Journal Entry 4.01.2015

"Pioneer Pond", oil on canvas, 2015

“Pioneer Pond”, oil on canvas, 2015

Journal Entry 4.01.2015

Happy April Fool’s Day!

Not sure where that custom started… but another indicator that Spring is here, although there was snow falling in the Blues today and a brisk wind blowing across the flats.

It has been a week for getting chores done.  Yesterday, the winter tires came off, today groceries were purchased and put away.  Time spent on Skype with a friend in Costa Rica… you know, typical week night.

And then I continued working on my latest artistic endeavor, a large oil painting of a local pond.  The pond is in a large public park nearby my house.  I often wander through this particular park enjoying the 100+ year old trees and flower plantings.  This is also where you would find the little rose garden where I get many of my rose photos.

Yes, I’m working in oils, a new medium for me after years of working with acrylics.  I can say that I have a lot more experience painting now then when I last attempted an oil painting.  The paints themselves are a bit old as I’ve had them stored away in an old wooden box.  Still, a drop or two of linseed oil melts them into a more pliable condition.  Will have to get used to the smell though… at least the mediums have gotten a bit less toxic these days.  And my oil paints are water soluble so it’s also easier to clean up.

So… any of you dealing with really old stuff energy reviews?  I know that I’ve been… the bits about feeling dis-empowered, disconnected, unable to create / manifest what you want in life, etc.  This is very old energy that is releasing.  It’s important to let it go and not latch onto it.

There are people losing it out there for various reasons or suddenly developing severe illnesses, diseases, committing suicide and the like.  Keep centered, calm, observant and removed from the drama as it plays out in front of you.  Observe, feel compassion and release any fears that are mirrored for you through the actions of others.

Time to be that light house rather than a light worker.  We’re not here to “heal” or “save” anyone, but to open to the highest essence that we can possibly anchor here and now.  When they’re ready, others will naturally respond to the light and power and joy that we radiate into our world.

I recommend reading recent posts by Judith Kusel, Jennifer Hoffman, Brenda Hoffman and Aisha North for an overview of what is happening for some (not all, we’re at different levels or stages on our personal journeys).  Last night, I re-read the 2015 Predictions by Jennifer Hoffman and was struck with how right-on she was in seeing the energy trends and what we would be dealing with in terms of astrological influences and the like.

Sometimes I feel like I’m muddling through things… but part of that is the energy, part of it is releasing old material long repressed through a myriad of incarnations upon this sphere since Lemuria.  Speaking of which… Lemuria… Kryon has a lot to say about the ancient island continent and civilization in his messages.  Bits and pieces.  Bits and pieces to puzzle out, and begin to connect the dots.

I’m including a photo of my latest painting in mid-development.  The camera didn’t capture the richness of the colors due to the artificial light in my little “studio”, but you can perhaps see some of the design.  The pond itself is heavily draped on the edges with irises and wild grasses.  The photo was taken on an autumn walk a couple of years ago.  Last autumn, the colors were destroyed by an early intense frost that froze the unfallen leaves on trees and shrubs alike.  And then later, winter winds ripped off the leaves…  Interesting weather patterns we’re having, too.

Hope you’re enJoying your week!

Hugs and kisses,




13 thoughts on “Journal Entry 4.01.2015

  1. Absolutely adorable piece of art! I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you for sharing the tips of whose recent posts to read. You find really interesting ones that also speak to me too. 🙂

  2. Hmmm painted from a photo.
    With the digital world, we photographers can now phopshop, photos into paintings.
    The mediums are blending into one!!!!!
    Love your inspiration with each stroke you make!!

    • Michael – if I was to do REAL landscape painting I would go out with an easel and do Plein Aire or open air painting, much like the Impressionists in the late 1800’s. I’m just teaching myself to paint right now… to my own satisfaction.

      I don’t have Photoshop.

      • If you took my communication as criticism….well it was not. English being my first language, makes me profoundly less succinic that I would like to be. (slept through my classes.)
        I guess I was relating to the hope that photography and painting are blending, or have been blended as inspired mediums for the creative.
        Blessings ❤

      • No criticism taken… I do both now, photography and painting. Sometimes photos are good references; other times they’re not. Depends on the composition, setting, etc. I’ve been actually doing photography ever since my Dad gave me a camera, a 35mm. And I worked in the Kodak Labs for a short time. I consider both photography and painting/drawing creative endeavors… Thanks for your support and comments, Michael.

  3. I love your sketches of our NOW…and the way you inspire us to keep truckin’…so appreciate your gifts to us…OX Judy

  4. Hey,,, that is way kool Eliza, you doing a painting of the pond, and being a supporter of Aisha’s pond crew (or at least Aisha’s wonderful work) 🙂

    Happy Easter 🙂

    Magnetic Blessings of peace and pure happiness :-))) steve 😉

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