My Journey

"Thorn Hollow", Umatilla Indian Reservation, NE Oregon.  Photo by Eliza Ayres.

“Thorn Hollow”, Umatilla Indian Reservation, NE Oregon. Photo by Eliza Ayres.

My Journey

Today I left my house in order to deliver my two little paintings to the Arts Center in Pendleton, a 40-mile drive, one-way. For those of you who live in small European countries, yes, we have wide-open spaces in the States.

It was the first drive that I’ve taken in nearly a year. With my preoccupation last year with the idea of “leaving” the planet, as well as some health issues, I didn’t go anywhere, quite literally… just back and forth to work during the week. I’ve broken through that shell of isolation, finally, although I still feel like a baby chick pecking against its enclosing shield. It is time to spread my wings and learn to fly.

After delivering my paintings, I continued onto the Cultural Center at the Umatilla Reservation and walked through the exhibits. As can hardly be avoided in these parts, there were a few mentions of Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce here and there, most especially in the Store, with books and Chief Joseph printed Western Style Pendleton shirts. Has it come to this, my people? Joseph was a cousin to the Cayuse through his mother.

Actually it looks like the United Tribes of the Umatilla, Cayuse and Walla Walla are finally getting a grip on modern life, while at the same time making inroads in reestablishing the old ways of working with the land, waters and sky. These tribes people are teaching their young to reclaim the waterways and learn the uses of native plants, for medicine and food.

There is much that the white man can learn from his red brother in how to live lightly upon the land. In the years to come, this knowledge will come in useful as people step away from the consumer mentality and turn back to the old / new ways of gardening, gathering, and working together.

We have been driven apart by materialism and by the overweening desire of people to complete against one another… something that is not natural to the indigenous peoples of the planet. To survive, we must work together for the good of all, humanity, the animals and most especially, our beloved planet, Gaia.

There is a way of life that follows the flow of seasons, the movement of the sun and moon, which works with the essence of the land. The people who live upon the land become part of it. The Mother provides for these ones because they have respect for the land, for the animals, and for each other.

Does Western man truly symbolize the epitome of culture? I do not feel it is so. The angst, anger and contempt that I see on the faces of older children and young adults informs me that these are young ones who have not experienced true love and caring from their elders. They are angry without knowing why, except that something vital is missing from their lives. Our society and its consumer ways promises contentment through the acquisition of material wealth. Ask any wealthy person if he is truly content with his life or if he feels deadened inside and weighed down by concern to protect and preserve his wealth.

Our people have become cut off from the essence of Nature and cut off from each other. They will not even listen to those who speak among them as humans to humans about the need to go within, to reconnect with the Spirit that lives there.

In coming to realize the extent of my work through the ages with mankind, living as a human being, I have experienced my own sense of angst, in being able to see beyond to the possibilities that humanity holds within them. In this lifetime, I have learned to let go of the desire to heal or even lead others to salvation, finally realizing that each individual is capable of doing this on their own, if they would but recognize the divinity that lies within each and every person upon the planet. This includes those who are called the dark. There is no division in Spirit; all are a part of the Wholeness of THAT WHICH IS. Only man seeks to label and divide… only because he has been taught to do this by other men intent on keeping the power and control to themselves.

Now is the time to move beyond the need to listen to channels, to ETs and time to listen to the wisdom keepers who walk among you as plain human beings. God lives within. A man who listens to his own heart and spirit is wiser than those who have spent years in a Western University.

This past week, I came upon a saying by another Wayshower friend… those who wish to heal others are touching their angelic selves. Those of us who have stepped beyond the need or desire to heal are in touch with the archangelic essence of Self. This is a beingness that is content to observe and allow others to experience their own journeys. This is an awareness that accepts that each person is responsible for the choices they make in each moment.

Mastery cannot be given to one. It is something to seek… at first, until the realization dawns upon you that you are already a Master within. Each one of us who walks the planet now has ascended from the earth plane more than once. I am including ALL who walk here, including the drunk lying in the gutter, the dying children in Africa, the poor Indians of South and Central America… the many others who are deemed less by those who are wealthy and powerful. We all carry within the seed of divinity within our DNA, planted there by our ancestors, the Pleiadians, thousands of years ago.

This seed has been nourished by the blood and suffering of millions through the ages. The sword has been cast into the fire, time after time, and beaten upon the anvil, and plunged into water to seal within it the needed strength to endure the trials. We were children, then teenagers and now the first of humanity has reached the edge of adulthood, becoming aware of their galactic heritage, as well as their own achievements in getting to this stage of development.

All that need for our journey and awakening lies within the DNA that is carried within our bodies. This is a simple core knowledge of Self that cannot be repeated too often, yet I know that most people discount their own ability to reach within and open that door that leads to unity consciousness. They are concerned with what other people will think of them if they act different from the “norm”. I ask these ones, has there ever existed upon this earth an individual genius who acted normal? Those who have played the roles of pioneers in every field of human endeavor ignored the conventional mores and stepped beyond the limitations of society and expanded our knowledge of the world through their efforts. Usually reviled during their lifetimes, many of these pioneers have become saints and inspirations to those generations coming after them.

With the development of the intellect and individualism, we have stepped into a world that has grown away from its ties to the natural world. Now it is time to come into a renewed balance with the dark side, the mystical feminine essence of the planet Herself, with the animals and plants, the soil, water and air that support physical life for humanity here. We must come to a place within our hearts, as individuals and as community, where we once again walk as one with the spirit of place upon the land that holds our hearts.


Eliza Ayres

4 thoughts on “My Journey

  1. So beautifully said. I also am finding myself, learning about the herbs, roots and enjoying mother earth and all she gives to us. I used to follow the spirits when I was younger, but found myself wanting and choosing the way of the world, but my destiny is not to live that way but to give and to be there for others. The native way has always been with me through my mother, but I did not understand the true value of this. This year I found out more about my heritage and how the spirits were always trying to guide me in that direction. My grandfather was Cheyenne and found himself lost, moved around a lot, drank to much, could not take the pressure of living among the whites. He felt as a failure, but he did not listen to the spirits who are always there to give guidance. I understand why the chiefs and the warriors always went on a quest to sit alone and feel the spirits and they would listen and try to live a peaceful life. Even today, we have not found that inner peace amongst our brothers and sisters. The elders have given up teaching the young ones, as they follow the ways of the world, instead of coming back to where they belong. Another thing I have noticed so far, I have not heard of a native gang, the young natives join gangs, but they have not created their own. I stand in the forest, listen to the many sounds and know that I am safe, the spirits are there, mother earth is there and I feel more normal and have found so much peace within. Thank you for sharing with me. It tKes me to a wonderful place.


    • Thank you for sharing from the perspective of one who has had to walk in two worlds. As I saw what is happening in at least SOME native communities, I felt the angst of not having a physical community with which to share what I have learned through my journey. So, I have done it online…reaching people that I would not have met if I had been living in an isolated place.

      While the young people have seemed to given up on the old ways… they will return, those who have that need to be fulfilled by things other than the material. If it is meant to be, it will. Keep an open heart for those who return, battered from the white world. Meaning is found in odd places. There is a growing community of brothers in spirit in the prison, who hold drumming sessions and sweat lodges every month. Many are not even Native peoples. There is a yearning to reach out to Spirit in all beings once they discover the emptiness of Western society. Much love to you, dear friend.

  2. Eliza,not all rich people are poor in Spirit! There’s some that are heartfelt trying to assist! Yes!wealth can cause one to loose touch with the spiritual world but there’s some that just like the not so rich are evolving into assisting in the development of others dreams! We need to not be judgmental keep n open heart, be forgiving for they do not know what they are doing! My interpretation of all this is that any day they will call n ask for assistance n I will be there with n open heart n point!

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