Eliza: On Making Choices and Letting Go

Mt Hood Eliza:  On Making Choices and Letting Go

Hmmm, 15 April… it’s “Tax Day” in the U.S. of A and I’m sitting at home “ill”. Actually, I’m probably experiencing another upgrade, although it manifests in the body through very physical clearing. Use your imagination; I won’t go into the somewhat sordid details.

I just watched a two-hour presentation given via YouTube from Lisa Transcendence Brown. Although I’m a FB “friend” of hers, I really don’t know her work that well. Apparently it’s time for me to dive into exploring it, meaning that I have reached another new level of frequency and hence understanding. Lisa is LIVING in 5D and has been sharing, writing and teaching about her journey for several years now. As the old adage goes, when the student is ready, the teacher appears. And we are ALL teachers AND students for one another.

See it as rings or steps on a ladder (depending what type you are climbing) but also as energy. If you do not resonate at least somewhat with the frequency at which someone is communicating, you will not understand that which they are expressing. And it even gets more exciting to realize that you can create within yourself the expectation of meeting ONLY those with whom you resonate. Lisa goes into this quite thoroughly, in a spiral sort of way for when you exist and live completely in the fifth dimension, linear thinking no longer exists.

Last night I came to the realization that I had been pushing away people for a long time. While intellectually I understand that I’ve been a way shower for some, a teacher for others… a guide and SiStar for still others, I couldn’t, didn’t really accept that as being real within. In watching Lisa and in re-membering what I was feeling last night, I can see that I’ve been pushing people away, out of my life, because I felt that somehow they were after my light.

I know that sounds funny, but I also know that many of you will say to yourself, “OMG, I know what she is talking about! I’ve felt that way, too. And I thought I was being horrible when doing it!”

Judgment is such a human thing, my dears. And it is the first thing that we have to leave when stepping from 3D / 4D into 5D.

We experience these things because we are clearing old energies and belief systems from within ourselves. We are the Universe. We are the Universe experiencing itself. As we re-member and allow, we reconnect to the many levels and dimensions and aspects of our Being that exists NOW everywhere.

So… this belief of mine existed and has existed in my world for years, decades. One is given numerous opportunities to arrive at an understanding and then to release the belief as it is not needed any longer to support your consciousness within its journey.

This process is expressed as “karma”. What you believe will happen, what you believe about you and others will come around, again and again, until you no longer need to deal with that particular lesson and you let it go. ONLY by letting go and comprehending the gist of the lesson can you take an upward step.

If you are unwilling to let go, the lesson repeats itself. It is as simple and as complex as that… as many lessons and opportunities for learning present themselves to you on a daily basis. It is your acknowledgment of the lesson learned and your successful passing of the tests that will inevitably come as a result that ensures your continued progress along the Path.

"Near Ancient Lakes, Columbia Plateau"

“Near Ancient Lakes, Columbia Plateau”

We are ALWAYS tested on our beliefs or lack thereof.

Do you still get angry at what passes for politics? Are you disturbed by the death of species? Do you feel that it is necessary to eat ONLY certain foods in order to ascend? Do you feel it is necessary to always “wear” or put on protection when you leave your house in the morning? Do you avoid certain people, activities, places because you feel that they exist in a “lower” dimension or frequency level than yourself?

All of these things are part of various belief systems and act to limit the limitlessness of your Self. And it is up to YOU to work within to release everything that is holding you back IF you want to proceed in activating your light body or MerKaBa.

So, here I am, have been “believing” that people have wanted me to join various groups or activities for the sake of my lending them “my” light to the activity. And so it has played out in this fashion with some of the people that I have encountered, or at least that “version” of them that was vibrating at the same frequency level as my particular belief. It doesn’t matter where you see them, as they are all of YOU, anyway. It is ALL coming from within.

I realize that this doesn’t make sense to the linear rational mind. It’s not meant to… as it comes via the right hemisphere and the Higher Self… which completely bypasses the rational “mind” way of thinking and just “is”.

So… my belief has been succeeding in pushing certain people, perhaps all people, out of my life and keeping me in fear. This is a way to continue living contracted within oneself and to NOT be willing to expand any further. Okay, already. I’m willing and ready to let go of that old, outdated, date past due belief. And if I can, you can too.

Another thing that I’ve just understood this morning in listening to Lisa… sometimes we need a little clarification in order to express what we are feeling… is that I am a teacher for some and a guide for others. My willingness to share, my need to share is part and parcel of my commitment to act as a way shower for those who are coming behind me along the Path.

I’m not there yet, but I am progressing. And the understandings can come and will come more swiftly the more you are willing and able to let go of old ways of seeing and doing things and embracing the new.

Like a snake shedding its skin, you will be in a constant state of release, release, release. This occurs in cycles. When you reach a certain point of feeling that nothing is occurring, you have reached a void. You can move beyond that plateau, if you continue to look within and see if there is anything there that is holding you up. It’s not about judgment, as in “good” or “bad”; it’s about discernment, as in “what am I ready to see and let go of now?”

What I told my guides last night was, “I’m willing and ready to embrace Love. I want to open my heart completely.” By this sharing of mine, like many others who have gone before me… I am showing to other seekers that it is all about us… and about our willingness to teach others that they, too, have the ability to re-member, to reconnect with the wholeness of our Being as it exists on all dimensions and frequencies. We CAN choose, every moment where we want to play and let go of suffering.

Balsamroot Last year, I was told many things by other people, that I was a forerunner, that I had an open heart / mind, that I was a blended Venusian-Pleiadian star seed, that I was a walk-in… about to walk-out and the like. In the past I’ve been told that I carry great light within, that I’m an ultra-sensitive being on the Rose Ray… that I have this or that on other planets.

It doesn’t matter what I’ve been told, except these were ways that my team was attempting to assist me in re-membering that I exist elsewhere. I chose to let go of many of those things that were told to me simply because I didn’t “feel” them as being real; so they weren’t.

We create out of our beliefs and thoughts about our existence. We are creator gods and do create our reality, as an individual and as a collective. Question is… do we wish to continue to exist with lack and suffering or do we wish to create and live in joy, love, light, abundance and well-being? It is a choice, one that each of us makes every day. We just need to acknowledge within that we are capable of making that choice and then taking responsibility for what manifests… and knowing that we can tweak it by letting go of any further blockages preventing the perfection of our creation.

Today, I acknowledge that I am many of the things of which I have been told and probably much more than what has been shared up until now which remains unrevealed simply because I wasn’t ready to hear it or experience it. I am now.

Each of us travels along our Path or journey in our own sacred timing. It is not a race. If we do not ascend within this ascension window, there will be another one opening for us in another cycle. Outside the third dimension there is no time and our souls have the ability to determine “when” and “how” we wish to experience our lessons. It is all set up by our higher selves, which are us.

For a time, I channeled “higher” beings, the Pleiadian Council of Nine, the Great Divine Director, the Angels… in the end; I accept that these beings are all a part of “me”, my full essence that is, even now, being incorporated within my physical body.

As I become aware, accept and allow, I can view those things that I am now ready to release. And with each release, my load, karmic load as some would express, is lightened. At some point, my light body will begin to activate and my world will expand still further. I know that I’m just at the edge and it’s exciting to explore the cliff edge and dangle my feet over it… and to realize that I can fly.

There are some people upon this planet who are waiting for us to catch up with them so we can bring into manifestation the New World for the collective. Meanwhile, we learn to walk a different path than that taught to us in Sunday school, public school, through newspapers and governmental indoctrination. We leave all that behind and exist in the love that envelopes your consciousness that exists in 5D and higher.

Hate and fear do not exist at that level of beingness. It is not that you do not see what is going on in the world, but you can view it dispassionately and chose to no longer engage in resisting what appears to be darkness or “evil”. These things exist because people create lessons to experience.   When the lessons are learned and incorporated through understanding, the “evil” departs; it is no longer needed as a contrast between what you want and what you don’t want.

Plainly, many people still need to experience the darker energies and yet, as the planet, as Gaia, continues to ascend, these opportunities will eventually cease to exist and only those who have succeeded in passing their tests and letting go of the need to wallow in lower energies will continue on. There are many scenarios that have been shared on how this is going to play out. You can, as a co-creator, determine where and how you wish to play or continue to “suffer”.

"April Blooms"

“April Blooms”

There is no judgment here as we ALL exist in many dimensions, wear many hats and undergo many different experiences as a part of the consciousness of the Universe.

Right now, Gaia is a focal point, a lynchpin in the evolution of THIS universe, which is graduating as a whole into a higher dimension. As a part of the human collective, we are here to teach each other how to unfold and let go of whatever darkness remains within and to integrate our understandings of who and what we are now capable of doing and being. There is much beyond this, which I cannot express now in words as I haven’t begun to understand it… and yet I do.

I feel that our world is on the edge of an amazing paradigm shift and it will come to be all in a moment… the moment when we realize that we are the ones whom we have been waiting for, all along. We are the ones who will and are opening the doors to heaven.

Heaven is already here. Heaven exists and there are people on the planet today who walk in those energies, who are experiencing being in other places and dimensions even while their physical bodies are walking on the earth. Someday, everyone who is on the planet will be able to move freely via their light bodies. We aren’t there yet…but what an exciting thing to visualize.

We are the light beings. We are the Angels. We are the ascended masters. We are the ETs or galactic star beings. We are our own saviors. We are our higher selves. We are the gatekeepers, the movers and shakers, the way showers, the teachers and guides. We are human, we are divine, and we are the carriers of Christ Consciousness to this planet and beyond.

Rejoice, beloved ones, for you live in a time of miracles and you are a miracle in your being.



All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher, http://www.bluedragonjournal.com.

8 thoughts on “Eliza: On Making Choices and Letting Go

  1. Eliza, thank you for this today. It was exactly what I needed to read/hear/assimilate. Perfect timing, to be sure, and it brought a tear to my eye in recognition of its wisdom and truth for me.

  2. Wonderfully put, I would only add the following:

    Any labels we choose for our sElves only succeed at limiting our unlimited capabilities.

  3. Loved this! So much resonance ~ both matching what I am knowing, and leading me further along on my journey. You are so appreciated! Thank you for the sharing you do. ❤

  4. I see it a little different Eliza.
    I hear you saying, that need, isn’t what you’re about.
    But Giving is, unconditional giving. No strings attached.
    Love your enlightened journey, congrats in seeing me in you!!!!

  5. I KNOW what you meant by pushing people away. I have done it too. However, I never thought about it that way… Thanks for the new perspective! ❤

  6. So much of this resonated with me, especially when I recall the old self-protective rituals that I used to rely on, but have dropped. I don’t feel particularly averse to anything (or anyone) now, and trust myself and Spirit to put me wherever I need to be, and doing whatever I should be doing. It is a new but wonderful feeling. What a great time to be here!

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