Journal Entry 03.28.2015

Field of Sunflowers

Journal Entry 03.28.2015

What a turbulent week across the world! Plane crashes, floods, tornadoes, mudslides, volcanic eruptions, et al.

Our local weather has gone from winter to spring in two days. On Monday and Tuesday, there was snow on the hills outside of town. Today, the temperatures were in the high 70’s and the flowers were blooming accordingly. I managed to get the mower through some already long, damp grass to clean up the garden a wee bit.

Personally, I feel like I’m in kind of a holding pattern. Not really “going” anywhere. I was quite tired all week and several of my co-workers noted their difficulties in getting sleep, as well. Downloads were hitting my body as I rested each night, with my body heating up and releasing still more “stuff” as a result.

And yet… I feel “happy”, light… freed somehow from worries of the future despite the gloom and doom on the international world scene.

I’m checking into the possibility of retiring as an expat, to another country. Short of living in a trailer or a tiny apartment here, retirement elsewhere, most likely Central or South America is appealing. Keeping my options open for the time being as more developments unfold.

Time to paint. I have two portraits waiting completion… so must get back to them. And more ideas for landscapes, etc.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.

Hugs and kisses,


Photo: Taken from the Snake River Overlook, NE Oregon, July 2010 by Eliza Ayres.

6 thoughts on “Journal Entry 03.28.2015

  1. Hi Eliza,

    Glad you are feeling “happy”. I really don’t pay much attention at all to world news, and don’t let it affect me. I’m so glad to be past that.

    Unfortunately, no lovely spring weather here as of yet. The flowers in your picture are pretty, and encouraging.

    Have had no energy this week, and have not been sleeping well. You are not alone! Feeling kind of blah.

    I have felt for a while that I might very well end up south – South or Central America. I was “supposed to” be in Peru now. Another friend just mentioned the possibility of heading to a country in Central America in a couple of years. Maybe we’ll be neighbors. 😉

    Much love, ~Robbye

    • There are a lot of expats in Central and South America. It’s cheaper, cleaner and friendlier than the States have become, go figure. And the nations are hardly banana republics any more… I kind of “knew” that I wouldn’t live in the U.S. much after “retirement”, whatever that is. Visions of being let out to pasture… but have no intention of going there. What held true for my parents doesn’t fit me at all. Keep in touch, Robbye!

  2. Oh, I do love your photos! Spring here in the Northeast is especially spectacular, not only for the variety of blooming trees and plants, but for having endured a particularly remarkable winter. We long to see green and feel Spring warmth, but it is still cold out, and there is still snow on the ground, though it is melting rapidly. The reason our snow totals were record-breaking was due to the below-normal temps that went on for months, which makes the snow dry, fluffy and creates high accumulation rates. So thank your for this promise of Spring. Please send us some warm thoughts, everyone! ❤ (On that note, I am bundling up and taking off for a hike amidst the bare trees!)

  3. Eliza, if you have not been to these countries try vacationing there first.Im from Latin America n it can be a shock! Human rights violations is most common although if your meant to be there it can be quite different. Costa Rica is a different story. I have a home in San Felipe Baja that your welcome to use for peace n quiet n not so far from the border!Billie

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    • Yes, Billie… I’ve been reading about the potential for culture shock. And I’m not a big traveler. I do have a contact in Costa Rica, an ex-pat. Still, doing my research and will attempt at least one visit prior to moving if that turns out to be the “right” choice. Thanks for the generous offer! I may take you up on it.

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