Journal Entry 04.04.2015

"Sunflower Dissolving into Violet", Acrylics on stretched canvas

“Sunflower Dissolving into Violet”, Acrylics on stretched canvas

Journal Entry 04.04.2015

Don’t know about anyone else, but I’m feeling the stress and compression as the darkness and fear of ages is pushed out to be cleared.  My solar plexus area has been a quiver today and tight, like I’m anxious about something, although I realize it isn’t all about me… only.  And yet it is, when you get down to it.  Each of us is a focus for the Universe and the “only” one here…

The other day I was searching the Internet for local galleries and found ArtWalla, a local art association dedicated to showcasing all art forms, including the performing arts.  And saw that an art show was going to be held at the Pendleton Center for Arts… and that all amateur and professional artists are encouraged  to bring their work to enter.  So, I’m taking a couple of my pieces today.  This is a first BIG step for me, my first step into the world of art interfacing with the public.

I also spoke to a gallery / framer owner today and asked her opinion about my work.  She hesitated for a moment and then told me that I have talent and a good color sense… adding that you either have it or not.  It was obvious that she feels my work needs to mature and I know that, especially when looking at the professional pieces hanging on the walls of the gallery.  I know what’s excellent work.  I just know.  I have talent, but I also need to do a lot of work.  Remember Van Gogh painted every day for several years… and he wasn’t recognized during his lifetime.  Hopefully I will be.  At least I can enjoy myself while I explore this inner road to expression.

I feel that I’m walking through a huge doorway, one that I’ve been afraid to face throughout this lifetime.  And yet, I always had a sense that there was other business to finish before I could step into my joy.  The matter of assisting in clearing the collective energies of humanity and our planet, Gaia…

Today is a HUGE day for all of us, but it is also just a day, another portal upon a long journey that takes us ever higher.  Look within and allow that shadow that has kept you from moving into YOUR joy to dissolve into Violet, transforming into the Light that will en-lighten your entire being here and now.

Human beings tend to like to compare their progress or lack thereof to that others.  Ascension isn’t a race, as I was reminded the other day and again today.  There isn’t even a finish line and we’ll be at this for a long time, so pace yourself, take care of your body, mind and heart.

We are truly blessed to be here during this amazing transformative period in the evolution of humanity.  Even though, at times, it can bring up some momentary anxiety and quivers of the stomach.

I’m also breaking out of my self-imposed shell by going out tomorrow.  I’ve been pretty reclusive for a good year and a half, pretty much since my “encounter” with Joseph on a hill outside the town of Joseph, Oregon (see my posts from August 2013).  Things are changing for me.  I’m sure that things are changing for a lot of people.  How we react or interact, what choices we make from moment to moment, whether or not we can remain calm in the midst of seeming chaos… will determine what comes next in our life.  And remember, dear ones, there are no mistakes, only experience.  You are whole and loved beyond measure.



"Hunter at Dawn", acrylic on canvas, 16"x20", by Eliza Ayres, 2015

“Hunter at Dawn”, acrylic on canvas, 16″x20″, by Eliza Ayres, 2015


5 thoughts on “Journal Entry 04.04.2015

  1. The important part, for me, is that you are still on the journey of life. Two younger friends of mine chose, this week, to end their own journeys. I guess they got bored.

    Dick Bacon (253) 691-5984


    • Oh, Dick…I’m sorry to hear this. It wasn’t boredom, but despair. This is a difficult place to be and a testing time for all. Your friends are being cared for in the place that they have entered. This sort of thing will only increase as the frequency levels continue to rise on the planet, so be prepared, within self and by allowing others to experience their own journeys. I have a sense that these two young friends will return shortly, in newer upgraded bodies and start afresh with a clearer sense of what they’re here for. You were blessed for a short time to have them in your life. Love, Eliza

  2. Congratulations Eliza on your Big step!
    Your public time as a creative painter is just another step, for you!
    Thank you for sharing and being courageous!!!

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