal nature of physical existence.

It has been suggested that our life, the environment in which we discover ourselves is merely an illusion, a holographic invention of our collective consciousness. Perhaps it is, perhaps not. I am not here to argue metaphysics with anyone.

I do know within my being that the earth is making adjustments as she rises in frequency. Cleansing is a necessity and humans will be affected by many of the changes, be they in the form of storms, floods, inclement weather, weather alterations, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and changes in the underlying structure of land and sea.

Many people have chosen NOT to ascend, or at least not to remain physically upon the planet as she undergoes these changes. It will take great strength and courage to endure what is still to come for the transitional period is not yet over with.

Today we woke in the West to headlines declaring that a 7.9 earthquake hit Nepal, a poor, tourist-dependent country located in the Himalayas. Nepal is also a country steeped in rich traditions of Buddhism and location of many monasteries and shrines, ancient cities, towns and villages, sometimes located precariously on the side of steep mountains. Both native Nepalese and foreigners are affected by this event, as the large-scale destruction of this mountainous country has destroyed much of its infrastructure. Providing shelter for its still living citizens will be a priority for a long time.

We grieve the departure of thousands of souls and yet they go on to continue their journeys in the vast continuum that exists outside our 3D conception of time and space. Their souls are eternal and there is no mourning within my heart for their “loss”. It is the ones who remain who will have to endure the changes that will occur for this small country and all those that have been affected by this and other earth changes. No place on the planet will be untouched by the cleansing energies of sky and earth.

Meanwhile, continuing volcanic action in South America, primarily Chile, but also in Central America, is affecting the people of those countries as well. These events will act to elicit our compassion and desire to assist the living and to move into profound change within our own lives when we realize that each moment is important. Nothing can be counted on to last long. Sometimes it takes an earthquake to shake people loose from old ways of living that have outlasted their usefulness.

Do we resist change or do we flow with increased fluidity? It is a choice that many of us have already made within, whether or not we are consciously aware of making said choice. Observe your reaction to these events. Does fear arise in your belly due to the possibility that something may enter your world unexpectedly as an “earthquake” to shake things up or are you embracing change already, setting your intent to flow with whatever emerges as experience? We are all confronted with choices, some large and some small, each moment. Choose wisely by listening to your heart first, taking stock and then coming to a decision on how to act.

Of course, when you’re in the middle of an earthquake, you often don’t have the luxury of thinking over a problem; you either freeze or act. I’ve lived through some smaller earthquakes in my time, living on the tectonically active Pacific Coast. And I’m aware that I’ve assisted in holding the balance for many of the places where I have lived. Note that the large earthquakes that happened both in Alaska and California occurred after I left both areas. Coincidence; perhaps, but something to consider as my intuition has informed me of this fact more than once.

I come from an ancient guardian race. I am here now to assist the planetary population to move into a more expansive state of consciousness. As I write these words, I feel the multidimensional energies of higher self, pressing in upon my awareness. There is a certain “feeling” that I get that is similar to when I am actively channeling a message. I feel it now.

We are all here out of choice.   And we were all chosen. Some have chosen to leave before the New Earth fully anchors, acting as initiators of compassion for the rest of humanity. As the hearts of people open in response to this great tragedy, more people awaken to the truth of our connection to each other. Our brothers and sisters from Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh have granted us an opportunity to further expand our hearts. Let us honor them by acknowledging our expanding awareness of our connection to each other and to all life by embracing the changes that come, setting our intent to release what has served us well in the past but no longer resonates. We have been given many tools to assist us in transcending the old; now it is time to use them.



2 thoughts on “Earthquakes: Inner and Outer

  1. Prayers for courage to Be,,,, deeply heartfelt givingness….. especially at this time of lament.
    Blessings to us all,
    the bravest of the brave.

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