Eliza: New Beginnings

"April Blooms", photo taken of the flowering crabapple in my yard.

“April Blooms”, photo taken of the flowering crabapple in my yard.

New Beginnings

As I was just doing my weekly housecleaning, I realized that I was ready to let go of things that I’ve identified with since being a teenager or young adult. Certain ways of doing and thinking about stuff, even metaphysical “stuff” that I find I don’t need to bother with any more.  And surely you’ve heard the old maxim, “Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water; After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.”  Physical existence does require some physical effort now and again.

I have ascended, or rather I’m opening to the possibility that I am already an ascended master remembering WHO and WHAT I AM. While it may not look like I have to the onlooker, my outlook on physical life has completely changed. I realize that I don’t need to save the world, the whales, the political system or any other human being. Everything outside my own consciousness is an illusion, a teaching game. I am the only one here playing it and I’ve just decided that I’ve had enough. Enough suffering. Enough pain. Enough angst. Enough searching for answers. Enough of it all.

So where does that leave me? I’m obviously not going anywhere until my body dies and spirit departs. And what is the truth about death? Do we need to fear it when we finally REALLY know that death is also a mirage? Our consciousness merely drops one body and moves onto another one if that is the goal of the Spirit guiding the soul’s journey. If not, we live in the Summerlands for a time until ready to reincarnate or move onto other ventures and projects.

If one is truly freed from fear, the body will stop aging. Fear causes stress. Stress causes aging. Disease and the break-down of the body occurs as the belief in fearful or fear-recreating scenarios overrides the natural tendency of the soul within to re-connect with its greater essence that exists eternally outside of the tiny body structure. When we let go of fear, the body slows down the aging process. Not all who ascend will choose to remain on the planet in their current bodies, but it is possible to regenerate the body. I think that I might turn this model in for a better design, actually.

When released from fear and thinking about fear or protecting oneself, you open to the intuitive messages of spirit. You begin to embrace the awareness that you are truly never alone, that spirit guides you always and is close by waiting for you to give it permission to assist you in every aspect of life. Every aspect no matter now tiny or insignificant seeming… even to finding the right store to find the perfect clothes that you need for a job interview.

Work. There is work that you do because you have to pay the bills and there is work that you do because you love doing it. The key to joyful living is to find some form of “work” that is truly fulfilling day in and day out that supports you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. How do you find such work? You’re doing it right now, whether you recognize it or not, as a light worker, a healer, an angelic human being. Your mere presence on this planet is changing the frequency level of the entire collective and that of the planet herself.  You can find adjuncts to that work by willing to step out of the rat race and by using some simple creativity.  This step also involves courage, resolve, determination and the willingness to be different, something that not everyone is willing to accept.

Gaia is ascending. At least a portion of humanity is also ascending. The rest will naturally die off and either move to another body on another 3D learning planet or wait until they are prepared to return to this one during another cycle. This process will take “time” as you currently perceive, yet time itself does not exist outside of 3D, in quite the same way as you have experienced it during your present physical incarnation.

Time in 4D is circular. Which means your soul can choose to embody during any time period to allow yourself to make adjustments to how you would handle any particular situation, thus changing history, for good or ill depending on the needed learning experience.

This physical world was developed as a learning place for angelic beings, an opportunity to experience physical existence. What you bring to the game is what you take from it. A simple change in attitude, how you observe the world, will change what you experience in that world.

When you decide to step away from the drama, it will no longer affect you or your decisions. When you loosen your grip on time, you will no longer worry about the consequences of being “late”. Things will get done when they need to get done. When you no longer judge self or others through the perceptions allowed by a particular belief system, you are freed from the replaying of karmic scenarios. When you no longer judge ANYONE or ANYTHING, you are free to be whatever you want to be, in the moment, in the flow of creation.

Experiences happen. How you react or not determines the length of the lesson or if there is any need for a lesson at all. If there is no reaction, there is no creation of thought-forms related to the event and hence nothing to balance in the “future”, i.e., no karmic repercussions. Lessons learned, you can step off the karmic round-about and begin to truly just enjoy physical existence. You are now in charge of whatever and wherever you wish to play next. And to some people, that concept is simply involves too much individual responsibility. They are more content with continuing the victim / perpetrator game that was introduced to them by their parents, friends, mentors and human institutions.

Time in 5D is not linear. There is no future or past, only the eternal Now. That also means whatever you are thinking will occur instantly for you. So if you are in judgment, the Universe will rush in to give you more of what you fear. Time in 3D has been purposefully slowed down in order to give the individual “time” to see the consequences of their thoughts and deeds. In 5D there is no wait period. You are what you intend, what you think and what you judge. Which is why it is not always a plus for someone to yearn to be in a 5D existence until they are prepared to accept the responsibility that goes along with the mastery of creative thought. Are you ready to manifest instantly those things that you want in your life?  Are you even sure of what you want?

Most people, even those who have awakened, think of 5D life in terms of having more money, more things, more ability to travel and do things other than work for a living. They are not thinking about the responsibility that goes with accepting one’s power as reality and accessing intuitive wisdom BEFORE making any decisions or allowing a stray thought to escape into judgment.

One is required to let go of all desire and to become a creator. All things that you need will come naturally to you when you allow yourself to be completely in alignment with the spirit that dwells within, but it takes full surrender, complete faith and trust that it will be so. Nothing can be allowed to come between you and your sacred intent to be aligned to the fullness of your present capacity and fully supported by spirit. When you let go, the kingdom within opens up to you like a beautiful garden and you are invited to enter.

And since you live upon a world that is filled with people who have not ascended and will not, during this lifetime and probably for several more cycles to come, you need to allow people to experience their own journeys and to come to their own conclusions about the value of physical existence. In ascension, which is merely raising your vibrational frequency higher, you are not necessarily ready to leave the planet… but will continue to serve as an example or Wayshower for others, to follow or not depending on their particular needs and decisions.

Allow others to make the same choices as you did… perhaps many lifetimes ago, perhaps yesterday. Or not. There is no race to get anywhere or to accomplish anything.  Competition and striving suits 3D.  Complete surrender comes when you are ready to enter 5D and beyond.

One of my mentors pointed out that the ones who are ascending are manifesting heaven on earth for those who care to be onlookers into their journeys. Not everyone is going to be thrilled to leave the drama behind. Let them play a bit longer upon the stage of life or within the wheel of karma. It is not your responsibility to drag them behind you. You. Can. Let. Them. Go. As well as anything else that impedes your ability to adapt and be responsive to the demands of spirit.

Make no bones about it, when you have succeeded in moving beyond judgment, you will be judged by others. You may be attacked, castigated, thrown out by family and friends who now fear you as being different and threatening. You need not do anything to correct these perceptions. These people are not lost. They are merely still intent in believing and living out the game. Let them be. They may or may not come to accept you in the future when they have gained more insight into your actions or you may never see them again.

No one said mastery would come without a price and that price is loneliness, at first, until you realize that you are surrounded at all times by those who love you, seek to guide and support you if only you give them permission.

Yes, your friends may not exist in the physical and yet some may… people like yourself who have ventured beyond the Pale into unknown territory and embodied as much of their spirit as is possible in a fragile human body. When you go beyond the great loneliness you will begin discover that you have friends, family even, who are already there waiting for you.

Now in coming to this realization, it may be easier to let go of those material things or ways of thinking that no longer resonate with what you have become, and what you are becoming, for the journey of ascension never ends. There is always more to assimilate and come into understanding, more acceptance, more love… more personal power and sense of well-being, more adventures… more beauty and comfort from knowing that you are already an ascended master and merely waking up to that realization.


Eliza Ayres

14 thoughts on “Eliza: New Beginnings

  1. I am always so joyful in reading your sharings as I find we must be in some kind of kindred dance as I find you often reflect the very same ideas and challenges that I am finding myself in. I want to thank you for doing so “publicly” as I have not, but I want you to know that there are others of us “out here” that are coming to many of the same conclusions currently. I, too, am finding less resonance with many of the new age bloggers and going inside more often to find all of my answers. I am letting go of needing to follow anyone as much as I had at one time and find that I am letting go of many more things, ideas and beliefs and feeling a freedom I have not known before.

  2. Thank you Eliza! I appreciate so much your sharings! This one also resonates deeply.
    Love Jet.
    p.s. Is your apple tree blooming? Mine is in button. Waiting
    for all life it will support. Birds are happily singing their songs, also enjoying new beginnings. The sky is more blue than ever…Love is in the air!

    • Happy birthday, Jet! Yes, the Crabapple is blooming. It’s so beautiful! And we had snow in the hills today. Weird weather!

  3. Hi Eliza thank you for your blog I walk a similar path it is comforting to know that there are other people on the same path thank you

  4. I have been doing this myself. It felt kind of strange because I can be very sentimental and although some of these things had meaning and I felt like they were a part of me I am still willing to let them go.

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