Latest project

"Ancient Warrior", acrylic on canvas, Eliza Ayres, 2015.

“Ancient Warrior”, acrylic on canvas, Eliza Ayres, 2015.

Latest Project

A little Mozart goes a long way in setting the environment for me to paint. The photo of this elderly chief was one of the ones that I found on Flickr, probably taken late in the 19th century or early in the 20th. He has the look of profound world weariness. Hope I did him justice. I might add a few details later, but need to sit with this for a while to gain more insights. The mouth doesn’t seem quite right…and so on. Painterly details, you understand.

Update: Reworked the neck and clothing area, plus a little around mouth. Also experimenting with a skin tone “recipe” from an art book. Frankly, I like my own mixtures…Learning as I go. Portraits are interesting and demanding due to all the different planes, tones and tints in the skin. Also, acrylics are kind of harsh. At some point, I’ll break into oils, just have to work up my courage and arrange an area for wet canvases to dry.

6 thoughts on “Latest project

    • Yes, Dick, I do rather enjoy painting and figuring out the details. I did correct the neckline… and will wait to work on the face a bit more later.

  1. Dearest Eliza,I agree with everyone about this one Eliza and all your paitnings. And, I do prefer when your blog is filled with jiust your material but with reference. I am so glad everyone has responded so beautifully so you knew for sure how to proceed with the blog.

    Those of us that have been here from the beginning and thru many side journies with you also..are glad to continue forward together this way.

    Much love always..and I will be here as long as YOU are, Suzanne

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