Adventures in Dreamland 04.04.2015

"April Blossoms", photo, Eliza Ayres

“April Blossoms”, photo, Eliza Ayres

Adventures in Dreamland 04.04.2015

I’ve had some interesting things showing up in my dreams of late… new things. This morning I saw the moon partially occluded, but it was only the bottom half of the sphere… and the moon was silvery and white. I saw it in my dream and grabbed my camera to take a photo. I think it was a partially lucid dream as I was aware of dreaming…

The other night, I dreamed that I saw crystals growing out of the soil. They were white quartz but had more the look of Selenite, with long crystalline structures. In the dream I said something about the crystals were flowing out of the earth like water.

In and around my dreams, I am aware of having conversations with the angels and with my starry parents. Our Higher Selves are indeed pressing in upon us all, but we need to open the door and greet them mid-way.

The Door, the golden doorway to re-union is open or opening for many. Our participation and acceptance of our worthiness to take the step forward through the awaiting passage is necessary. It is a choice only YOU can make.

Many blessings to all.


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