My Decision

Grande Ronde RiverMy Decision

To my readers…thank you again for your sincere, thoughtful and sometimes quite detailed responses. They were all heartfelt… I could feel that!

The latest response that brought me to a decision was from a French reader, one who has been following the blog almost from the start. He called my blog a little masterpiece, as it has been in the past when all I presented was my own material. He stated that I present a unique and very personal point of view that engages readers. I have seen this reaction before when many of those who did comment would say, “Oh,I see my life in yours.” Or “Wow, you’ve helped me see myself in a different light.”

Perhaps, gentle readers, this is my mission. To be myself, to be personal, engaging, at a heart level that is missed sometimes by impersonal although uplifting messages and alternative news sources.

Humility was another word that my French correspondent used. While I may be a star seed from a great lineage, here I am a human beings among humans. I go to work, eat supper, wash the dishes, do laundry, go shopping… and occasionally sit down and type out a message that means something to someone. My life will be changing, certainly within a year or so, as I am considering some huge changes in my life, but that is all in a state of flux at the moment… awaiting the right inspiration or intuitive nudge to get things going. And I am more actively engaging in my personal art work and creative projects, something that gives me great satisfaction. So… I am able to engage different people at different levels through my shared material, whether it be art, nature, photography, history, past lives… and the great Shift that is occurring for us all.

I know that my Higher Self when speaking through me, is always addressing the reader who is reading the message, always. And the messages carry an energy that even I cannot define, but is described by commenters as warm and loving.

I will be perfectly frank with you all… I’ve not seen myself as warm, engaging and loving, but that is a very human lack of self-worth. Now, having this mirror of love and regard placed before me by all who have commented… I can re-think myself as worthy and loving and deserving of the opportunity to share with others what I have learned along the way.

Tears are streaming down my face as I write these words. And I will, once again, allow my blog to be my space. If I see other pieces of interest, I may provide a link to them so that readers can see for themselves or decide not to. I do know that all of us are being bombarded with an avalanche of information and disinformation these days. It is up to each individual to decide what to read and what to pass by.

I will continue to write. In fact, this whole engagement with my readers has inspired me to do so. I see now that my presence here is valuable, at least to some and that my work is shared with others beyond my ken, beyond what is revealed by the “stats”. I’ll have to learn to ignore the stat page and focus on what is truly valuable, our inter-connection, self to self, heart to heart, through this limited avenue of words, images and imagination.

And now that I have removed myself from Facebook, at least for now, (I simply “closed” my timeline) I will have more “time” to write, paint and do photography. Even that decision may change, as I have some followers there who have difficulties accessing the blog for whatever reason. I’m not acquainted with Twitter and other social mediums, but might consider adding those links.

We are all in various stages of evolution and growth. Some will resonate with my experiences and stories, others will not.

Let me say this, I cherish the interaction that has occurred in the last couple of days. I was surprised and pleased with the response.

In closing, I will not be posting the material of other authors for the time being. I may not write something everyday, just as I felt compelled or inspired to do so. And I will continue to share my personal photography and artwork as it comes available. As several readers reminded me, I can’t please everyone and this is MY blog… so it will be truly, completely, fully.

Many blessings to you all.


Photo: Grand Ronde River, NE Oregon, taken in June 2010, when the river was in flood and the wild Mock Orange in bloom. Joseph’s country…

11 thoughts on “My Decision

  1. The ones who are able to leave their egos behind will always honour your course whatever it may be at the moment. The ones (who) understand the importance of Ones journey. We are all learning and the heart’s voice is the sound to follow. You are lucky and WISE enough to know how to do it. ❤ Love and Harmony to You with all my heart. ❤

  2. I’m so happy you made this decision Eliza. I only read your personal posts on the blog anyway. You are on of very few I subscribe to as you resonate with my own heart

    love from Patty

  3. “I can re-think myself as worthy and loving and deserving of the opportunity to share with others.
    Dear Eliza,
    We all are loved, period.
    We are all light, period.
    We are all giving Beings, period.
    Love and light expressed, that touches you always and in all ways!!!!

  4. Love You! I deeply admire you for your honesty with yourself and being able to share this so wonderfully. Truly, your presence here is most valuable! To Me!
    Love to You!

  5. Bravo, Eliza! I like your thinking in this entry (others, too, of course!)
    But sharing your self, however deeply you want to do that, in your honest and forthright manner is very refreshing and what keeps me coming back to you. Yes, I agree that writing (as well as photography and painting) is your forte. And you wisdom, too!
    Much love,

  6. So , Blessed ! To have you back!😊😊😊We are at times our own critics . You are gifted in many ways n we benefit from your sharing of your many talents! And thanks to your Parisian reader that found the magic word to unlock the LITLE Master pieces you create for us to share!! Thank you!! Please don’t feel obliged join in the pleasure we all get from connecting with you in heart, spirit and soul! Much gratitude n love Billie

    Sent from my iPhone


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