Journal Entry 04.12.2015

"Red Barn off Russell Creek Road, outside Walla Walla, WA"

“Red Barn off Russell Creek Road, outside Walla Walla, WA”

Journal Entry 04.12.2015

We’re having a wayward Spring. Snow in the mountains, rain showers and breezy conditions in the valleys. The moisture is welcome since we didn’t get much throughout the winter months. Does it seem that just about everything is topsy-turvy, undecided, up in the air? That’s how I’ve been feeling lately. Haven’t had too much motivation to write and my cough has come back.

A friend and I went to a nearby town yesterday and walked around looking at the sights. It’s an old Western town which sponsors a large national rodeo every year. Much of the retail businesses are centered around the draw from the cowboy loving crowd. There are actual saddle-makers and boot makers in town. Beautiful work, btw, too, if you’re in the market for a $3,000 hand-tooled leather saddle for your Quarter Horse.

And since this area is also the home of the Cayuse Indians, it is inevitable to come upon paintings, sculptures and other renditions of one of the region’s most famous sons… Young Joseph. Of course, Joseph actually lived in the Wallowa Valley, a three-hour drive to the SE, but his name and legend lives on in the hearts of those who have made this land home.

For those of you readers who are relatively new to this blog, I share soul essence with that of Joseph. I actually “met” him on the slopes of a glacial moraine hill outside of the small town named after the defeated chieftain.

It was on a day in late summer two years ago, I was nudged to visit this place, a relatively new memorial site dedicated to the Wallowa Band of the Nez Perce. As I walked along a trail bordered by willows and an irrigation ditch, I felt the presence of a being settle into my body. It… he… was male, Native American and had a quiet, dignified and very sad countenance. I could feel the grief and longing within and understood that I was in touch with one of the soul’s or lingering akashic memories of the area.

Given that I had been attending the evening ranger program at the local state park that featured the story of the flight of the Wallowa Band over a desperate 1,700 mile journey, I thought it might be one or more of the Nez Perce. And now that I am more aware, I understand that the Crystal Grid of our planet, Gaia, records everything that takes place within an area that is due to the actions and thoughts of humans. So I wasn’t surprised to encounter my silent companion.

In response to the feelings that I was experiencing, I made some calls to the angels, to Archangel Michael and the Violet Flame for the clearance of the heavy energies and instantly felt a wave of gratitude and relief wash over me. And as I topped the ridge, I saw a young cinnamon phase (reddish-brown) black bear lumbering across the grassy ridge. I laughed… knowing it was a sign of thanksgiving as a red bear has been one of my power animals for years.

Later on, I channeled a message from “White Cloud”, but I feel that the presence who walked with me on that sunlit hillside was Young Joseph and that we knew each other very well. The concept of past lives is a controversial one being that when we are disincarnated there is no time as we know it here in the old 3D linear existence.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading of Kryon books of late and what I understand is our “Higher Self” is whatever portion of us that cannot enter into the physical body, which is basically the rest of the consciousness that exists in the Universe.

Beyond our identification with a singular human frame, we are truly One with the ALL THAT IS, which exists beyond the definition of the linear, rational mind. Think of a large ocean of water. Think of the consciousness that enlivens your physical body as a tiny drop from that ocean. It has a singular identity and goals for this embodiment, a purpose for being if you will, lessons to learn that are important, but when the return is made, the essence returns to the Wholeness that exists beyond the Veil.

Yes, there are levels of consciousness that are both singular and of group consciousness in the higher dimensions. And it is possible for there to be a continuation of life lessons… due to the existence of the Askashic Record, which is another grid that functions as part of the Crystal Grid, only this one is recorded within your DNA. As a portion of the Universal intelligence, every lifetime, every thought, word and action that you’ve experienced in your numerous lifetimes here has been recorded into the Grids of the planet. When you leave the body, the record is left behind. When you return as a baby, you assume the “mantle” of incarnation and continue the life lessons. You also take up the mastery which you have obtained in the past lives. So, if you have been a musician or artist in the “past”, you may take up these interests at an early date in this incarnation.

The Eagle Cap, NE Oregon

The Eagle Cap, NE Oregon

What happens in your lifetime is somewhat mapped out through pre-birth agreements, but you might express these as guidelines. Those of us who have pursued spiritual journeys for most of our life have responded to intuitive nudges from within, coming through our heart centers and solar plexus… leading us to experience those meetings or adventures that have been needed to establish our desire to explore still further the edges of consciousness.

I knew that I was different from other children long ago. When I was a teenager, my father handed me a copy of a book about Edgar Cayce, which introduced to the concept of past lives and other ancient cultures for which there was no present historical knowledge. I was reading mythology, fairy tales and science fiction as a youngster, haunting the aisles of the local library for new books. I walked the oak woods of my native hills and longed for other worlds, other times. I knew that I didn’t quite “fit” into the times in which I had been born.

So… that was a long time ago, even for one lifetime and how does that fit in with my meeting of a discarnate Nez Perce Dreamer on a sunny hillside in Northeastern Oregon? It was prophesized by Crazy Horse, of the Lakota Sioux, I believe, that there would come a time, seven generations later, when there would be the return of the Rainbow Warriors. Crazy Horse was a shaman, a holy man who experienced prophetic visions and intuitions. He knew or was aware of the flow of cycles. The tragedy of his people and that of the other indigenous tribes of North America would be rectified through the emergence of a new feeling among the people.

We’re in the beginning of that new cycle, when the awareness of the sacred quality of all life is re-emerging within the hearts of all those who walk upon the earth with open eyes and open hearts. Still, there is pain when I see the damage that has been wrought to the land where the ancestors of Joseph and the other plateau people roamed freely, living well on these harsh, semi-arid lands because they flowed with the seasons, respected their Mother and each other.

There will come a time when the wounds are healed and the wildflowers bloom free upon hillsides now covered with Round-up soaked wheat crops. There will come a time when the rivers are freed of the constraints of the power dams and the vital salmon and trout runs fill up the sparkling waters with the glint of moving, scaly bodies. There will come a time when the elderberry and other native plants thrive again along the creek sides and in the canyons and men walk light upon the sacred soil of the Mother.

Whether or not I am an reincarnation of the spirit of Joseph is moot. I am what I am and what I have experienced. I have walked in some of the places that his people walked and found much delight to discover plants that I knew… from some unknown inner source. I understood the importance and wisdom of moving the people into the sheltering, lower canyons for the winter months, and for spending time in the mountains and nearby valleys in the spring, summer and fall, to find grazing for the herds of horses and cattle, as well as hunting and fishing to build up the stores for the coming colder months.

When I first arrived in Walla Walla, I even met a man who probably was a reincarnation of a native warrior as he had actually spent months at a time in the canyons of the Snake River drainage, setting snares, fishing and living off the land.  And he “knew” me, although he didn’t speak of his knowledge… and he passed away suddenly two months after my arrival.

There was a system and flow to indigenous life, a closeness and respect for the land and what it provided,  a richness of experience, a sharing of hearts within a community. And there was no isolation from other communities spread thinly across the vast western landscape, for the warriors often made long journeys to the northern plains to hunt buffalo with their brothers the Crow and the Sioux. Life was different.

Now, we are dealing with the closing act of a matrix that has been artificially placed over the western world, one that has worked to cut-off men and women from identification with nature. There will be a return to a simpler way of life, whether aided by some level of technology or not. The technology will certainly be that which can co-exist with the planet without the misuse or overuse of resources.

The planet must and will be returned to a more natural state… but it will take several generations for this vision to mature into physical manifestation. Each succeeding generation of mankind will be contain more awareness of the concept of unity consciousness than the previous. Children will awake who have full command of gifts that normally would not blossom in an adult until after long years of study. It is already happening. Children prodigies are appearing every day now and more will be born as the frequency levels of the planet continue to rise.

In the fullness of “time” those beings of a lower awareness level will simply not return into incarnation, but be taken elsewhere for new experiences and life lessons. We are stepping off the Wheel of Karma and onto a new path that leads humanity gradually towards full waking consciousness, as a young galactic star nation.

If this step into full consciousness was to take place tomorrow, it would likely blow the internal fuses of many humans as their bodies are not prepared for the alternation of frequencies. For now it takes years of preparation as our bodies were born into a lower vibration and our consciousness adjusted accordingly. Those of us who have worked since childhood, following the inner nudges and knowings, have pursued lines of experience that brought many of us to the outer edges of consciousness, far beyond our fellow creatures. This has not led to the fulfillment of our dreams necessarily for all involved, but to a sense of holding an immaculate concept for the rest of our brothers and sisters who follow slowly in our footsteps.

Humanity is beginning to wake up. It is evident in how some people treat others. It is evident in acts of compassion and cooperation between erstwhile enemies due to cultural, religious or racial differences. We are beginning to recognize the commonality that exists within our hearts, an energetic string that ties heart to heart, that can accept respect and kindness as an alternative to everlasting war, hatred and division. We are beginning to see that we exist in Wholeness, as One being who carries and interacts with the consciousness of our living planet, Gaia.

"Wheat fields and Cottonwood Canyon outside of Walla Walla, WA"

“Wheat fields and Cottonwood Canyon outside of Walla Walla, WA”

So, I feel the essence of those who have walked upon this land before me. I feel the record of their lives etched into the Crystalline Grid. I know with an inner feeling the wisdom of those who would simplify their lives and free themselves from the stresses and strains of a materialistic society. I walk with my brothers and sisters, whether from the Stars or upon the Earth, into a more prosperous and peaceful existence for all life upon this beautiful planet.

On a more personal note, my old bronchial cough has kicked up a bit. I started coughing yesterday while on our little outing to Pendleton. And I’m feeling the pressure from the incoming energies, pushing out any remaining sense of confusion, grief and sorrow, whether my own or that of the people who have passed this way before me. The lungs are associated with the heart center, so I will rest and work with the Violet Flame, and through other means to strengthen my body and adjust to the higher frequencies and changes that seem to be permeating into everyone’s lives right now.

Upon asking, I was made aware that the Divine Mother and the Angels are with me, as ever they are upon this sacred journey to awakening. There is no message from them, simply from or through me as scribe and cooperative spirit embodied here in the physical. We are One. There is no difference, whether higher or lower, between Spirit and the human awareness… if that awareness can accept that which is still Self outside the body is more vast than the human linear / rational mind can presently accept. I just “know” this to be true, at least in my experience and am beginning to see it reflected in the experience and words of others within my ken (knowing).

Life is changing. Best to be flexible, adjust and flow… and glow with the inner Light that is Universal Intelligence. With an open mind and heart, you will continue to benefit and adjust to the incoming energies. With resistance, you will encounter difficulty and still will be required to undergo change. I choose to flow and glow, along with those of my brethren across the planet who have forged the path that lies before my feet.

Go in Peace, dear brothers and sisters, and walk in the Light of the Inner Sun that warms your precious hearts.

I AM Tazjima Amariah Kumara


©All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

3 thoughts on “Journal Entry 04.12.2015

  1. Just wanted to say thank you, Elizabeth.
    I look at your posts now and then, because, although I’m not quite from the same spiritual tradition as you guys, they often resonate with stuff I’m going through, and they give me guidance and comfort.
    This post is no exception. The photos are beautiful. My former therapist was told in a dream that lots of native Americans reincarnated in the sixties, as it was such a spiritual time, and that I was one of these souls. Who knows, maybe that’s why I live on a canal boat, moving from place to place. Maybe you and I were chums back then 😉. Anyway, all the best, keep up the good work.

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