Journal Entry 04.18.2015 – More Choices and Potentials

April Pink

Journal Entry 04.18.2015 – More Choices and Potentials

I started this article as a channeling, but my sense was that my more “human” side needs to do the communicating right now. Many people are still giving their power away by listening or following channels or authorities that appear to come from a higher source of being. It is time now to accept that we are becoming divine humans, as our higher selves INTEGRATE and braid into our human consciousness. It takes a bit of getting used to, but it IS happening and with more frequency than one might imagine by looking “out there” into the world. The change in my world is happening within me.

Today, I was sent home…ha, sounds like I’m still a child… by my co-workers today. I was dragging, yet again. My bronchial condition is kicking up as it does when I’m tired… or perhaps I’ve contracted flu? I’m not a smoker and don’t have a cold. Whatever… the cough is back and so is the fatigue. So, I’m resting even while the rays of a bright spring sun retreat over the horizon. Another day is finishing up. The pressure felt as a result of the present energies is compelling me to take more personal time away to rest from the stress of the work environment.

The New Moon is upon us, one that affects me personally as my Sun / Rising signs are in Libra and my Moon is in Aries. More “stuff” is coming up, mostly in overcoming and releasing fear related to changes I need to make, both now and into the near future.

It takes great courage to step out one’s comfort zone, yet it something that we all need to be willing to do right now as the energies shift, supporting the “new” as the “old” paradigm collapses.

There is still a sense of being in one world at one moment and another in the next, which can lead to confusion, doubt and more than a little fear. It is the fear that must be faced down, looked at and released. It is not a time to hesitate and look back, not for those who want to step forward into the New Earth.

Letting go is so very hard to do. Or is it?

Are we like a hobbit or a complacent American, willing to sacrifice personal freedom for momentary comforts? Many have done just that. Are you one? Or are you willing to step into the unknown and discover a whole new way of living?

Sometimes the choices are made for us.

In not planning too well for “retirement”, I have created a fiscal reason to look elsewhere than staying where I live now. I will have to move; the questions as to “where” and “when” have not yet been answered. I have a few possibilities and need to hold faith that the Universe will provide as it has always done during this lifetime.

If I convey a certain air of uncertainty, it is because I have nowhere to go… no family, no family home or relatives willing to take me in. Being without a tribe does have consequences. And yet… the human collective is my family and now is a good time for me to open up to strangers and allow them to become my real family.

I’ve not been one for long distance travel and yet I am considering, strongly considering moving to a foreign country and culture. It will be challenging, but I think also exhilarating as the bonds that once held me to one place are permanently sundered and left behind.

I am doing research AND listening to my inner voice / feelings. What “feels” good? What feels off?

I haven’t quite reached the place that some of my friends and acquaintances on the Internet have arrived at…a permanent state of bliss and connection, yet I do have the awareness that I am being assisted to the utmost of my ability to accept and request for assistance.

Ah, human beings can be so stubborn. Even when the light on the hill in front of us beckons brightly, we wonder if we should take the first step and leave everything that we have known behind. The answer, at least for some of us, is “yes, step out and up… and away from all you have known. It is gone anyway and will not return.”

If many of you, my readers, are experiencing a certain amount of confusion, a profound sense of loss and grief, know that it is the last remnants of what has been a way of life for centuries… that is now dissipating into mists before the Light of the new dispensation.

We are in the latter days of the Harvest, where the wheat (the harvest) is separated from the chaff. Those who are not prepared, who have not (or refused to) do their preparation; will not be able to go further into the higher frequencies of the Fifth Dimension.

Truly we walk in all the dimensions and can move from one to another, but those who have not yet loosened their permanent attachments to the old paradigm, will not be able to sustain the pressures of instant manifestation in 5D.

For one who cannot control their thoughts and kept calm and positive, 5D will be too much, and it is best for them to remain in the lower 3D / 4D energies for another round… of at least 13,000 years or so until the next ascension cycle arrives.

It’s not a race, but I would rather let go now than wait to see what life would be on a truly darkened planet. I think it is worth learning to live with or around other like-minded individuals who are willing to explore the possibilities of living in the new energy, who are willing to live lightly on the land, with respect for one another.

Living in the Now presents a whole different set of parameters that will take some adjustment. It can be fun, but also challenging as being mindful of one’s actions, mastering one’s thoughts and remaining balanced will be required.

It is ironic that all my life, at least until recently, I’ve been one to go my own way. Now, I am faced with the possibility of having to completely let go and jump into the unknown, in terms of culture, language and energies. I don’t know how I will cope. This transition is perhaps easier for those who are younger in physical age than me, perhaps not. Individual courage is required now, as well as cooperative efforts between those interested in bringing a new world into physical manifestation.

It will take effort, but the pace of living is bound to be entirely different than that of living as a “slave” working for a psychopathic energy-sucking corporate system. It is certainly enticing to leave the heavy energies of the old paradigm and enter into the higher, lighter ones of the new.

And I’ve noticed that my interest and love for certain activities has dropped off radically within the last year or so as I’ve been undergoing a profound transitional period… which doesn’t show any sign of slacking off. It wouldn’t, yet, as we are still in the midst of a powerful astrological influence of related eclipses, portals and movement, both inner and outer, within our own bodies and within the body of the planet.

Change is the only thing that we can count on these days. Savor the moment for it will not return, not in the precise manner. Say good-bye to all that you have known and thank the ones with whom you have shared parts or portions of your life. That life is now done. Old contracts and agreements are now completed.

Transition will come for some quickly. For others, like myself – unless something or someone bursts into my world – looks likely to move more slowly, but just as surely. And when the moment finally arrives as I stride for the last time out the front door of the prison, I will NOT look back with any sense of regret.

In the prison community, we call retirement (or quitting) getting your release papers for leaving that environment is a potent form of release, from the underlying tension that is always present whether or not you interface with offenders on a daily basis. Civilians in the “outer” world have no conception of the stress that the body, mind and emotions endure to just be there. I know it will be much better for me health-wise to retire a little early, take less money and select a more relaxed way to live in a more comfortable, low-key environment.

For me, that means inner as well as outer environment. My inner journey has meant a great deal to me, since childhood. I’ve been told that I have been on the Path all my life and as one who has three major planets in Virgo, and in the hidden Twelve House, I have been impelled by circumstance and choice to live an intense and often lonely life. It was my choice. It is still my choice to go forward the rest of the way and complete what was once a possibility before coming into embodiment… Ascension in a physical body… a huge accomplishment for anyone, don’t you agree?

As the energies press in upon your remaining “stuff” that awaits the opportunity to be released, it is normal to feel some anxiety and more than a little confusion. Take a deep breath or two and settle quietly within and feel what is there waiting for your acknowledgement… and acceptance… your own heart’s flame and the divine presence who exists within all human beings upon this sacred planet. Embrace your potential as one with Christ Consciousness and seek to feel the threads (or strings) that bind us all together as one living being bound to this beautiful planet, to ascend together as one into full unity consciousness, the One as Many.

“Christ Consciousness” is not about religion. It is about embracing and integrating with higher self and living as a fully conscious being in the physical. It is about containing the infinite Universe within the finite body, bringing heaven to earth. There are many metaphors, words and images that one can bring to mind… use your I-magic and see what and who you truly are… part and parcel of the intelligent awareness that has created this living Universe as well as those we cannot yet see or visualize except through our inner senses.

As you move into 5D, all limitations endemic to 3D drop away and you are now free to roam the Universe and dimensions (within your capacity and reach) at will. The fifth dimension is not the stopping point… only a way station on the way to becoming a fully-fledged cosmic being. And I find that possibility far more enticing than watching the latest soap opera on evening television.

As Carl Sagan once reminded us, we are star stuff and it is to the stars we will return. We carry the stars within us, in our atoms and electrons. As energy we can change. As energy beings we are compelled to change, to adapt and to open to the new… or leave and start afresh elsewhere. It is your choice. What will you do next?


All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,



5 thoughts on “Journal Entry 04.18.2015 – More Choices and Potentials

  1. A huge hug to you ! This is so profound and real. And you feel ready to embrace (and make happen) the true change you want and need.
    Lots of love from one who is going thru the same right now. I may not comment often, but I never stopped reading your posts.
    I always felt that having practically no family was a blessing of sorts. I makes us more flexible when it comes to moving. And that is a big part of my life, moving around. Everything you say in this posts resonates perfectly.
    Honoring your path, and letting you know that others are going thru exactly this right now 3

  2. Change is natural – just like spring flowers. I got that quote from Esther Hicks and Abraham. And so on we go one foot in front of the other onward and upward/inward. I relate to your writings and experiences Eliza thanks for your sharing. Arohanui

  3. You will find the direction of your path, because your soul will direct you.
    Enjoy the ride, it’s all Benevolent!!!!

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