Journal Entry 03.30.15

"Lily Magnolia", acrylic and oil pastel painting, by Eliza Ayres, 2015

“Lily Magnolia”, acrylic and oil pastel painting, by Eliza Ayres, 2015

Journal Entry 03.30.15

The energies have been challenging for me the last couple of days, in fact, all last week.  I felt like I was dragging myself to work.

Still, feeling the clouds rise and the wind lift the sense of depression that I sometimes get due to the long winters here, or the long dark.

I started an oil painting today, somewhat a new venture.  I’ve actually only finish one oil painting in my entire life and that was decades ago in college.  Other than that, I have worked primarily in acrylics, which are fast and easy, although perhaps more difficult to work than oil due to the fact that they dry quicker.  Drying quicker can work against and for you when it comes to blending color.  At least the painting that I’ve done recently has assisted me in being less apt to muddle or muddy the colors.

Doing this creative work is my way of integrating the energies.  Other people will have to discover what works for them.

Good thing that the weather is finally warming and the sun coming up earlier in the morning.

Guess I’m processing another layer of grief as I begin to go through things and thin out my belongings.  Whether or not I go to another country is still up in the air, but I know my little house could stand to be sorted out a bit.

I found an agency that might assist me with getting more organized with my artwork, ArtWalla, based out of Pendleton, Oregon.  They have a mentoring system and classes, plus an active gallery to promote local artists and artisans.

I know my work isn’t at the professional level yet, but does seem to hold some appeal for the people who view it… There’s always room for improvement no matter how long you’ve been working… any artist or gardener (if they’re honest) will tell you that.

No message this weekend.  Not in the receiving mood, I guess.  And my painting is not anywhere near viewing stage.  Just got some basic under-painting and light/dark areas scrubbed in today.  My paints are a little old, too; I’ll have to order some new paint at some point.  It’s been sitting in a wooden box for quite a few years waiting to be used…

Hugs and kisses,


6 thoughts on “Journal Entry 03.30.15

  1. Looking at this lovely reminded me of my first viewing, with you on Tronsen Ridge, of a Bitter root blossom. The images I gathered on that trip became the base for my interest in wild flowers. Thanks,

  2. Hello Ma’am !!

    I cherish your blog alot .. its as soothing as your fine pastels 🙂

    Its becoming apparent now that creative work alone is more than enough of a spiritual practice to ground ourselves in the new energy 😀

    • Yes… it’s not about saving or healing the world. If we discover and live our JOY, then our energies affect those around us in a loving, gentle manner. No judgment. People respond in their own time and speed according to their inner timing. Different focus now, very different.

      • so true Ma’am .. trying to help people only cause them more discomfort because they are not used to the intensity of new light.

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